Santana Moss on Stevie Johnson: “That’s something he’ll look back on and wish he hadn’t done”

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Bills receiver Stevie Johnson had a big day on Sunday against Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.  But Johnson’s performance always will be remembered for a post-touchdown celebration that cost his team 15 yards of field position.  After a botched kickoff gave the Jets a short field, Johnson’s touchdown quickly was matched.

The incident has prompted plenty of discussion this week, with much of it centering on the question of whether Johnson crossed a line by pretending to shoot himself in the leg.  The bigger problem came when Johnson capped his celebration by falling and rolling on the turf, since two things can draw a penalty after a touchdown:  (1) going to the ground; and (2) using a prop.

That’s the point NBC’s Bob Costas made during halftime of the Sunday night game between the Steelers and Chiefs.  Celebrating is one thing; celebrating in a manner that harms the team’s interest is quite another.

Redskins receiver Santana Moss, whose touchdown celebrations routinely remain within the bounds of the rules, agrees.

“Some guys, that’s a part of their game,” Moss said of Johnson on Thursday’s PFT Live.  “They look forward to those moments where they can really shine after they make a big play or score a big touchdown.  You can’t really knock them for it.  The only thing you can knock them for is losing those yards for your team.  You’ve got to be smart at all given times when it comes to trying to win a game.  You can’t hurt your team in that situation, and I think that’s something that he’ll look back on and wish he hadn’t done.”

It’s not unreasonable to expect a player to understand and respect the rules that apply to touchdowns.  First, don’t go to the ground.  Second, don’t use a prop.

In Johnson’s case, it possibly cost his team a victory, which in turn may have extended the team’s streak of non-playoff appearances to 12 years and counting.  If players don’t heed these two simple rules, it could eventually cost a team a championship.

Indeed, that nearly happened in Super Bowl XLIII.  After his game-winning touchdown reception for the ages, former Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes (the players whose “soar like a Jet” routine Johnson was mocking when falling to the ground) used the ball as a prop for a celebration that paid homage to LeBron James’ pregame talcum powder shower.  Former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira acknowledged that a penalty should have been called, which would have pushed the kickoff from the 30 to the 15, putting Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and receiver Larry Fitzgerald 15 yards closer to the end zone when they regained possession with 35 seconds to play.

When a penalty is called for a celebration that goes too far, the primary blame falls on the man who commits the violation of the rules.  But it’s ultimately a failure of coaching.  Of all the complex concepts and play calls and other information given to players, it’s critical to make certain that those who will be scoring touchdowns always remember two things.

First, don’t go to the ground.  Second, don’t use a prop.

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35 responses to “Santana Moss on Stevie Johnson: “That’s something he’ll look back on and wish he hadn’t done”

  1. Come on. It was funny as hell. It’s not like the guy is going to contribute much in the way of big plays, so at least give him credit for the funniest TD celebration in a long time.

    Funny how people seem almost as critical of the celebration as they were of Burress for the boneheaded decision to wander around with a loaded handgun with the safety off.

  2. I must respectfully disagree with Santana Moss. For Stevie Johnson to look back and wish he hadn’t done that, it would require remorse and a conscience. I don’t think he has either one.

  3. The problem with Stevie is if you’re gonna talk smack you can’t drop the ball with the game on the line. That drop Sunday should be getting more pub he had a wet spot on his pants after that one.

  4. Santana Moss could have been a really good receiver if he didn’t waste away in washington year after year.

    Very underrated

  5. Using the ball as a prop and going to the ground are two stupid rules to begin with. Unless it’s taunting or delays the game, a celebration shouldn’t result in a penalty. The fact that one of these insignificant penalties could have effected the outcome of the Super Bowl is a joke.

  6. I don’t understand this fake outrage over the his celebration.
    If Moss is talking about Stevie Johnson regretting anything, it should be the penalty that hurt his team on the kickoff.
    The celebration should be offensive to only 2 people: Holmes and Burress.

    LeBron thought it was harmless.

