Suh appeal hearing coming tomorrow


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been suspended two games by the NFL.  He has filed an appeal, and a resolution will occur by Sunday, when the Lions face the Saints.

Before the appeal can be resolved, a hearing must be held.  Per multiple reports, the hearing will be conducted on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Under the league’s procedures for on-field infractions, appeals are handled by Art Shell (pictured) or Ted Cottrell.  Though both men are jointly appointed and compensated by the NFL and the NFLPA, league exec Ray Anderson makes the specific appointment for each case.  In this case, Anderson appointed Shell.

Any of the lawyers in the crowd know where this one is going.  Since Anderson can make the selection of the person who will hear the appeal of the decision that Anderson made with Merton Hanks, Anderson has the ability to steer the case toward the man who is perceived to be more likely to generate the outcome that the league office desires.  Anderson will be able to predict the outcome based on the respective track records of Shell and Cottrell.

As to Suh, it’s possible that the league would prefer to have the suspension reduced from two games to one, since that would demonstrate to the players, the media, and the fans that the appeal process is meaningful and independent.

Regardless, we’ll know the outcome soon.  I’m predicting a one-game suspension and a one-game fine, with Suh permitted to return for Week 14 against the Vikings.

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  1. About tired of hearing of Suh…hes a damn cry baby and cant control his emotions seriously lets stomp on a guy while hes down…I dont know what he is appealing hes lucky he was suspended for the season and im actually surprised is was only 2 games because Goodell is a horrible commish

  2. Cool – he’ll lose and get the discipline that’s warranted and deserved.

    Money can’t buy you love. Neither can unfounded appeals.

    Learn from is Suh, we need you. Pull your head out and take out the anger on the O lines, DURING plays.

    GO LIONS!!!

  3. if they reduce this then the whole process is a joke! he is a dirty player who has proven multiple times he does not care who he hurts with his play. his lame apology provided by the team proves he has no remorse for what he has done and no doubt will do again. I can hear him crying now the first time he draws a flag for his dirty play,wah they are picking on me. it should have been for the rest of the season but since they said 2 games then by god stick with it!

  4. I thought they should of suspended him three games, and reduced it to two. one is a slap on the wrist.

  5. I think 2 games is right. It definetly wasnt worse than chowbert “the flabby hope diamond” haynesworth’s head stomp.

    Hope diamond- worlds largest diamond, everybody who owned it has died young. Just like albert, it looks great, but then when you get it you regret it

  6. “As to Suh, it’s possible that the league would prefer to have the suspension reduced from two games to one, since that would demonstrate to the players, the media, and the fans that the appeal process is meaningful and independent”


    Yep and that pulling helmets off and kicking players while their down, not a big deal…I guess someone has to get hurt first before the full suspension will be justified….The NFL is become a joke. Sell outs !

  7. Should be one game anyway plus the half game he already missed and cost his team. Those that feel Suh did some horrible act and should have been banned from the league, please child. He did something very stupid and played directly into the Packers desire as mentioned in the quotes after the game. I still don’t understand why he was fined for the Cutler shove as it was totally legal and he did not fore arm shiver Cutler like the ref claimed. How did he get a fine for that after reviewing the tape? Did he shove him too hard?

  8. I sure he will try to explain to Art that only reason for the flag is because he is to big, to strong and to fast and the nfl has never seen anybody like him before. After all he was just getting up and accidently stepped on him, the video proves.

    I hope shell explains to donkeykong that its not his big muscles getting him in trouble, its his pea sized brain.

  9. Sounds like solid reasoning, but the league shouldn’t reduce his fine. I understand the PR behind making the appeal process seem fair and using Suh as an example, but he deserves no break.

    We all now that players are at risk between the whistles, but they shouldn’t be afterwards. Sue violated this warrior code and the league should fully punish him for it. What I am really interested in seeing is how other players will treat him. The guy deserves the worst that the football field has to offer…between the whistles.

  10. The fact Suh wants to appeal this and says he didn’t do anything wrong is awful. They should make his suspension longer for that kind of stupidity.

