Vikings officially waive Donovan McNabb


The Vikings have made it official: Donovan McNabb has been placed on waivers.

A brief notice went out to the media formally announcing the transaction on Thursday afternoon.

The move means that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier becomes the third head coach in 20 months to dump McNabb, following Eagles coach Andy Reid and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, although Frazier called it a mutual decision.

“I had a discussion with him and we both agreed mutually that this was the best decision for both parties,” Frazier said, via the team’s web site. “He was and has been a great player for our league for a long, long time. I have a lot of affection and love for Donovan. A tremendous person and a tremendous competitor, and we really wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. He did a good job for us here. He really helped our young quarterbacks. He did a good job in a lot of ways.”

Now every team in the league can decide whether to put in a waiver claim for McNabb. No matter what Frazier says about McNabb being a great player and tremendous person, given that three coaches have already gotten rid of McNabb, it’s hard to see many coaches being interested in giving him his fourth chance.

74 responses to “Vikings officially waive Donovan McNabb

  1. Colts should claim him that way they are still sucking it up for Luck. If not I bet he goes unclaimed.

  2. “we both agreed mutually” . . . As opposed to what? An agreement where one side doesn’t agree?

  3. At this point in his career, all McNabb is now is an older version of JaMarcuss Russell minus the cough syrup. Out of shape, disinterested, and too toxic to touch. I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to offer the minimum for him, much less a waiver claim.

  4. He can’t play, he doesn’t work at it and he doesn’t make up for it by being a mentor. Even if I’m a team that needs a QB, I don’t bother picking him up.

  5. I hear what you’re saying about McNabb being let go from 3 different teams in less than 2 seasons.

    But consider this, in each occasion there was a QB behind him that either the Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator wanted to see in action rather than let McNabb go the whole season.

    Funny thing is that each team is now floundering at the QB position.

    Look at the stats between McNabb and Ponder and try to tell me that the Vikings are any better off:

    Christian Ponder Comp.- 92 Att.: 169 Comp. % 54.4, Yds.: 1,141, TD: 6, INT: 6, Rating: 72.6

    Donovan McNabb: Comp.: 94, Att.: 156, Comp. % 60.3, Yds. 1,026, TD 4, INT 2, Rating 82.9

    McNabb may not have been a world beater, but he still had some gas in the tank.

  6. So lets see, since the beginning of last season the queens have spent:

    Favre 16 million
    McNabb 5.1 million
    Ponder 2.5 million per yr
    Total 23.6 million

    So they’ve won 8 games divided into 23.6 = 2.95 million dollars per win. Now can you see how dumb the FO of this team is? Is it any wonder they’re a mess?

  7. Land Snark- the difference is Ponder is young and up-and-coming whereas McNabb’s engine is running on fumes…

    …Desperate times call for desperate measures though, so I guaruntee some desperate team will pick him up in short order.

  8. I like McNabb a lot and I think he has taken a lot of undeserved BS in his career and always been classy but the guy flat out cant play anymore I dont care what team he’s on.

  9. Well so far the Eagles have gotten Nate Allen (worst safety to date) and Casey Matthews out of the McNabb picks. I know there a lot of other variables like the Kolb trade… but the bottom line is the birds are worse than they were on Easter 2010.

  10. @ Land Snark

    Apples and oranges, bud. One guy has 14 yrs. experience and the other is a rookie with no OTA’s. If they have the same stats, I’ll take the rookie and look to the future… genius.

  11. Guy has been throwing balls into the ground since the beginning of time. Can’t believe he’s stuck around this long.

  12. Just in case things don’t work out in Chicago with Caleb Hanie, I think the Bears should make a claim for him if given the opportunity… They were shooting for Kyle Orton, so why not try Donovan McNabb?

  13. He was always a difficult guy to get a read on here in Philadelphia. The booing at the draft thing/radio stunt was unneeded. The radio host who out it together is a useless pig. Don always appeared to take the high road in a controversy, but would still have a passive-aggressive, snarky coment to make as well. I appreciate what he accomplished here and would never boo at him, but was not very upset to see him depart, either.Strong arm, could throw it as far as you wanted, but wish he had continued to improve his skills beyond his 4th year in the league.

  14. McNabb is an upgrade on every Texan QB even if he’s as fat and bored as people say he is. T.J. is going to get beat down by the ATL pass rush. 55 is licking his chops.

  15. I watched the vikings when they played the Raiders and the biggest thing I saw was McNabb never involved with Ponder, never talking to him, never with the coord pumping him up and coaching him. McNabb just stood somewhere off to the side and gazed blindly at the field.

    He’s nothing at this point.

  16. MDS, Curtis Painter is a starter in this league. Jeff Garcia was even getting some sniffs. I think its a stretch to say no coaches would give him a 4th chance.

