Bears give Earl Bennett four-year, $18 million extension


Three big games from Earl Bennett have spurred the Bears to lock him up for four more years.

Bennett, the receiver who missed five games this season but came alive as a big threat in the Bears’ passing game in Weeks 9-11, has agreed to a four-year extension through the 2015 season, the team has announced.

Since joining the Bears as a third-round pick in the 2008 NFL draft, Bennett has 118 catches for 1,554 yards and six touchdowns. He has a particularly good rapport with Jay Cutler, his former Vanderbilt teammate.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the total value of the deal is $18 million, including $9 million guaranteed.

40 responses to “Bears give Earl Bennett four-year, $18 million extension

  1. Good for him.

    Don’t know if many people out there know of his play, but he’s a solid WR.

    The guy knows how to catch the ball…and being Cutler’s favorite target helps as well.

  2. Very solid deal for both sides. Dependable, steady hands. Tough guy willing to go over the middle. Not a burner, but has enough speed that you have to respect it enough.

  3. Wow. Three big games gets Bennett a new contract. Three big years and DeSean is still waiting.

  4. The word on the street is it’s only a 4 GAME extension. Trust me. I’m a self righteous unemployed 22 year old post grad with my finger on the social media pulse.

  5. Guys…I hear you about Forte…

    But this is a drop in the bucket compared to what Forte wants. Forte wants more guaranteed up front than the entire 4 years of this Bennett deal…

    So it’s not a surprise to see this done before Forte.

  6. I can’t imagine Forte voluntarily playing for the Bears next year. What a slap in the face. If the Bears wanted to tie Bennet up, great…but what a P.R. disaster to do it and announce it before there is at least progress on the Forte front.

  7. Good for him. He’s a good player who just plays. Brings his lunch pale to work and does his thing. Well deserved.

    Some other players around the league could learn from this guy. He’s humble, has class and plays hard.

  8. If I were Forte, I’d be livid! The guy has four good games and he’s taken of. Forte has fifty-four good games and he’s still makin’ six figures! #WHERESTHELOVE

  9. They need to quit drinking that St. Patty’s day green water out of that river.

    They would rather pay a #2 WR that kind of money. Than pay a HB, I don’t know what Forte is asking top 10 money, maybe even top 5. I understand that the Bears are very tight with thier money.

    Why poke in Forte’s ribs though?

  10. The Green Bay Packers and wide receiver Jordy Nelson agreed to a three-year, $13.35 million contract extension earlier this season. Sure seems like a deal now! also James Jones got a three-year 9 million extension in the off season. I think both Jones and Nelson are better than Bennett and they are now both making less than him. If Jerry Angelo was smart he would have allocated the Bears money to sign their MVP Matt Forte instead of overpaying their mediocre receiving core.

  11. Forte not being paid is Forte’s and his agent’s fault. They offered him a very fair deal already. It will get done but it’s both sides faults that a deal hasn’t been reached. Lookin forward to seeing earl in that bears uni for 4 more Years

  12. ‘Just before the regular season, the Bears best offer to running back Matt Forte was believed to be worth about $6 million per year, with $13 to $14 million guaranteed.’

    6 million a year sounds pretty fair to me !

  13. Earlier this season the Green Bay Packers and wide receiver Jordy Nelson agreed to a three-year, $13.35 million contract extension.

    Hmm, Bennett or Nelson?…proving once again Ted Thompson’s mastery over Jerry Angelo.

  14. Good WR. He’d be #6 on the Packers depth chart though. With 3+ seasons, he’s only found the endzone 6 times?

  15. Dec 2, 2011 3:34 PM
    The Detroit Lions will get Forte in FA this summer.
    That who they should have lock up.


    If this is the case Soulman, then remember to tell Suh that Forte is now a teamate, and maybe Suh won’t stomp him in to the ground, and rip his helmet off.

  16. Forte has been offer almost $20M guaranteed and he turned it down so he’ll get tagged next year… why are so people so obsessed with turning this into a conspiracy theory?

    It’s life in the NFL.

  17. The Bears offered Forte either a 3 or 4 year deal at $6 million per year – with $15 million guaranteed. Forte turned it down. Cry me a freaking river. Let’s stop with the pay Forte nonsense.

  18. I just love how everyone thinks Forte should be paid whatever he requests. This is business folks. The Bears have paid huge contracts to Briggs, Urlacher and Peppers. The Bears say they made a very good offer to Forte and he or his agent have not disputed that. I have a feeling he wants to be the top paid back in the NFL. He has no leverage he can be franchised next year and if he doesnt show he gets fined. I think Jerry Angelo sucks at drafting players but I will say he has done pretty well with locking up good free agent players on the team.

  19. thsi is not really a big deal. im sure bennets contract is spread out and compared to what Fortes want sand will get its not even woth talking about. Still, by not doing anything they are just slapping Forte right in the face

  20. Wow. Three big games gets Bennett a new contract. Three big years and DeSean is still waiting.
    and the 1 year is really mattered, where is he?

  21. good, he deserves it. i knwo most people think forte diserves to get paid, but honestly he urned down a solid deal. and he hasnt exactly showed up the last three games, the lines been much improved, so guess its not just the line holding him back. m barber had a better game vs teh raiders, wish they used him more that sunday. but three picks and a close game,..

    its nto like they didnt offer him a decent deal. but maybe he understands his time in teh nfl wont be much cause of high usage? well ok, he does have that argument, but to get paid like a superstar you gotta play like it every game, and the last 3 games.. not so much….

    heres hoping he finishes off the year on a high note and gets paid, and plays consitantly throughout it.

  22. Everyone saying Forte will be gone next year isn’t very bright. The Bears can franchise tag him for the next two seasons. He ain’t going anywhere!!!!!!

    The man turned down a solid offer from the Bears. His fault!! Quit being greedy Matt!!!

  23. Sooo both Forte and Bennett got deal offers, but only one decided to take the offer…the other waiting on a franchise tag, and then another one until he becomes mediocre.

    Bears are all about business…plus front office is missing a couple screws.

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