Santana Moss: “Rex is really our offense”

I’m hoping Florio doesn’t read this, because I’m about to give out a compliment.

His interview with Santana Moss was one of the best ones in PFT Live history.

Okay, that’s more of a compliment to Moss. The Redskins wideout was honest and engaging on a variety of topics, including his appreciation of Rex Grossman.

“I feel that Rex is really our offense,” Moss said. “When he’s in the game, he gives us that chance to be what we can be, especially being a receiver.”

Moss thinks Washington’s season really turned south against the Eagles, when the team “made changes.”  (At quarterback.)

The full interview is below, and Moss covers a lot of ground. The entire show is on the PFT Live homepage.  You can download the show on iTunes.

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16 responses to “Santana Moss: “Rex is really our offense”

  1. i feel for Moss because i feel that the recent bad quarterback play in Washington has him actually believing this. Maybe when Washington gets a rookie QB next year he can say, this is how the position of Quarterback is played.

  2. To be honest, does he even have a choice here? He is just stating a fact about the teams situation at the QB position. I think if you really look at what he is saying, it’s just in his own words (it is what it is). We have seen that Beck just cannot play the position, and you can’t bring up the practice squad guy, so the only person on this roster that gives them the best chance to succeed is (god I hate saying this) Rex Grossman. If you have watched the last 2 weeks compared to the weeks John Beck started, unfortunately it’s the truth. Here’s to the 2012 draft skins fans. HTTR!!

  3. Grossman is better than Beck. If that was his point, nary a soul would disagree.

    If Grossman were anyone else, he’d be “gutsy” or “trying to make plays”, but since he’s Rexy, he’s a charactiture of himself. He’ll make a good backup next season, but to call him the entire offense is hyperbole at the very least.

  4. I remember reading the exact same words from Bear players and fans when Rex was in Chicago. The trouble was, there was somebody better sitting on the sidelines and it took a little swallowing of pride to realize that Rex is not a pro quarterback.

  5. Well, Moss dared to question the judgement of the Shanahans… guess who’s not coming back to Washington next season now?

    …maybe he knew that, and this was his plan all along.

  6. Take a look at the list of QBs Moss has had throw him footballs in his career. Take a young, healthy Chad Pennington out of the list, and it gets pretty ugly. Trying to put together an analogy with Lamar Odom and the Kardashian clan, but can’t put the wording together correctly in my mind.

  7. He’s right. He’s not saying Grossman is a franchise QB – not the second coming of Unitas or Montana – but he is very servicable and he does give them the best chance to win. If Shanahan had not benched hem, they might still be in the payoff hunt (the NFC east is weak). Yes, Grossman can blow up and lose games – but he does tend to win more than he loses, and don’t forget that with the right pieces around him, he did get to a Super Bowl.

    He’s not their QB of the future – but he’s their QB of “right now” and plenty of teams have worse. I predict that as the starter this season, he will end up being a winning record. Again – stupid move on Shanny benching him.

  8. Well Rex also guaranteed to win the division didn’t he? And Moss opening his mouth is guaranteeing to not be a Redskin next year. Thats smart move by him.

    Shannahan needs Elway, Elway needs Shannahan. LoL

  9. Just watched….That was a great interview. Tana is a great WR and one of the only solid, stable players who has been with the team for the decade. Hopefully, we have more like him as this team pulls itself out of the perpetual basement.

  10. Santana always worked hard for his team. A good player and respected by his peers. He will be great as the #2 opposite Hankerson next year…..

  11. elvoid,

    As a Bears fan, I couldn’t agree with you more. I still say Sexy Rexy is the man.

    I liked what he did for my team. He’s not the best all-time Bears QB nor has he ever been Pro Bowl-level but he could deliver passes in ways other Bear QBs have not been able to do – like completing passes in tight coverage and putting incredible zip on the ball!

    QBs get so ruined in Chicago thanks to the fans, media, but mostly the Bear organization that has failed to understand how important it is to develop quarterback play. Aaron Rodgers no longer holds the ball too long – thank coaching for that, not talent.

  12. Did Cutler get benched when the Skins picked him off 4 times last year?


    Grossman should have never been benched after that game. He may have been out one week when he was sick, but he still shouldn’t have been benched. The Skins lost a couple of games that they could have easily won if Rex was under Center. Beck was too afraid to go down field, couldn’t make quick decisions and just flat out isn’t good.

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