Josh Cribbs “fed up” with losing in Cleveland

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The Browns have lost 11 or more games in three straight years, and at 4-7 they’re heading in the same direction this year, and receiver Josh Cribbs is sick of it.

“I am fed up,” Cribbs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I want to win this year. Everybody says ‘we’re building, we look good.’ I don’t really care about the building process, because I want to win now. I’m not worried about next year, next year. I want to win now. So, that’s how I feel.”

It’s easy to see why Cribbs is fed up. Cribbs has played for the Browns his entire career, since 2005, and he’s never been to the playoffs. The Browns have had double-digit losses every year of his career but one.

“I feel like I want to see a playoff, you know, as bad as our fans do,” Cribbs said. “I feel like a fan sometimes when I speak because I hear them talk everyday, I run into them on the street. It hurts me not to win for them. That’s my ultimate motivation. . . . You got a lot of fans that their whole joy in life is watching the Browns play, hoping that they win, bringing their kids to the game. . . . When we don’t win, you know, the city feels down. So we need to win, plain and simple.”

The other issue for Cribbs is that the Browns have changed the way they use him in the offense. Although he already has career highs in catches (29), receiving yards (358) and receiving touchdowns (four) with five games to go, he has been phased out of the running game, with just six carries this year. Cribbs has made no secret that he likes lining up in the wildcat formation and running the ball, so he can’t be happy that he’s not doing much of that, although he wouldn’t answer directly when asked if he likes the way he’s being used in the offense this year.

“Uh . . . I just won’t answer that,” he said.

That non-answer says plenty.

53 responses to “Josh Cribbs “fed up” with losing in Cleveland

  1. Every bad team’s mantra is “We’ll be good next year!”

    Every good team’s mantra is “We’ll win the Super Bowl next year!”

    For a league of supposed parity, there sure are a lot of teams that are perennially chanting the first slogan. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans and players, they fit firmly into category 1 the vast majority of the time.

  2. For 2 years, we had to hear how unhappy he was with his contract. Now this? Josh, you have 18 million reasons to shut your mouth and go get your 30 yards a game. You knew the Browns sucked last year when you begged for a deal to stay in Cleveland. You got your wish.

  3. As a Browns fan I really feel bad for Cribbs, he’d be dynamite on a team that knew what they were doing. The fact that he stays humble about it and cares about the fans and the city speaks a LOT for his character. Great guy, great player bad situation

  4. You can’t blame the guy for being tired of losing.

    The Browns have an unbelievable fan base, they continue to support their team no matter how bad they are and for how long.

    Big props to them, they really deserve allot better.

  5. Hey Josh…. Keep dreaming of that SB or winning season in fact. As long as the Steelers and Ravens are in that division you can at least book yourself for 3 losses there. (you might just win 1, but probably not)

  6. When I read the headline, I thought, well look who’s whining again… but he’s not. That’s exactly the attitude every fan wants their teams to have. Good for (and too bad for) Cribbs!

  7. Well share a cab with Hillis on your way out of town. Holmgren has that team on the up swing with alot of draft picks

  8. I would like the see the “cribb” Josh lived in if he wasn’t paid millions to play a child’s game; instead of the luxury “cribb” I’m sure he lays his head down to sleep every night.
    With that attitude in the real world he couldn’t hack it to work his way up the ladder to try to live even a smidge of the life he has.

    No one told him to sign an extension.

  9. Come to the Bengals and put their return game over the top. Also replace Caldwell and/or Simpson.

  10. The browns have averaged 5 wins since returning in 1999 and have beaten the Steelers 6 times since Cowher took over (1992).

    If you don’t like losing, ask to be traded, or play sick like Hillis.

  11. The Browns’ best shot at a playoff run was in 2007 when they won 10 games. I thought they really got jobbed that year because they deserved to make the playoffs with the offense they had that year (especially with Braylon Edwards having a super stud season), but they were on the outside looking in. I like Cribbs’ attitude of wanting to win, but he’s got two big hurdles in Pittsburgh and Baltimore (and a team with a bright future in Cincinatti) to overcome. The Browns’ best hope is for at least one of those teams to have a down year, and possibly two teams.

  12. “Some fans who their whole joy in life is watching the Browns play”

    1)Wow! They are very depressed people
    2)If true, I’d like to introduce Cleveland fans to a good buddy of mine… “Perspective”
    3)The cities of Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit are MISERABLE cities w/ proud histories and really cool ethnic sections. Get over your “Whoa is me” attitude.

    We did (Pittsburgh) and we’re one of the banking/health/natural gas centers of the country.

  13. Clevela…nd until you get over the nasty, immature and vindictive assault on Art Modell (keeping him out of the HOF), there will be forever a mojo on you.

  14. You signed the deal, so you deal with it, Cribbs. On the other hand, they could trade you, and you could end up like Reggie an even worse situation.

    Stick it out, bro.

  15. I believe Cribbs understands the BIG PICTURE and realizes the franchise is in year 2 of the rebuilding process that started with the hire of Mike Holmgren.

