Andy Reid upset with NFL Network’s coverage of Desean Jackson

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Eagles coach isn’t upset with DeSean Jackson. He’s upset with how NFL Network portrayed Jackson during Thursday night’s game.

Reid said at his Friday press conference that he was “very, very disappointed” with the network’s coverage.

“DeSean, I’m going to tell you now, DeSean was all in that game,” Reid said. “He had a great attitude during that game, and you can take a camera and make some things look the way you want to make them look, but that kid was all in last night, and I was proud of him for that.”

On one play, Jackson was shown not looking back at Young as he ran deep with inside position on a defender. Reid said the play was designed to go to Jason Avant and Jackson’s job was to clear the defender out.

(Uh, but Young still has the option to go to Jackson if he wants.)

Reid also didn’t like how NFL Network said Jackson wasn’t talking to his offensive teammates all night.  Cameras showed Jackson zoning out when Vince Young was talking to him.  (Later, they did show Jackson talking to teammates.)

“I am not sure they know who’s talking to who and so on and what the conversation is about,” Reid said. “Not knowing the language, I don’t know how you are able to go into that stuff . . .  This is petty stuff.”

We understand Reid wants to defend his players. He doesn’t want to lose Jackson the rest of the way and knows Jackson is taking a lot of heat locally.

But they eye in the sky doesn’t lie. NFL Network showed multiple times during the post-game show where Jackson jogged on his routes.

Reid can’t just declare Jackson was all in when the cameras told a different story.

89 responses to “Andy Reid upset with NFL Network’s coverage of Desean Jackson

  1. Maybe this is why they are so terrible — receivers who are not the primary target on a given pass play are taught to not look for the ball.

  2. Reid and DJ will both be somewhere else next season. Coaches last 8-10 years if they are really good. And don’t come to me about Jeff Fisher by the way, how many rings did he get? And players who lie down going over the middle are not resigned by their current team. And you know what? A fresh start would not be all bad for either one of these guys.

  3. Early in the 2nd quarter, Jackson catches a short pass and turns upfield towards a much needed first down, instead of running into traffic and working for the needed yards he skids to the turf well short…but untouched and unhurt.

    enough said

  4. Andy Reid’s wife is upset with the amount of coverage Andy has on their king size bed at home.

    Walrus, my arse…that guy is a whale.

    Can’t wait ’til DJ is pumping gas in 4 years too.

  5. I cant believe after the way Jackson carried on and acted last night Andy Reid came out there today and stood up for him. What a total mess and a joke. I cant believe Reid took a shot for him Jackson should be cut i dont care how good he is.

  6. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for people to realize one can NEVER trust anything that comes out of Reid’s mouth to be the truth. Too many examples to list.

    A picture is worth a thousand words…

  7. You also would have been the first person to throw Reid under the bus if he`d come out and said anything negative about Jackson,so he`s in a no win situation.

  8. You know who is upset with Reid? Any chair he sits on. DeSean is punk. Looking at him and Forte, who is more likely to get the contract they deserve based on how they played this year? Who is professional and who isn’t? Defend whoever you want or how, bottom line, what you are saying or how you are coaching, isn’t working.

  9. Well I don’t expect Andy Reid to throw any player under the bus.

    At the same, time, with DeSean Jackson being such a whiny little punk this year, I am surprised Reid had the composure not to throw him under the bus.

  10. Andy Reid is losing his mind. Stick up for guys who deserve it, not this idiot.

  11. Andy Reids not a dummy. He knows hes linked hand in hand with Michael Vick and DuhSean Jackson. They will all go down in the ship USS Eagle together as one.

  12. I have no reason not to believe Andy Reid on this one. I watched the entire game, without the sound, as I usually do. I have a totally different perspective. I didn’t know until I read this that Rosenthal and the NFL Network trashed Jackson. Unusual for the NFL Network but not for Rosenthal. He needs the hits, which I gave him, damnit.

  13. Andy Reid is right. Vince Young WASN’T talking to Desean Jackson. He was talking to Riley Cooper who was sitting next to Desean Jackson. I swear the media trys to make something out of nothing. They are making a player into a Diva who doesn’t even act like a Diva.

    Also the people who want Reid fired doesn’t no football. How can you fire a coach based on a game with his backup QB?? You can’t.

  14. The film don’t lie.

    Maybe Reid should focus his efforts on getting DeSean Jackson to perform better on the field, i.e. put it on tape, instead of carping about television coverage.