  7. Looking back on the celebration, Rex Ryan is just happy Stevie didn’t shoot himself in the foot.

  8. I thought Johnson’s routine was funny but the bottom line was it cost them the win.

    That’s the 2nd gift win the Jets have had this season – I wouldn’t be surprised if that winds up being the difference maker that might let them sneak into the playoffs

    Reminds me of another season when a mediocre Rex Ryan team would have been 8-8 had the Colts not had the balls to go for 19-0 and pulled their starters.

  9. First of all, the TD celebration rules are the dumbest rules of all time. That people are getting fined and given 15 yards for the act is mind boggling.

    Secondly, players may have become more self-absorbed because of this kind of outlook shared by the writer of the above piece:
    Primarily you get the blame if you:
    Fail in school
    can’t pay back your student loans
    can’t pay your balloon mortgage
    fall to the ground in a celebration

    BUT ultimately your blame is really because the following failed you:
    Wall Street
    George Bush
    Your head coach

    It’s more critical of coaches to make sure those who score TD’s know the playbook, where to line up, and where to run. In other words, a coach needs to put a play maker in a position to make plays and make sure he understands how to get into that position. As grown men, celebrating a TD incorrectly is ultimately the failure of a grown man.

  10. The continuity of sisification in our nation. Johnson’s actions were funny. NFL translates to no fun league. Don’t want Johnson to do that, don’t let him score.

  11. The way I see it, Johnson is improving by leaps and bounds. Last year, he would have blamed the penalty and subsequent jacked up kick and TD by the Jets on God.

    He’s come a long way, baby…..

  12. I thought it was mildly funny, but it was also stupid to go to the ground in the process… I mean, come on, he knows the rules.

    BUT, I’m kind of getting tired of everyone blaming THAT for the Bills losing the game. Blame the dropped catch, or better yet, blame that TERRIBLE freaking kick. His penalty had nothing to do with their kicker muffing a kick.

  13. “That’s something he’ll look back on and wish he hadn’t done” – Santana Moss on Stevie Johnson’s celebration.

    “That’s something he’ll look back on and wish he hadn’t done” – Me on Santana Moss signing a contract with the Redskins.

  14. Andre’s Johnson says: Dec 2, 2011 1:44 AM

    Antonio Cromartie thinks there are like seven or eight things he’ll look back on wish he hadn’t done.


    That’s one of the greatest comments I’ve seen on here…brolove

  15. The dumbest part of blaming the coaches for his getting the penalty is that he was already penalized last year for going to the ground. So I guess the coaches should also hold his hand when he crosses the street and make sure he eats his lunch and wears mittens in the winter.

  16. @rmc1995 says:
    “BUT ultimately your blame is really because the following failed you:
    Wall Street
    George Bush
    Your head coach”

    This is an article on Football. Keep your code pinky panties out of the discussion.

  17. This coming from the guy who drew a 15-yard flag for scoring a touchdown against the Bengals and pulled out a towel to shine his shoes infront of a ref, and then looking at him as if for approval. The ref drew his flag & Santana just shrugged and walked away.

    Then the Bengals drove down the field for the winning score.

  18. The only things Stevie regrets is not catching bals that hit him in the hands that may have won games. He keeps blaming God for that, what a joke. He has now literally by himself lost his team 2 games, and for a receiver thats hard to do.

  19. this coming from a guy who everytime he catches a ball spins it and mocks the defense……4skin nation is a joke!!!

  20. I love when this happens. The whole celebration thing is just an ego trip, so I love when it costs something when they do it. It’s what they deserve.

  21. You know how news crews go into the general public for comments on a story? They always find the dumbest weirdest most irrelevant guy with no teeth or vocabulary to offer his thoughts.

  22. Well, again, like someone else previously said, the sissification of our society is at hand. I mean, really. We are seeing fans, and the dopes who make these dumb rules getting all upset because players have these “TD dances?” What kind of wimps are we becoming as a society?

    I mean, really. I really do not believe that the TD Dance was what cost the Bills the game. Stevie Johnson’s late game drops helped cost the team the game more than the stupid TD dance.

    Besides, if a team or a player has a routine (like the paper plane bit, and stuff) it is going to be mocked. The problem is that these anti TD Dance rules are in existence in the first place. I thought these NFL players were grown men. Now they are kids and have to worry about being taunted? Like someone else implied, the idea that a team could get screwed out of a SB due to these stupid rules is a joke. No doubt.

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