    With some tough divisions games ahead, this might be the best time for a team leader like Cribbs to challenge his teammates to join him in doing all they can to win some of the remaining games.

    Will his speaking out motivate his teammates this Sunday?…we shall see.

  16. When I read the headline, I was sure that he was looking to get out of Cleveland and go to a winner. Instead, I read about a guy who appears to be a team guy and cares about the fans and his city. Refreshing. I’d love to see this dynamic playmaker with a good attitude on the Colts. I know, I know…they need way more help than one guy can fix. 🙂

  17. What’s really crazy is all the draft picks the Browns have had the last 3-4 years from trading away their big stars and making trades in the draft yet they still are bottom feeders. Now they once again have alot of picks and I wonder if they will finally score on some. It’s really unfortunate that teams can go from 4-12 to 11-5, worst to first etc every year yet the Browns seem to never get “their year”. I will say they have some loyal fans and I fell bad for them. Sometimes.

  18. The browns could have beaten the Bengals easily…Little had 600 dropped passes that game…Their D was solid and McCoy was pretty accurate…I think the Browns are better than they get credit for……THEY JUST NEED AN OFFENSIVE IDENTITY…that is the problem….

  19. Anyone complaining about JC is an idiot. This guy plays his ass off and is great in the community. If more guys on the team felt like him maybe they’d win more games. Holmgren is sitting on his fat ass collecting one more big payday while his puppet Shurmur stands cluelessly on the sideline. This team should’ve never fired Mangini. I really liked watching a disciplined team. This new regime is trash.

  20. The league is set up to offer the possibility of parity. But as a team, you still have to make good decisions, draft well, coach well, and develop your players well.

    Where’s the Holmgren magic?

  21. It’s Cleveland man…the most vexed and cursed sports town in America. Mr. Cribbs, you’re just fighting a losing battle playing there. Just remember Drew Carey’s immortal chant for all Clevelanders when needing a boost of motivation..”At least it’s not snowing”.


  22. if its brown, flush it down….they dont call em the mistake at the lake for nothing

  23. Cribbs, Cleveland loves you. Don’t worry about winning for us. We’ve grown used to our factory of sadness. We keep getting our expectations too high every year. Get a new coach and new QB every 2 – 4 years. It’s just what we’ve become used to. Shouldn’t have to become used to, but there’s no point in getting our hopes up.

  24. I’m sure we’d have a better chance to win if he’d return the ball more than 20-25 yards and if he’d actually catch passes thrown his way.

    I get the frustration, but since getting his new deal his play has been going down hill.

  25. Cribbs should demand a trade or “retire” for the rest of the year. After doing nothing with him for the rest of the year to show Cribbs who’s boss, the Browns should trade him for a 2012 first-round pick and a conditional 2013 first-round pick, contingent on the trading team winning a first-round playoff game in 2012. Oh, wait, the Raiders don’t have those first-round picks to offer . . .

  26. Hey Josh – if you don’t like losing, then why don’t you try catching the STUPID BALL thrown right into your hands on the sideline with 20 seconds left in the game?

    He had a chance to help move the Browns into field goal range this week at the end of the game to tie it up. But, just like the other WR Greg Little (who dropped ball after ball after ball), Cribbs muffed it.

  27. bostonhasrealhockey says: As a fan thats the ultimate thing you want to hear from a player on your favorite team.
    You’ve got the glass half full.

    I’d say it means that he wants to leave. As a fan, that’s not what you want to hear.

  28. I don’t blame the guy. Teams don’t normally win, when you consistently change the coaching staff around them.

    I’m not a Mangini apologist, but the guy helped them get huge wins last season. Then you bring in Shurmur and it all just falls apart. The team is lost and confused and it’s his job to rectify that and he hasn’t…if anything, it’s getting worse.

    Good news is they have a pretty good defense, but the offense has to be able to put up points.

  29. Well, then maybe when his last contract ended he should have been more focused on “trade me” instead of “pay me.” He finally gets paid and now he complains about the team struggling.

  30. fearthebengaltiger says:
    Dec 1, 2011 9:01 AM
    if its brown, flush it down….they dont call em the mistake at the lake for nothing


    Wow. This is the first season the Bengals haven’t sucked in 2 decades and you’re running your mouth about the Browns? What a front runner.

    And BTW, when have the Browns ever been referred to as the mistake at the lake? Get your facts straight before popping off.

  31. dankinator, you do recall that Mangini only won 5 games in each of his two seasons, right? I agree that we won some big games with him as the coach (Saints, Patriots) but we also had some absolute stinkers as well.

    I am not saying that Shurmur is the answer but we are effectively two botched snaps from being 6-5, we have a defense that is light years ahead of where we were under Mangini and we went from being one of the oldest teams in the league to one of the youngest in a lockout shortened offseason.

    Now, it pisses me off that the offense still stinks and our special teams have regressed but at the end of the day I think we just have to be patient. Hard to do when we have only had two winning seasons in 12 years but still.

  32. Honestly as a bengals fan I feel for him. Playin in the AFC North is so hard, so many times you can build a pretty decent team, that based on its overall record would have made the playoffs in another division …. But the Bengals and Browns almost always have to look up at the standings and and the Baltimore and Pitt with a better record..