  15. “And you wonder why we’re losing!” Andy, “Your in denial and the only ones buying it are those, that are occasional passer-byes.” You’ve done a lot for the franchise but have been over extended for the past 4-5 years. As your not “Big Enough,” to resign, It’s time for your departure. The sooner the better before ruining the potential we’ve got!!!

  16. You can’t “clear out a defender” unless you can sell the defender on the possibility that the ball will get thrown to the receiver. If he never even turns around, or jogs the route, how effective is he being?

    Not very.

    Plus, as the article states, just because he wasn’t the primary doesn’t mean he shouldn’t turn around and see if the ball is coming his way.

    DuhSean Punkson.

  17. What do you expect Reid to do? Maybe he should throw his number 1 receiver and arguably one of the game’s fore most big play players under the bus. Yeah…. That’ll get him real far

  18. He could be mad that the defense forgetting how to tackle, mad that Vince Young completed passes with pinpoint accuracy…to the defense, or even mad that this season DeSean Jackson has de-evolved into the Cowardly Lion. But being mad that a 24/7 network about the National Football League over-covering a story is just ridiculous. It’s almost ridiculous as the Eagles themselves.

  19. Well no wonder his team is the way it is. No accountability. Like a parent who is blaiming the school, the police, other kids etc for their childs behavior. Then they wonder why the kid ends up in jail and a hoodlum. I’m disappointed in Reed. I thought he was a great coach. I’ll believe my “lying eyes”.

  20. “But they eye in the sky doesn’t lie. NFL Network showed multiple times during the post-game show where Jackson jogged on his routes.”

    Uh, players jog on their routes all of the time; it’s called a running play! If he was jogging on routes where he was supposed to be running, don’t you think somebody (players, coaches, etc.) would have been in his ear?

    It’s clear the NFL Network came in with an agenda. The cameras did tell a story, but the story was fabricated. For instance, there was footage of what looked like Desean ignoring Vince Young as he spoke to him. However, what we didn’t see was Riley Cooper – who Young was talking to – sitting on the other side of Desean.

  21. I would take that o-line coach, turned D-coordinator who has done such an amazing job and put him in charge of WR’s too.

  22. The birds suck. Very little question there. Andy’s commentary, albeit inflammatory, does resonate. Nfl network’s coverage is inferior.

  23. Not a huge Desean Fan, but it was pretty obvious, if you watch the shot of Vince talking, Riley Cooper is sitting next to Desean behind a giant O-lineman. Vince wasn’t talking to Desean. He was talking to Cooper. You just couldn’t see Cooper in the shot. They showed a shot of Cooper and Young talking before the cut away, and when they cut back, the story was Desean was “zoning out.” He wan’t zoning out, he just wasn’t in the convo from the jump.

  24. I agree coverage was a joke the shot they took of young talking to riley cooper and NOT desean and they kept playing it back and talking about it all night was just annoying, soap opera’s are on during the day dont bring it to the games. NFLN games are a joke and very poorly broadcast, mayock is great but his partner is horrible. YES desean did quit on many routes but the shot of VY talking to cooper had nothing to do with Desean at all.. That game was annoying and by far the worst game cast I have ever seen with out a doubt..

  25. Maybe he was more upset that NFL Network televised that spanking to a nationwide audience.

    Maybe he should get some sleep. Working 20 hours a day can make you delusional.

  26. Coach needs to explained why he let 35 seconds tick off the clock just prior to Seattle kicking a difficult 49 yd field goal just prior to the half. As viewers will remember, Eagles then came up short and settled for ‘Hail Mary’ while ensuing drive started at 40 yd line–which by the way was just 1 yd from where the drive would have started had Seahawks missed on that tough 49 yd field goal.

    Down by 7-10 pts, a coach might want to leave himself the OPTION of getting aggressive at end of half if field position allows for it, not eating time outs while forcing offense just 16 seconds to work with. Shameful clock management at its absolute worse!

  27. So let me get this straight – the Eagles embarrass themselves and (should have) Reid and he proceeds to go home after the game and watch a 3 hour tivo of the game. And not only watch it but study the broadcast.


    is this part of the 22 hours a day he works?

  28. You know what would make this all go away?

    Shutting your mouth and winning.

    Reid is supposedly working all hours of the day…doing what? I could come in the building and coach for an hour a day and get beat soundly every week…

  29. This is what you get with too many big egos on one team. You think Andy would have learned about that with his time with T.O. I guess some people never learn.

