Flexible schedule flexes Broncos-Vikings from CBS to FOX

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The late-season procedures for sliding games from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening has gone pretty smoothly since the league implemented the policy in 2006.  This weekend, the swapping out of the Colts-Patriots game on Sunday night has created an unprecedented change in NFL programming.

The league’s Sunday afternoon broadcast formula consists of FOX televising games between NFC teams and CBS televising games between AFC teams.  As to interconference games, the network handling the visiting team’s conference airs the contest.

That won’t happen in Week 13.  The Broncos-Vikings game in Minnesota has been shifted from CBS to FOX.

The flexing of the Lions-Saints game to Sunday night left FOX with only two 1:00 p.m. ET games, while CBS had seven.  The league decided that the move would increase the coverage area of the nine early games to be played on Sunday.

CBS likely isn’t thrilled with the outcome, since it gives FOX back-to-back Tebowmania games.  In Week 14, the Broncos host the Bears in a game that, under the league’s formula, will be televised by FOX.

That will be FOX’s third Tebow game of the year, following a 45-10 thrashing of the Broncos by the Lions.  CBS also lost the thrilling Tebow-driven win by the Broncos over the Jets to NFL Network.

The consolation for CBS could be that the game wouldn’t have been televised by CBS in the Twin Cities area, given that the game could end up being blacked out.  For reasons to be explained in the next story posted, the Vikings likely have no choice but to buy up any remaining tickets at 34 cents on the dollar, as permitted by league rules.

16 responses to “Flexible schedule flexes Broncos-Vikings from CBS to FOX

  1. It is time to see what Tebow can do with a key piece of the Defence that has been saving his butt all year is missing.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Denver wins this weekend for the NE at Denver game in week 15 to get flexed into SNF. This assumes San Diego has another bad week this week and that the NE/Denver game is eligible to be moved.

  3. If I was a sales rep at the CBS affiliate in Denver, and found out that all of my $15,000 spots in the Broncos game had gone poof because the league pulled the game from the station, I’d be PISSED.

  4. Is anyone else curious as to why the big Bengals vs Steelers game wasn’t flexed out of its 1 PM slot?

  5. Good, CBS’s coverage will put a 5 year old ADD child with 10 redbulls in his system to sleep. At least I can now watch the game with only getting depressed about the teams playing, and not the announcers calling the game, and the lame excuse for a pregame show they put on.

  6. Denver keeps playing terrible teams…..Are we ever going to see this kid play anyone good????????The one-dimensional vikings huh……without Peterson……yeah….that will be a GREAT game……..yuck

  7. changeup39 says:
    Dec 1, 2011 9:19 AM
    Is anyone else curious as to why the big Bengals vs Steelers game wasn’t flexed out of its 1 PM slot?


    Um, no.

  8. Week 15

    Tebow vs Brady

    Right now it’s a 4:15 start on CBS. The NBC game is Chargers-Ravens but with the Chargers losers of 6 in a row and sinking fast, I wouldn’t be shocked if NBC didn’t try to capitalize.

  9. After I read the headline I was sure the game had been flexed to a better time because everyone wants to watch the 2-9 vikequeens. According to their rubes the queens have off the grid “sick” TV ratings. Watching a dog turd age in the front yard would be more exciting than watching a vike game.

  10. If Broncos-Patriots gets flexed — and it probably will — CBS will have missed out on four of the rising Broncos’ games: Jets (NFLN), Chargers (which CBS got), Vikings (switched to Fox), Bears (Fox), Patriots (NBC). Wonder if the league will make up for the loss of Tebow and put Bears-Broncos on CBS, though likely not. I’ve never seen a swap like this among the afternoon networks.

  11. bspurloc says:
    Dec 1, 2011 10:09 AM
    money is all the nfl cares about


    Well thats the whole point of going to work is to make money correct?

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