    I guess the point is , if you wanna be a Brown for the rest of your career, the reality is you should probably get used to having tough seasons like this, cause it doesnt look like its about to get any easier.

  33. Josh Cribbs wants to win. Badly. And as a Browns fan I am glad to see it. I want to win badly and I would prefer not to hear much more about rebuilding. Been there since forever.

    This year isnt gonna happen but I would still like to see a few more wins than what we got…but with the Ravens twice, the Steelers twice, and the Cardinals once coming up, the future doesnt look terribly stellar.

    But Holmgren I believe is going in the right direction, and while we could build a one year miracle, I prefer to build a long term solution and I believe he is. We have a better team that it looks by our record, but we lack enough depth to play four full quarters. That depth can be added by trade and free agency like Philly did with the Eagles…but where did that get them….or it can be added via the draft, a slower process like Pittsburgh or the Ravens…and look at that outcome. Our division is so tough because the Steelers and Ravens are built the right way.

    We have two first round draft picks next year. So does Cincinnati but ours will be higher, which will get either better personnel we hope or more picks if they trade one of them for picks. Bottom line is that we will aquire more depth and they will stay with us for a while. Our division will be the bane of the NFL for years to come and the teams that emerge from the AFC North will be teams to be reconned with each year, but with a potential of four teams instead of two. The key to the playoffs will be divisional play, and the rivalries will be outstanding!

    Good Football. Thats what we really want. Good Football. If we can participate we will get our share of the Glory.

  34. “I am fed up,” Cribbs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I want to win this year. Everybody says ‘we’re building, we look good.’ I don’t really care about the building process, because I want to win now. I’m not worried about next year, next year. I want to win now. So, that’s how I feel.”

    7 “I’s.” Hmmm. Interesting.

  35. When it comes to these bad teams its their own fault. How many top 10 draft picks have u had over the years? and u still cant build a team. If you keep losing then somethings not right. Change the personel for someone who can draft better. Or just draft better and hire someone who can develop the rookies. As simple as that.

  36. Sorry Cribbs, but the way your division is right now talent wise, the Browns won’t see the playoffs for a handful of years. Plus, with 4 divisions instead of 3, it’s even harder to get in the playoffs without being a division winner.

  37. First it was “Pay the man” ad nauseam, now it’s “he isn’t satisfied with how they’re using him on offense.” Hello! This guy was undrafted and is a special teams player. Period. If others think he’s a magic man “playmaker” I think the Browns should trade him NOW for a second rounder in the 2012 draft. That would give the Browns two picks each in the first, second, and fourth rounds. They could easily use an additional second rounder to grab a stud RT or a solid pass-rushing OLB, both of which they need much more than an aging kick returner whose opinion of himself greatly exceeds what he brings to the table each game, especially with the new kickoff rules.

  38. “You got a lot of fans that their whole joy in life is watching the Browns play”……. just sad

  39. Add Cribbs to the list of “Busts” that Cleveland has turned out. At least he got his money first.

    Brady Quinn… BUST

    Cribbs… BUST

    Colt… BUST

    Hillis…. EPIC BUST

    This team is doomed forever unless they move to L.A. and get in the NFC West somehow. Even then they wouldn’t finish above 3rd.

  40. I wish we had 21 more players with Cribbs’ work ethic, athletic ability and passion to succeed. Perhaps if his head coach emoted once in a while, he wouldn’t have to.

  41. Funny, I’d be willing to bet that every single other player on the Browns, when talking to the media, would say the same thing- “I’m tired of losing and I want to win for these fans and my team.”

    Yeah, but you don’t. You go out there and you don’t put your money where your mouth is. You guys lose more of your games through making stupid mental mistakes and sub-par execution than you do by just being outplayed by a better team.

    Talk is cheap- and there IS a choice here. You COULD commit to playing penalty-free, mistake-free football. You know, the kind where your receivers know what route to run, understand how to catch the ball beyond the first down marker instead of waiting for the ball 2 yards behind it, etc. Little things like that are, ultimately, why the Browns lose. That’s why, in many of the Browns losses, they have been in the game until they shoot themselves in the foot.

    So I’m not impressed with Josh’s sentiment. Great- you guys want to win. So stop making bonehead mistakes that lead to losses and show us that you actually mean what you’re saying.

  42. Cribbs is a good player , but he will never win in that town. The organization is one of the worst , if not the worst in the league, and it wont get better any time soon You should have left last year like every good player doesz(see Kam Wimbley).

  43. After this interview someone let Cribbs know that the Browns defense is one of the top in the league. Their QB is outplaying every other QB in his draft class and their rookie wide reciever is making Julio Jones look like the worst trade in the history of the NFL by out shining him in almost every possible way. Then they reminded him that the Browns have one of the WORST special teams in the NFL. I wonder why that could be? Maybe that’s Hillis’s fault. The wildcat died once teams figured out that Cribbs was never going to throw. On top of that Greg Little is even better in the backfield then Cribbs is. He might be sick of loosing but he has had plenty of opportunities to help his team and fell short.

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