Dolphins once again buy tickets to avoid blackout

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The Dolphins host the Raiders on Sunday, riding a 3-1 tidal wave that nearly could have been a four-game winning streak.

Folks in South Florida remain unimpressed.

Once again, the Dolphins have come up with a plan for buying up the unsold non-premium seats, which will allow the game to be televised locally.  This time, the team and the local CBS affiliate have financed the purchase of the remain tickets, which by league rules can be bought at 34 cents on the dollar.

The tickets will be given to the team’s season-ticket and premium members.  (Reached for comment, the season-ticket and premium members said, “Hooray?”)

Fortunately for the Dolphins, such devices won’t be necessary for the two remaining homes games of the season.  The upcoming game against the Eagles is sold out, and the finale against the Jets is close to being sold out.

11 responses to “Dolphins once again buy tickets to avoid blackout

  1. “The upcoming game against the Eagles is sold out, and the finale against the Jets is close to being sold out.”

    Translation: There will be at least 25k opposing fans at each game.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Why don’t you say something like the Dolphins are going to LA or the fans are horrible like Jacksonville Jaguars Fans

  3. This is part of the reason why it is a joke for the public to pay 700 million dollars on new stadiums (looking at you Minnesota!)

    I think it’s time to trend towards smaller stadiums 30k-40k. The numbers don’t like. The attendence numbers are decreasing as the ticket prices increase. HDTV and my couch is better than $200 tickets, $50 parking and just the pain of getting to the stadium.

  4. Miami should just be used for the Pro Bowl. The Dolphins just don’t work there for 8-10 NFL games a year anymore. Their ticket sales are based on who the visiting team is. Its an outdated stadium in an awful location.

  5. I disagree with “it’s time to trend towards smaller stadiums.” The saints, packers, regularly sell out their games and they’re all large stadiums in smaller markets.

  6. I hope Stephen Ross has that photo as a screen saver so he can stare at it while he ponders the future of Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

  7. I am a season ticket holder and I love it. I’ve gotten free tickets to the Raiders, Redskins, and Bills games. I give them to family of friends or sell them for a little bit of money. Really, its a stand up thing for the front office to do. they are giving them to the season ticket holders for free when they probably could sell them for some $$$ (less than face value obviously). instead of squeezing out every dime they do a nice little favor for the season ticket holders. I appreciate it.

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