  30. The subject of this article is why the Andy Reid era in Philly needs to end.

    If I was the coach of a 4-8 team the last thing I’m going to be worried about is how one of my players is being portrayed by the media.

    I understand a reporter probably asked him something along the lines of “What do you think about DeSean not talking to his team mates?”

    His response should have been “I don’t know what you saw on tv, but DeSean had his head in the game. I was busy coaching the game. And I don’t have time to watch the NFL replay. My team is 4-8, I need to concentrate on more important issues right now. Next question.”

    Instead he wants to throw a pity party for DeSean.

    Boo hoo.

  31. This reminds me of Randy Moss, in his last season with the Patriots. Jackson being a young man, he needs to get his act together quickly. This is an audition for other teams that are looking at him down the road.

  32. Andy Reid does everything for a reason. He talks players up when they really suck @ss, so that he can turn around later and get top dollar for them.

    DeSean Jackson will be gone at the end of this season. If the Eagles thought he was worth the money, they would have signed him a long time ago. I get the impression they feel that he has contributed all that he can or will up to this point and are not interested in paying him big money, so they will let him go.

    I have been an Eagles fan for 21 years. The day we drafted this kid was one of my most favorite moments as a fan. He was the only player in that year’s draft that I hoped we got, and we did. Now, seeing his behavior and effort, I wish we never did and I hope we let him go.

  33. I cannot believe some of the posts that are allowed on this board by the moderators. We don’t need comments about Andy Reid’s bedroom activity This is an NFL board not E Entertainment. What shame!

  34. He’s trying to deflect the attention from how badly they played last night to anything else he can think of…

  35. you eagles fans who are defending jackson ans reid are really living up to your rep aren’t you? they need to start offering reality pills in the delph..

  36. DeSean Jackson had character questions coming out of college which is why he fell to the 2nd round. No one ever questioned his talent.

    He had an immediate impact on the NFL with his talent. But just like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad “Johnson” Ochocinco, it’s easy to be a good guy and teammate when your winning. The true test of character comes when your losing. And all the above have failed that test.

    I half expect Jackson to say he “plays when he wants to play.”

  37. They kept saying that vince was talking to desean on the sideline but to me it seemed that vince was talking to cooper who was sitting next to desean.

  38. has anyone commenting played wide receiver before? sometimes plays are designed so that you are to run as fast as you can to clear one part of the field so another receiver running a route underneath is wide open to gain easy yards.

    it’s called being a decoy. it’s practiced. stop hating on desean cause you salty giants/dallas/redskins fans.

  39. How does Reid still have a job? How does he still have a weekly presser to be mad at the NFLN? Why not be mad at himself for having a toilet tissue soft front 7 on D, plus safeties that don’t tackle? Or be mad at himself for putting a guy like Castillo in a position where he can’t succeed.

    We gotta do a better job, the time is yours!

  40. And this is why his kids turned out to be such idiots.

    Daddy in denial and making excuses for them while they spin out of control.
    No difference.

  41. Also the people who want Reid fired doesn’t no football. How can you fire a coach based on a game with his backup QB?? You can’t.

    No, but you can fire him based on him appointing his Offensive Line Coach to be the Defensive Co-ordinator. Great move. Reid should be canned.

  42. I see, so the Eagles aren’t really a terrible team this season, they’re just being portrayed that way by the NFL and it’s television partners.

  43. you people just want to hate….give reid and jackson a break…we have all these monday morning QBs making comments,based on all the hall of fame knowledge that they have…im sure we all have a bad day at the office some times,its not the end of the world…..philly will be back…

  44. (Uh, but Young still has the option to go to Jackson if he wants.)

    Rosenthal, you should interview for a coaching job and quit this one.

  45. Andy Reid’s disconnect has just been officially confirmed! Jackson was pouting like a 3yr old last night. Good luck with getting paid brah! (You feelin’ that?)

  46. Andy, this season you keep on using the words all-in to describe D-Jax and our trying to win a Super Bowl. I do not think it means what you think it it means.

  47. Okay, all you Eagle/DeSean/Andy apologists, explain this:

    How do you justify DeSean all bright and perky and yakking it up while his teammate lay motionless on the ground with a potentially serious neck/head injury? Most players ON EITHER TEAM are going to grab a knee, say a silent prayer, or othewise show their respect. Instead, this self-centered POS is running off at the mouth, smiling, showing absolutely no concern for his teammate’s well-being.

    Did he duck/slide out of hits? Absolutely. Did he dog routes? Please… are you blind? Not only is he a sorry excuse for a teammate, he’s a sorry excuse for a man.