  17. McNabb seems to be headed for this strange place where most of the average or below average black QB’s go. Never, never land. Once your talents fade or it’s obvious you’re not a starting NFL QB. You’re never heard of again. lol It’s starter or your out of the league it seems.

    Delhomme… are you kidding me. There is no way in the world Delhomme and the majority of BACKUP Qb’s in the league are better than Daunte Culpepper, Troy Smith and McNabb.

  18. @ Land Snark

    Uh, dude, the Shanahans did not want to play Rex Grossman. Good grief guy, they were trying to play John “Freaking” Beck instead of playing Rex Grossman. McNabb may have some gas left in the tank, but I doubt it would get you around the block.

  19. @ Land Snark

    how long has mcnabb been in the league? who cares
    now how long has ponder been in the league? 1
    how many games has mcnabb played? too many
    how many games has ponder played? 3 or 4? i’m not sure but if mcnabb played even one more game than ponder, which he did, how would mcnabb be considered better than ponder? look at the yards and touchdowns it’s obvious, ponder has played less games but has more yards. the interception to touchdown ratio can be attributed to ponder being a rookie where mcnabb doesn’t have any interceptions because not even his receivers can catch what he throws.

  20. Land Shark:

    What you’re missing is that Ponder is expected to play at this level being a rookie and all. McNabb wasn’t supposed to play to the level of a rookie. He was supposed to be able to make some plays a veteran QB with his history should make. Basically he failed because he reverted to a rookie playing level. They are better off because experience makes all the difference in the world when it comes to being a QB in the NFL.

  21. Great Post @Land Snark

    Stats don’t lie..Also Kurt Warner looked done after that two year stretch with the Rams/Giants – I bet most people don’t even know he played with the Giants Eli’s rookie year. Get Mcnabb on a team with some talent and he will be fine. Both the Vikings and the Redskins still suck and he’s not there. Poorly ran organizations make all qb’s look bad. Not to say Donovan had nothing to do with it. But I guarantee he’d look alot different if he was on a team with some talented receivers at this point in his career.

  22. Its sad seeing McNabb’s career ending up like this. Hes one of my all time favorite Qb’s, always enjoyed watching. Him play. Hope he resurrects his career n doesn’t end up like culpepper!

  23. nope there’s sugar in that tank and a tire where the flat belly should be.

    they were paying mcnabb a lot to do a lot better and be a difference maker. he wasnt worth it.

    he can now go party with chauncey and jacarcass.

  24. Claim him. I miss the days with McNabb behind center. At least we had a chance. Plus, if we lost we got a free air guitar concert out of it.

  25. Neither Washington nor Minn had a receiver worthy of a pro uniform. The one time in his whole career he had a weapon (T.O.), he went to the S.B. Not saying that he is a S.B.-caliber QB, but give him a team like Houston who has some receivers and he’ll definitely do better than whatever they have there now.

  26. Landsnark, look up mcnabb and ponders third down stats, and it isnt even night and day, its planet and galaxy.

  27. Eagles will claim Donovan, IR Vick, Donvan will win out, win the division, win the superbowl and then retire with Reid.

  28. Clearly, McNabb’s release is the fault of the racist and hate-filled Philly fans, who maligned McNabb so much that Frazier started to believe it.

  29. @LandSnark

    Obviously, you have no clue as to what it takes to win at QB in the NFL.

    Comparing McNabb to a rookie who had no OTAs this offseason and limited time with the first team offense before being thrown to the wolves after McNabb “led” the team to a losing record shows that clearly.

    McNabb is good at posting stats but he is a coward when it comes to pushing the ball downfield and actually making plays.

    His stats are reflective of a QB that is more comfortable checking down than he is taking a chance in order to make a play. Ponder’s are those of a rookie who is learning on the fly.

  30. packhawk04 says:
    Dec 1, 2011 6:08 PM
    Landsnark, look up mcnabb and ponders third down stats, and it isnt even night and day, its planet and galaxy.

    Good idea.

    McNabb – 35.21%
    Ponder – 42.11%

    Yep, planet and galaxy.

  31. Stats actually do lie in this case. The only reason that McNabb’s stats may look better than Ponder’s is because McNabb constantly threw the check down on 3rd and long. He would never take a chance of throwing past the 1st down marker. So, his completion percentage is higher, but it still didn’t sustain drives. Ponder is willing to throw 10 yards on 3rd and 8. He doesn’t complete as many, but when he does, the team can actually move the ball more than with McNabb.

    FYI – The record is bad because the entire team (especially OL and DBs) kind of stink. They were 6-10 last season, with a washed up Favre, and swapped him out for a washed up McNabb, with no upgrades at any other positions. As a Viking fan, I don’t know why anyone thought they would be better this year.

