Von Miller has thumb surgery, could miss Vikings game


The Broncos could be forced to continue their playoff push without their star rookie linebacker.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Miller had thumb surgery Tuesday to repair torn ligaments in his thumb. He was hurt sometime in the fourth quarter of the 16-13 win over the Chargers, but insisted on returning to the game after getting the thumb taped. Miller dropped Ryan Mathews Mike Tolbert for a loss on a key third down play in overtime, setting up a longer field goal for Nick Novak that Novak wound up missing.

That kind of play has been par for the course for Miller this season. He’s been a big reason why the Broncos defense has turned things around from their poor performance in 2010 and he’s the leading contender for Rookie of the Year as a result. Losing him would be a huge blow for the Broncos, but his chances of playing sound pretty good at this point.

Per Jones, this kind of injury and operation would normally keep a player out at least a week. Miller has vowed to play and his ability to play with the injury last week bodes well for his chances. If Miller can’t play, Mario Haggan would start in his place.

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  1. He’s been a big reason why the Broncos defense has turned things around from their poor performance in 2010


    I like Von Miller and all, but I think the reason the Broncos defense has turned it around is because from week 7 to 17 they play 2 teams that still have their starting QB and RB from the start of the season. 2 out of 11 games.


  2. rayvens says:
    Nov 30, 2011 4:59 PM
    Hey i like Tebow and all ………But without V.Miller the Broncos are DUN!

    Uhhh, Elvis Dumervil anyone? HELLO!?!?!

  3. I hope they tape it up big and it looks like hje has a volleyball attached to his arm. That is always the best.

  4. No problema. Put THE TEBOW out outside linebacker, HE can handle it, and the the heretics, Elway and Plummer, will have to BELIEVE.

  5. The obvious move here would be to give Tebow a shot at LB so he has chance to be employed after this season.

    *Raider fan here, Von Miller is a beast, great draft pick.

  6. Too bad this guy was starting to get national publicity. Since when did thumb injuries put guys out for extended time.

    This is truly not your daddies NFL.

  7. One OLB is not going to make a defense thats the most retarded thing ive ever heard i mean dont get me wrong he is good and has potential to be great but not gonna make a defense if that was the case then patrick willis woulda helped the 49ers the last 3 years and the Cowboys would have a great defense because they have the best OLB in the leage in Demarcus Ware

  8. I love how people on these comment boards can’t talk about the broncos and Von Miller without going right to Tim Tebow. If they lose this weekend to Vikings, the first thing people will say is Von Miller and that defense were responsible for those wins. Yet, I believe it was that same defense out there when they were 1-4. I must have missed something. I guess if Kyle Orton was out there, they would also be 5-1 right now too. Oh wait, he was out there also when they were 1-4. So I wonder what the difference is?

  9. I think we need ANOTHER (very funny) comment about Tebow “laying hands” on him to heal him.

    There have only been 20 of those clever, hilarious posts already….

    BTW – I think the Vikes match up pretty good with Denver. They have a strong run defense, but lousy pass defense (but we all know that is NOT Tebow’s strength)

    So, I’ll be honest. This may be the HARDEST game for the Broncos to win since Tebow has started.. as odd as that sounds as they are playing a 2-9 team.

  10. .
    U mean miller almost lost the game by having a KEY OFFSIDES penalty right before this play….. anything to take it away from tebow… ANYTHING….

    “Miller dropped Ryan Mathews Mike Tolbert for a loss on a key third down play in overtime”

  11. The real turnaround for this team was not Tebow starting as much as it was the combo of Miller and a healthier Dumervil. It has put teeth to a defense that needed it badly. Tebow has done his part, mostly in not turning the ball over and getting it done at the end of a game, but every win is because of the strong defense.
    Losing Miller for the weak gives Minnesota a slightly better chance, but at the end of the day, I’ll still take Denver over a Peterson-less Vikes.

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