Stanford’s coach talks up Andrew Luck for the 2012 NFL draft


It’s been so widely assumed that Andrew Luck will be the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft that a lot of people have forgotten that Luck still has another year of NCAA eligibility and could choose to return to Stanford next season.

But Stanford coach David Shaw says he doesn’t see any way he’ll coach Luck next year. And he’s already talking Luck up as a future NFL star.

“I don’t think so,” Shaw said when asked by Dan Patrick if Luck could come back next year. “Only if I try to kidnap him and hold him in my house until after the draft. . . . The guy has accomplished so much in college football, he’s getting his degree, which is what he set out to do. Last year, physically he was ready, I think even emotionally he was ready, but he felt like he wasn’t done with college football.”

Shaw also said that Luck is far more advanced than other college quarterbacks in his understanding of an offense, noting that Luck essentially functions as Stanford’s offensive coordinator.

“He’s a guy that is deciding what plays we run,” Shaw said. “This is Terry Bradshaw, the guys back in the 70s, who call their own plays at the line of scrimmage, which is unheard of nowadays with the complexity of the defenses. Here’s a guy that reads it and decides what to do. Other systems that other people have success in, I’m happy for them. But our guy does not turn to the sideline to look for the next play.”

And so the Indianapolis Colts may go from one first overall pick who has complete control of the offense to another first overall pick who has complete control of the offense.

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  1. With Manning taking such a big slice of the financial pie, you have to wonder how they could pay Luck too and field even a half assed team.

    As it is, there’s not much left to go around.

  2. Luck and his dad have both already said he’s going to declare. Now his coach has said the same thing. He will have his degree before the start of football next season so there’s nothing to return for. Can we stop talking about it like it’s a possibility now?

  3. colts should sell their 1st overall pick aka Luck to a suitor in need of a qb. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning. The Colts D is just sad and some upgrades on that side of the ball would do wonders. OR draft Luck and have him learn from the best for a couple years. win win

  4. If the Colts draft Luck, its going to confirm what most people are realizing, that Manning will never take another snap in the NFL.

  5. @joetoronto

    With the new Draft Pay structure, the salary cap hit to sign first rounders is FAR more managebale than in the past.. went into effect this past draft.

  6. hit2hurt says: Nov 30, 2011 11:04 AM


    With the new Draft Pay structure, the salary cap hit to sign first rounders is FAR more managebale than in the past.. went into effect this past draft.
    I know but it’s still substantial when you tack it on to what Manning is making.

    No matter how you slice it, it’s more money going to QB’s than you had before, and you already have a problem.

  7. Well, a guy who “turned to the sideline to look for the next play” is having one of the greatest rookie QB seasons ever from a statistics standpoint.

  8. Aaron Rogers sat behind Favre for 3 years and now he is arguably the best QB in the league, has won a SB, has his team undefeated so far this season and probably well on his way to another ring.

    “If” Manning plays again, it won’t be forever. My guess is that they would groom Luck for two years (he just turned 22) and then have him start year 3. If Manning still wants to hang on and play then he can go elsewhere like Favre, Unitas, Nammath and many other aging QB’s that want to hang on do.

    There is no chance the Colts pass on Luck.

  9. Everybody assumes in their calculations that Luck will sit for three years behind Manning before playing. The guys has had 3 neck operations in 2 yrs. How many solid hits will it take to eliminate him from the equation? Face it NFL, Luck is a Colt.

  10. “But our guy does not turn to the sideline to look for the next play.”

    Doesn’t Luck have a wristband with the plays on them? Yes he is getting the plays from the sidelines, otherwise that wristband serves no purpose.

  11. Talk about Luck, the Colts have one of the greatest QB’s of all time for years in Manning, then it just so happens that they have a terrible season right about the time Manning is about ready to hand over the reins, then they are handed the most NFL ready QB since Manning, Luck.

    The Colts will be back to the top next year and for many to come. Lucky bastards.

  12. You talk about luck as a franchize QB as if he’s won a couple of superbowls and been to the playoffs 10 times. I’ll tell you one thing. he’s the most over hyped player to come out in a long long time. Unless he wins in his rookie year like dan marino did he will never meet the expectations set out for him

  13. The Colts will need to restructure Manning to get Luck under contract, and try to build any sort of defense.

    My thoughts on this is: Manning will retire, and be hired on to Indy as a QB coach and Luck will be the best QB in the NFL 2 years from now.

  14. Hey Colts–Browns here, we will trade our two #1’s plus our # 4 from Atlanta for Luck. What do you say? And Andrew, you’ll only be 4 hours away from your family!

  15. Maybe they should draft Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, or Robert Griffin III, who have proven in the last few weeks they are way better than Luck in making NFL throws.

    Signed, Phil “I know good NFL QBs when I see ’em, like my son Matt and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise” Simms

  16. Luck will be in a good situation — playing in a dome and (possibly) mentored by a HOF QB. His accuracy will be well-suited indoors and concerns about his arm strength will be minimized as he will only have to deal with the harsh outdoor conditions late in the season at road games.

    That being said, I believe the Colts did all they could to TANK this season. Playing “Cletus Plumber” and not even making a move to find another QB says it all. And let’s face it — they’ve already tanked games before: two years ago when they benched Manning in the second half of the second to last game and everything went to hell. They just reran that playbook to get Luck.

    Didn’t like it then; don’t like it now.

  17. Y is everyone hyping him this good yet ur sleeping on guys like jones or RGIII. Honestly luck hasn’t looked”spectacular” this year and neither has stanford. Just saying

  18. Luck has the leverage.Maybe he forces a trade to S.F. to be with his ex HC on a team that is a quality qb away from being true championship contender.

  19. I dont understand all the hype with Andrew Luck. He hasn’t looked as good as Barkley or RG3, for sure. He’s a Heisman frontrunner and isn’t even in the top 5 of QBs in impressive stats. If he wins the Heisman, I’m never going to care about that award again, but thats another story. Then, in the only game when they’ve needed him to make plays against Oregon, he completely failed in the 4th quarter. Sorry, but the Oregon Duck’s defense doesn’t have a ton of NFL prospects and if he can’t do it versus them in a home game, I dont see him doing it in the NFL where the game is much quicker than in college.

  20. Please stop saying the colts tanked the season to get the top pick…would be impossible to do…They were just fortunate that their collapse happened at the right time…get over it people

  21. When it’s all said and done, no way Luck has a better overall career than Cam Newton. Newton is just 600 yards away, with 5 games left, from breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie passing yards record. He’s already broken Vince Young’s, most rushing TDs record. All this with the worst Defense in the League and worst Special Teams, new coaching staff, lock-out/ no OTAs and a harder than average schedule. And unlike luck he isn’t going to be pampered on the sidelines like a little girl. Give it 2 years and all will HAIL Newton!

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