  32. C’mon Chiefs….claim this guy and then mysteriously don’t play him for several games so you can get a longer look at Palko.

  33. He should really just retire. He has made plenty of money and he obviously is not interested in getting in shape and putting in the work anymore.

  34. I bet with a strong offensive line and receivers who don’t quit on plays, McNabb could still easily contend in this league. He is a veteran who makes good decisions with the ball, still has a decent arm and is likable by teammates. The only thing he has lost a step on has been mobility, but with a good line, he can stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. I’m sure he can pick up a playbook and be ready within the week to play. His current contract is not the best looking, but if he makes it through waivers, I’m sure he’d play for a little over league minimum. A team with their leg in the door of the playoff picture would be smart to pick him up.

  35. if sage rosenfels’ employment is desired by someone, I think McNabb can get another NFL job. if josh mccown can start an NFL game, McNabb ain’t done. if jeff garcia can be brought in for a tryout, then we haven’t seen the last of Donovan McNabb.

    on the other hand — Rolando McClain might be history.

  36. The vikings spent 2 draft picks for McNabb and he only played a few games. They only spent one draft pick to rent Moss for a month. I like how the vikings are not afraid to make bold moves.

    Be it Jared Allen, Herschel Walker, Randy Moss, or Donovan McNabb the viking front office can always find players.

  37. Classic case of a guy who got by on his immense natural skills for a very long time without being a true student of the game or someone who took his fitness to heart. He achieved a lot, but I’ll always wonder what could have been. If he would have really dedicated himself to the game, he would been one of the all time greats.

    I guess some guys are wired for greatness, and some guys are wired for good enough.


  39. I always liked McNabb. Saw him lose to my Cardinals a few years back in the Conference Title game. That was his last hurrah.

    Would be fitting for him to come to Phoenix and be reborn. Besides, he has a home here! He can invite me over to replay that fateful game on Madden 12.

  40. I don’t know….Maybe Houston can use him. They’re down to their 3rd string quarterback they’re pretty desperate. In a related note…Damn this league doesn’t mess around though….2 seasons ago McNabb was in the pro bowl, 1 season ago he was looked at as the savior for the Skins…. now he’s almost out the league (Technically he is out the league).

  41. Lot of McNabb haters on here. Wow. His entire career he has bn asked to turn a bum team into a contender and if he doesnt he is considered a bum smh. Yoll really dont watch football. I bet 90% of you guys who are commenting about McNabb are white smh. If he goes to a team with talent he will shine. Hes 35 he cant carry an offense by himself but if he is asked to manage the game he will shine

  42. This IS NOT Madden on your XBox.

    A guy who knows the Texans playbook and personnel, even a guy like Yates…

    …is 100% better than some washed up “name” player who has never demonstrated an ability to lean a non-Andy Reid playbook.

    It is what it is. Sign McNabb and you need to scale back the playbook by 90% in week one and 80% in week two.

    Look at what happened with Carson Palmer. You don’t step right in and perform. It’s the NFL.

  43. 14th time KIR posts racist rant.

    Please respond to him! Please! He needs your attention!

    Validate his existence!


    He’s on his knees begging you!

  44. A big no to McNabb coming to Chicago.

    He is washed up, he can’t even run as well as Hanie at this point, he does not know the plays and he would be history as soon as Cutler is ready.
    Not worth the trouble.

  45. What a completely picture perfect way of how to not run a front office or a NFL franchise. Look at the dollars these clowns have spent on journeymen throughout the years. They have something in Ponder but Frazier is next so that means Musgrave is gone to. I hope for Ponder’s sake they find someone to develop him because he could be a star some day. IF he is developed correctly. The current staff just boggles the mind. Coaching and management.

  46. Why does everyone complain about McNabb’s passes? He played basketball as well at Syracuse. It’s called a bounce pass!

  47. By the way, the Vikings will give up just a 6th rnd pick for McNabb. The second pick was conditional and the condition wasn’t met once McNabb was sitting on the bench after the 6th game.

    His contract was restructured so they didn’t spend all that much on him. Didn’t really have much of a choice but to bring in a veteran when the lockout hindered getting Ponder ready.

  48. Maybe he will be claimed by the Louisiana Swashbucklers of the Professional Indoor Football League and play with JaMarcus Russell

  49. McNAbb was once a very dangerous QB, the man could run with power as well as throw the long ball. That said, he was not the most accurate passer, and had a tendency to throw short passes at receivers ankles, but that weakness was more than offset by his talent to run the ball. A tough man to defend against, much like Michael Vick. I think the injuries finally caught up to Donovan in recent years as he has changed himself into a more traditional pocket passer. Problem is, his arm is not accurate enough to be pocket passer and defenses can now blitz him with less fear of his scrambling. Not a surprise he’s been doing poorly. I suggest Donovan hang up the pads and call it a career well done.

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