Texans stress Delhomme is in town to help Yates

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It’s almost as if the Texans prepped Jake Delhomme’s agent with talking points.  Delhomme’s job with the Texans is to help T.J. Yates, not take over as starter.

“Jake is fired up and ready to go and will do everything he can to support T.J.,” said Delhomme’s agent Rick Smith via the Houston Chronicle. (Not to be confused with Texans G.M. Rick Smith.)

“Some coaches I talked to spoke real highly of Jake,” coach Gary Kubiak said. “They think he’ll fit in perfectly with what we were looking for. I think he’s a good fit with T.J.”

In Delhomme, it seems like the Texans were looking for someone that had experience and could be a quarterback whisperer for Yates. Jeff Garcia doesn’t fit that mold.

Houston is stressing for now that Yates is the guy, and you get the sense they will give him every opportunity to keep the job into the playoffs.  Matt Schaub says Yates picked up Kubiak’s offense faster than any quarterback he’s seen.

“It’s T.J.’s job,” coach Gary Kubiak said earlier in the week.

The Texans have their two toughest games left the next two Sundays with Atlanta and Cincinnati. If Yates can’t help the Texans win one of them, perhaps Kubiak will reconsider and Delhomme will get a chance to do more than simply support Yates.

23 responses to “Texans stress Delhomme is in town to help Yates

  1. The Texans are going to continue their winning ways. Yates is the real deal, and Delhomme is a perfect pick to become a fantastic mentor. With AJ returning to form, and the defense dominating, home field advantage is coming our way.

  2. Zoxitic, the only thing falling around here is the likelihood that the L.A. football team remains in Jacksonville.

    Meanwhile, the Texans have the pieces in place to be highly competitive for several years. Oh, and in Houston.

  3. Just hand the ball to foster on every play. Please.

    Random question of the day:
    When did Delhomme get a ring?

  4. hence why they had him “TRY OUT” twice, before taking him on

    just keep yates in so I can stress playing all defenses that come against him

  5. One of the best running games, the best defense. This team will be fine as long as Yates keeps the turnovers to a minimum. If he goes Tyler Palko there in trouble.

  6. ” Matt Schaub says Yates picked up Kubiak’s offense faster than any quarterback he’s seen.”

    This is probably because in the offseason it was mentioned that the reason Kubiak picked Yates is because he essentially ran the Texans offense in college. This is surely the reason why Kubiak is more comfortable with him than anyone else.

  7. I doubt it’s talking points. I’m sure his role was explained by the Texans and agreed to by JD. It’s only some fans and some media that are hyperventilating over it (OMG1!!11! DISASTER!1!!!) like teenage girls. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  8. Delhomme had a chance at a ring, but never got one.

    So did McNabb.

    Random post of the day? Really? I think there is a better word than “random” to describe that post.

  9. The only thing Delhomme can teach Yates is how to throw 5 interceptions in a game.

    And “Notrelated”, when did Delhomme ever win a ring?

  10. Then why didn’t Carolina bring Jake back to “mentor” Cam Newton?

    Who is Andy Dalton’s mentor?

    The guy can either do it or not. If Yates beats Atlanta this weekend, he can mentor Delhomme.

  11. Jake missed a ring by a field goal in one of the best and most watchable SuperBowls ever when the Cats lost to the Patriots.

    Jake’s a team player and he’d make a great mentor for Yates. And if he had his confidence back as a thrower (problematic, I’m afraid, given performances ever since the meltdown against Arizona when he was still QB for Carolina), he could help Texas stay in the big hunt.

    Bringing Jake in will make for a very interesting rest of the season for the Texans.

  12. Delhomme’s third to last season resulted in a 12-4 record for the team that he started for. And his career TD/INT ratio is higher in TDs than INTs, so the INT jokesters need to get a life.

  13. Jake Delhomme was signed to help T. J. Yates.?To help T.J. Yates remain the best option the Texans have at QB.

  14. The ‘Walrus” thought Jake was the real thing too… (remember Cleveland Browns)…

    now go get the data on Jake’s season in Cleveland…

    I hope TJ is deaf to ‘whispers’ from Jake.

  15. People who haven’t followed Delhomme’s career and only know him from ESPN highlights over the last two seasons shouldn’t be commenting.

    He has had 2 aweful years thanks to teams with very poor offensive lines.

    People forget quickly the success he had in Carolina until that team fell apart.

    He has a 56-40 record as a starter…Matt Schaub in 32-34. I’m not saying that he’s better than Schaub at this point in his career, but the guy has the ability to win games in the NFL and I think Texans fans are going to be pleasantly surprised should he play.

  16. And yes, had John Kasay been able to keep his kickoff between the sidelines, Jake would have a superbowl ring and and MVP trophy.

    Still one of the best superbowls and one of the best superbowl performances I have ever seen.

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