Aaron Rodgers wins lots of awards

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They may have to rename the NFC Offensive Player of the Month in Aaron Rodgers’ honor.

The Packers quarterback won the award for the fourth straight time on Thursday, dating back to the 2010 season.  (Perhaps Tom Brady knows what he’s talking about.)

Rodgers’ had a 131.6 quarterback rating with 13 touchdowns and one interception for the month. That’s his highest rating for a month ever.

Bears defensive end Julius Peppers won the defensive award. He’s quietly been a terror since getting healthy.

It’s no surprise that Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson won the Special Teams Player of the Month award. He single-handedly beat the Rams twice with return touchdowns during November.

21 responses to “Aaron Rodgers wins lots of awards

  1. I cannot see anyone beating the Packers in the NFC this year, although the Saints might give them problems.

    If the Pat’s can get their “D” healthy, and win the AFC it would provide for a dream QB match-up.

    Brady trying to wrestle the “Belt” from Rodgers and the Pack? Bring it!

  2. I love his commercial where he says my move actually it’s Freddie BUM Mitchell’s Move as in 4th and 26

  3. All Hail the Mighty Rodgers. 19-0 is your destiny young Gladiator, Immortality is yours for the taking.

  4. I’m a Vikes fan, but it’s hard not to be in awe of Rodgers when he is on the football field. He is playing on a transcendent level. He’s going to be a force in the league for years to come, which sucks for every other team in their division and the entire NFC.

  5. And he’s still got lots more to win:

    -NFC Offensive POM for Dec
    -Offensive POY
    -Super Bowl MVP
    -Super Bowl XLVI Champion

    …just to name a few.

  6. That man rolles through teams like Drano. I am a Vikings fan but more so I am a Football fan and I love watching the sport played at that level, no matter what team it is. I honestly dont think anything will stop them, they may not go 19-0 but I am going to guess that they repeat.

  7. Methinks there are too many “cart before the horse” Packers fans out there nowadays.
    Bottom line is Green Bay’s D simply ain’t that good. Not to say they can’t win it all with the way that offense is rolling.
    But Brees may well get another shot at GB in the NFC playoffs.
    Then there’s the possibility of Brady in the SB.
    Both of those QB’s can win a shootout…with anyone.
    Tough sledding for all, including Aaron Rodgers.

  8. Just a guess: thumbs down for rc33 because he puts down the GB D as “not good” and then mentions the Saints (who allow more points per game than GB) and the Patriots (who allow more yards per game than GB). Green Bay’s “ain’t so good” D leads the NFL in takeaways, interceptions, and D TDs.

    Also not sure how GB fans can be accused of putting the cart before the horse when they are 1) undefeated and 2) defending champs. SF fans, maybe. Lions fans, certainly before last week.

  9. And if Brees does get another shot at GB in the playoffs – it’s in Green Bay, in January.

    Brees does turn the ball over via INT at times. (11 this year alone) GB tends to get a lot of INTs.

    I don’t see them coming up here and being able to keep up with GB in the cold. I know, I know, run the ball etc but Aaron CAN pass in the cold. Our receivers CAN catch in the cold – we all live here, know it and are used to it. If GB is passing and putting up scores – you HAVE to pass to keep up.

    I don’t know that the Saints D is good enough to hold GB down or get turn overs. Aaron’s got 4 INTs this year – Brett Favre had 6 GAMES with that many. You just simply can not count on an Aaron INT to help your team out.

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