  48. It’s called Perspective, and it’s conspicuously absent from any conversation about the NFL these days.

    We want to build our heroes then we want to kill them, all on national television. It is the birth and death narrative that the media craves, and will stop at nothing to complete.

    How many times must we kick our athletes, spit on them, insult them and bury them? What are we gaining by doing this? We should be proud of their talent. We should support them.

    Instead we defile their names while they throw their bodies in a meat grinder to win the favor of a national media and fan base that honestly wouldn’t care if they broke their necks.

    All because you people think that television is real, that it tells the whole story.

    Sure it does.

  49. “But they eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”

    It doesn’t, but it can take an incomplete picture, crop a guy (Cooper) out of the scene, and slap whatever caption they want onto it.

    It’s obvious they were playing up Jackson’s contract drama for entertainment purposes. Jackson has ALWAYS done a half-hearted job when the play is designed for him to just clear his guy out. Is it lame? Yes. Is it new? No. The NFL network only focuses on it now because that’s one of the subplots they were working. Guys like Rosenthal didn’t catch that, but I thought it was kinda transparent…

  50. Andy was trying to take the pressure off his young player, that is what a GOOD coach does.

    Deflect it to himself.

  51. With spin like that, Reid should go into politics. Now I understand how his kids were so messed up…he never wanted to accept what was happening in front of his eyes.

  52. There are not enough qualified candidates for all the coaching vacancies that will occur this off season. Many teams will be worse off next season than they are this season.

  53. As far as Andy Reid goes…coach for 13 years…give me one area he has improved as a HC since that first season. Is he better at play calling? Clock Management? In Game Adjustments?? And DeSean, he deserves to be paid better than he is, but his teammates deserve him to show up and play or he shouldn’t have shown up and just held out of camp until the team did pay.

  54. every receiver on a 4-7 team dogs routes when they know they’re going 5-7 and the games not over yet

    it was all crap b/c the match up and game were terrible so THE MEDIA had to fill in….punks

  55. every receiver on a 4-7 team dogs routes when they know they’re going 5-7 and the games not over yet

    it was all crap b/c the match up and game were terrible so THE MEDIA had to fill in….punks

    You’re an Idiot. Lighten up Francis.

  56. I think it’s obvious that NFL network did make it up to look like Jackson was ignoring Young to play up the “Jackson doesn’t care anymore” drama (even though it’s prolly true he doesn’t care).

    But what do you expect Andy Reid to do in post-game comments? Say “Ya, Desean is a terrible teammate I can’t stand him, he ignores our QB an dogs routes.” Cause that’s gonna fix the team, right? Throwing you’re big-play guy under the bus?

    And remember: backup quarterback (who all you same people have been sayin in the past “sucked” and how Kafka is a better option, McCoy was banged up, Seattle actually has a pretty good defense (especially secondary), no Jeremy Maclin, and Riley Cooper has been dropping passes. Sooooo maybe you don’t all go off saying the Eagles are a terrible team based on Thursdays performance.

    That all being said: It does sicken me that at the end of this season Desean Jackson will prolly sign a bigger better contract than Matt Forte will, simply because some stupid team will think that Desean is more valuable because his big-play opportunity and punt return abilities. He’s fast, explosive, and a good receiver, but bad attitude always seems to prevail.

    P.S.: If Vick will be out a while….maybe we could see McNabb and TO back in Philly?? The NFL network would have a field day.

  57. I’m a lifelong eagles fan. I bought the hype this year and
    Expected great things.

    I was wrong. And the real problem is this: The eagles have no leadership on or off the field. Thats been true for a few years. They have had talented teams that quit or choked when it got tough. That comes from the top.

    As long as Reid and Vick are there the eagles will fail.

  58. Desean Jackson has always been a stupid, self-absorbed jerk. As an alumnus of the University of California, I wretched each time Jackson, who supposedly graduated from Berkeley, concealed his affiliation to Cal when he mentioned that he had attended some Southern California high school in the intros to games. Although he can be a talented receiver, he’s always been his best fan. His attitude disgusts me.

    Andy Reid seems to have lost control of this team. I have enjoyed watching his teams during the years, but this club seems to have mailed it in. I would point out to georgeonthemountain, however, that Reid was far more successful without Vick than he’s been with him.

  59. I agree Miguel. And the fact that Reid failed so completely with all the talent on this team is a further indictment of his abilitities and judgment. Now he defends jackson for phoning it in -great message Time to move on.

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