Charles Haley cited for slapping a woman on the buttocks

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As former NFL defensive end Charles Haley moves closer to another opportunity to enter the Hall of Fame, his name is in the news for the wrong reasons.

According to the Associated Press, Haley has been issued a citation after allegedly slapping a woman on the buttocks during the Cowboys’ win over the Dolphins on Thanksgiving.  The police report claims that a third party corroborated the woman’s contention.

Haley, who won five Super Bowls with the 49ers and Cowboys during a 13-year career, faces no jail time for the incident.  He’ll either pay a fine or fight the matter in a court of law.

Though off-field incidents during or after a player’s NFL career technically aren’t considered when determining whether a player’s bronze bust will be displayed in Canton, the voters routinely are influenced by outside factors in close cases.  But for his reputation with the media and/or his choice of locker-room hobbies, Haley arguably already would have been inducted.

39 responses to “Charles Haley cited for slapping a woman on the buttocks

  1. The third part corroborator must have been a fat ol jealous stank a$$-h0 that wishes Charley would have slapped her boote instead.

  2. I watched Charles Haley perform for his whole career. He deserves to be in the HOF.

    I was not a fan of yours when you played because you always beat my teams. That whas when you showed what you were made of. When it was an important game on the line, you could count on Charles to come up with a monster game himself. He was always there.

    Congratulations to you Charles Haley. You should be in the HOF.

  3. At least he didn’t whip out Charles, Jr. for all to see like he did in 49er team meetings. Allegedly.

  4. I know I’m being totally and completely politically INcorrect, but really…a police report is filed because this woman was offended that Haley slapped her butt? Really? Yeah, it was “inappropriate”, but to file an actual police report is ludicrous. Maybe he thought she was a former teammate.

    Seriously, people today get too offended too easily over trivialities. Maybe she should have slapped him back and told him to knock it off. Aren’t we women supposed to be able to take care of ourselves these days?

    At least he didn’t hold a gun to her head and then fire a shot.

  5. gimme a break a police complaint for that? think they have WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS to deal with.
    someone just wants her 15 mins of fame,” like most of the rest”

  6. kyleortonsarm says:
    Dec 3, 2011 12:06 AM
    Well you know he isn’t a Pittsburgh Steeler because he didn’t slap her in the face.


    about the only thing worth reading on this non story.

  7. Man… That’s pretty disturbing. I’ve seen lots of stuff in locker rooms and while in the Army, but I can’t imagine anyone taking it that far. Repeatedly.
    How in hell did he get away with it?

    Never heard about any of that stuff. And boy am I glad…

  8. Is there a picture of the buttocks involved in this incident? I think we should be given all available information before we pass judgement.

  9. double standard. I don’t do it but have had my a55 smacked or grabbed many times by women and that is fine?

  10. Vigorous public masturbating and unwelcome booty whapping notwithstanding, Haley needs to wait AT LEAST as long as Richard Dent, who should have been first ballot.

  11. I miss the old days….you know when you could do stuff like or when you had old motor oil or an old car battery and you just threw it in the creek behind your house when you wanted to get rid of it.

  12. Well, if it’s any consolation…she just had done a really good job.

    …like a boss. ROFL

  13. There is no question that what Haley did was inappropriate and, in this day of political correctness and instant lawsuit, he should have known that. But c’mon, isn’t this something that could have been taken care of by the woman by telling Haley, in no uncertain terms, just that?

    Does every incident involving a former high-profile celebrity/athlete call for either an arrest, a citation or a story on a blog?

  14. I have one question for all you oh-so-hilarious guys that think this a non-issue, all about political correctness, etc. How would you feel if your daughter came home and told you that a very large, former NFL player slapped her a**? Would you chuckle at his manliness, shrug your shoulders in an aw-shucks manner and tell her to “just get over it”?

    I wouldn’t. But that’s just me.

  15. What Haley did was wrong but when I watch an internet video of Kim Kardashian punching her husband NBA player Kris Humphries. I see a double standard which needs to be corrected. Where are the charges against Kim Kardashian?

  16. Come on lady,its only your ass,everybodys got one,stop trying to turn yours into a goldmine,I bet men have been slapping it for years,poor men that is,not rich like Haley,now we wait to see how much you get in your future lawsuit.

  17. In the world of sports, a slap on the butt is commonplace and often a welcomed sign of approval. It’s a slap, not a grope. Lighten up lady. Confront him about it if you have a problem with it; don’t go to the cops and try to make it a legitimate incident.

  18. Charles Haley’s issues with mental health are well documented, and he has spent an abundance of his time in retirement getting treatment.

    I can say that here in Dallas, the perception of him has improved dramatically over the last few years. He is often on the Radio and T.V., and he at least appears to have stabilized. He has almost reached “local treasure” status.

    That said, if Haley would have been a third string back-up, he would have been escorted out of ANY NFL locker-room and committed. Those people NOW saying he was ill and did this and that should be ashamed. Did they speak up when he was a BEAST? Not as long as he was a dominant force. Of course he was ill, yes he did crazy things, but all OK as long as he was on the field.

    The HOF voters should not hold his illness against him. He wasn’t held accountable by the teams or ownership at the time, why hold it against him now?

    And this recent deal is ridiculous. Only someone with a motive would waste police time and resources with such a silly thing.

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