  11. “Since Anderson can make the selection of the person who will hear the appeal of the decision that Anderson made with Merton Hanks, Anderson has the ability to steer the case toward the man who is perceived to be more likely to generate the outcome that the league office desires.”

    Can I get some context here? The reader is left wondering what direction you plan on taking here. You keep going round and round about the subtext but never deliver on the premise of being non biased and forthright. How can you predict a 2 game suspension and multiple fines can you site your sources please.

    Tebow or Rivers……WHIR

  12. Or, the selection of Shell could cut the other way.

    Sending it to the former Offensive Lineman, who wouldnt appreciate getting stomped by a defender, may lean toward upholding the 2 games.

    Whereas Cottrell, a former Defensive Coordinator, might be seen as more leanient on a “boys-will-be-boys” basis, understanding that defenders play with an edge.

  13. Reducing the penalty for such improper behavior simply because a person can say “I appeal”…… Are you kidding me?

    You appeal when the penalty demonstrates that you were wronged. He wasn’t. I say he deserved 3 games, not Albert time because no physical harm really happened, but the intent was there, hence a suspension in the middle.

    I wish the appeal process could be where the league could tack on n extra game and say “appeal this!” and see what he says…….that would be priceless!

    If he doesn’t retain the 2 game suspension the process will prove to be a joke. I say the 2 gamer suspension stays. We’ll see.

  14. SUH is the man!!!!

    All you haters who are calling goodell a sissy for “sissifying ” the NFL and taking shots on SUH are hypocrites….. its ashame the league is turning into the NBA….next thing you know…theyll give out person foul 30 yard field goals …ahahaha

  15. Wonder why Suh thinks a 2 game suspension is unfair?
    Does he think it’s ok to kick a player laying on the ground 4 times as ok? I thought Hines Ward was the dirtiest player. Suh is dirtier and meaner. If he wants to be a bully, he should man up and just be proud like most bullies. Tatum was always proud when he hurt guys.


    The guy made probably 3 or 4 bad mistakes (penalties) over the past 2 years, made 1 really bad one last week (stomp) and another terrible one with that post-game stand-up comedy act, but I have to say, I love him wearing that Honolulu Blue and Silver.

    He’s young, dumb and full of comradery!

    Leave Ndamukung ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! {crying}

    Forward down the field…

  17. All these pro sports have a collectively bargained mechanism, through their respective unions, to appeal all disciplinary actions/fines. In this case, I feel the 2 games was a slap on the wrist. A reduction would be a slap in the face.

  18. tos420 says: Nov 30, 2011 9:57 PM

    What exactly is the basis of his appeal?


    Rumor has it he’s going to try the “recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder” excuse.

  19. I’m just asking but what has suh done on the field. He beat up QB’s after the whistle. Stomps on guys when they are down, and everyone calls this guy a beast. The outcome of Sunday night game isn’t going to change one it with or without suh.

  20. snoqualmieterry:

    was there a UFC fight on turkeyday? cause I saw one stomp (if you can even call it that) and he is appealing because EVERYONE appeals their suspension and the only harm that can come from is it him being stuck with the suspension that has already been handed to him. You guys really are some morons. Lets put this in terms that us regular joes can understand. If you get a speeding ticket, and decide to fight it, the WORST thing that can possibly happen is you being stuck paying the fine you were already given in the first place. It really is not rocket science.

  21. Its really too bad Suh lost his balance. I hope no one else is lying on the turf the new time he feels tipsy.

  22. rea1talk makes a solid point above about the hypocrisy that is employed in so many of the negative comments about Suh . However, I understand that you haters are probably seeing it through the eyes of victims, having been stomped on your entire lives. You are forgiven.

  23. tos420 says:
    Nov 30, 2011 9:57 PM
    What exactly is the basis of his appeal?


    The “without pay” part, what else? He got fined, but then to sit out games without pay – of course he’s going to appeal.

  24. Ugh, enough with Ndoglicken Duh!

    He’s got an anger issue that apparently dates back to college. As with his lame post game speech, he’s another that doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. Surprise! However “well spoken” or “articulate” he seems to be, he is what he is. Lame facebook apology, but not to the guy he stomped.

    Suspend him for the rest of the season so we can get back to football stories and not 10 stories on who he molested this week and what will happen because of it…

  25. Upon further review…
    Let’s make it a 4 game suspension to be served 2 games at a time with Suh allowed to play versus Oakland. Maybe Suh will twist Palmer’s head off.

  26. Ok, I usually don’t get on my soapbox on these forums but….here it goes:

    I believe I speak for A LOT of people when I say that I’ve lost even more respect for Suh seeing that he can’t just take this suspension on the chin, and say to himself: “ok, I need to take a long look in the mirror, because the way I conduct myself is not appropriate. I need to be the leader that the Detroit Lions have lacked for years. Two games, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf, and act the way a leader is supposed to.”

    Instead, he’s continuing to “stomp his feet” like a baby, appealing this suspension. He’s lucky he only got two games. Guys get fines & suspensions in the NFL for hits that aren’t even dirty. This guy slams a guys head into the ground, then stomps his cleat full power into his arm after several episodes of questionable conduct, and only gets two games. You should be thanking God and not whining Suh!

  27. “As to Suh, it’s possible that the league would prefer to have the suspension reduced from two games to one, since that would demonstrate to the players, the media, and the fans that the appeal process is meaningful and independent.”

    Just because he has the right to appeal doesn’t mean he has the right to win that appeal. Appeals should be decided on a case by case basis on the merit of the case and the infraction which caused the disciplinary action. What Suh did was pretty far up the “no no” chart, and going soft on him would only send the wrong message.

  28. Wow. For all the junior assistant DAs out there who are wondering what the “basis” is for his appeal, or why does he have the right to appeal, let’s wake up.

    No matter what a player does, he still has the right to appeal.

    Just because he appeals does not mean he’s going to get a reduction or dismissal.

    But at least there’s a form of due process, not just Emperor Goodell at the throne going mad with power.

  29. Same old misinformed comments.
    Suh will get his justice between the whistles (offensive lineman have been doing old school cheap and dirty things to him all season)
    Suh is stupid (studied engineering not general studies in college)
    Suh has anger issues (on the field on defense he should; no problems off the field)
    Two games is too few (he’s the first player ever to be suspended for on the field behavior that resulted in absolutely no injury)
    He’s hasn’t hurt someone yet but he will if he’s not punished more (with this logic we should just make football and all contact sports illegal)

  30. And I still see people want Suh to publicly apologize to Smith and are angered he has not. Please enough with the middle school mentality. Smith was not physically or financially damaged, nor was his family. A man who thinks he deserves an apology in this case only wants one to humiliate and feel a false sense of power. It’s like feeling sorry for the psychologist after Kris Kringle bops him in the head.

  31. Everyone who is saying that Suh should just take the punishment and not appeal. You realize he is part of a union right? The union wants to appeal so they can use this for futrue bargaining or future cases. Whether they know Suh did wrong or not, the union is going to want to appeal everything. It’s just like if the place you work is unionized. If you mess up at work and you know you mess up at work, your union is going to urge you to fight it in whatever way possible. It’s kind of a joke also that Goodell, who gave the suspension, told Suh to appeal it. I personally think Goodell was trying to save face with PR and gave a harsher suspension so he wouldn’t have to deal with the backlash of all the fans complaining about Suh(you would all still take him on your team, even if you deny it.) Goodell knows this suspension isn’t going to stay at two games.

  32. To everyone saying Suh has no impact and isn’t good. I guess Ngata sucks to since he only has 6 more tackles than Suh. Raji must really be horrible then since he has 5 less tackles than Suh. Defensive tackles value isn’t based on stats. I don’t understand why people dont realize this. Suh makes the entire front 7 better.

  33. The whole process is a sham. Being tough and agressive is a good thing as long as it doesn’t cross the line. This guy crossed the line and showed how un-professional he really is. The dude is lucky to have only gotten a 2 game suspension.

    Give him a quarter and let him call 1-800-wah- waah if he wants to cry on someones shoulder.

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