Kam Chancellor surprisingly not fined this week


Two weeks ago, Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor was fined $20,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin. One week ago, Chancellor was fined $40,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Rams tight end Lance Kendricks.

Amazingly, Chancellor didn’t learn his lesson and delivered another hit on a defenseless receiver — Washington’s Santana Moss — on Sunday. Even more amazingly, Chancellor wasn’t fined this time around.

A league source tells PFT that Chancellor escaped a fine this week.

We haven’t heard an explanation about why Chancellor’s hit on Moss — which sure looked like a violation of the league’s rules protecting defenseless receivers — didn’t draw a fine. But the lack of a fine adds even more confusion to the already confusing standards the NFL uses to decide who gets fined and who doesn’t.

For his part, Chancellor has said he’s not trying to take cheap shots and doesn’t think he needs to change the way he plays. For this week, at least, the league office agrees with him.

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  1. Why is this site so keen on supporting the sissified version of football that is ruining the game?

  2. .
    cuz that is worse than von miller spearing sanchez twice, one well after he threw the ball…. yet only gets 1 fine 0 penalties

  3. Chancellor isn’t the highest-paid player by any stretch of the imagination.

    Maybe the league decided it would risk violating minimum wage laws if they took any more of his money away.

    Chancellor did nothing fineworthy last night. Trent Cole, we’ll see about.

  4. I saw that hit, and it was definitely a hit on a defenseless receiver. That entire game was so poorly officiated for both sides in that game. Is it me, or has the officiating become worse? The NFL has so many rules concerning hits on players that I think the refs have no idea how to call a game anymore. We need to simplify this game to get consistent officiating.

  5. what are we hoping everybody gets fined every week?-if youre that uncomfortable with these young men making money quit supporting the nfl

  6. I seriously don’t understand the rule on defensless recievers. I know that it’s okay to touch the reciever, but are you allowed to hit him at all? Is it like in basketball where you can touch a guy going up for a dunk, but you can’t push him? What is the difference between a push and a hit on a defensless reciever. I understand all the other rules about pass interference and such, but I’ve never heard it explained what the secondary can leagally do to a defensless reciever. Just don’t hit too hard seems pretty arbetrary.

  7. Goodell hates defense..there can be no other explanation for Pats’ D Branch not being fined for dropping his head and spearing the defender near the end zone during their game while every week defenders get fined for legitimate hits?….In Goodell’s (chicken cht) world defenders are supposed to let the receivers catch the ball THEN pull the flag out off the receiver’s waistband.

  8. Chancellor led with his shoulder on this particular play. No foul was called nor would a penalty have been appropriate. Any contact with the receiver’s helmet was incidental to the bulk of the contact that was applied by a proper shoulder tackle.

    This site was immediately calling for a fine on this play after it occurred and obviously you need to review the rules. It might have been surprising to you that he was not fined but apparently the officials on the field and the league office didn’t find this too hard to determine.

    I agree that the league needs to clarigy its rules with regards to what is allowed to be done with receivers in defenseless positions. Leading with the shoulder and tucking one’s head (as Chancellor did to avoid a helmet to helmet hit) cannot be penalized. It is stupid to think that there will never be contact with helmets but it is the league’s intent to eliminate the incidents in which the defender leads with his helmet. Again, Chancellor did not lead with his helmet.

  9. I am suprised on that. Simular hits have netted fines of at least $20K. It is a clear helmet-to-helmet on a defensless reciever. Who knows anymore. **shrugs**

    BTW, The hit occured with 13:42 left in the 1st, if anyone is wanting to review the play.

  10. and, no fine for Jerome Simpson’s flop, that you wanted so badly for. Media doesn’t allows rule!!!

  11. Don’t try to use logic in determining who will get fined by the NFL & for what.

    Didn’t Suh get fined last year for pushing a guy down too hard?

  12. I noticed Frank Gore wasn’t fined either for his “Illegal” Chop Block on Bernard Pollard on Thanksgiving. Maybe Goodell should have fined Chilo Rachal for brushing Pollards back side.

  13. Um…because he did nothing illegal. It’s easy – Someone watched the tape back and realized the ref should’ve never thrown the flag.

  14. Kam is awesome. No penalties in last week! I honestly applaud you. No fines, and ya did an ok job against eagles. Your our starting stud in every seahawks fans eyes

  15. dstep24 says:Dec 2, 2011 7:33 PM

    Um…because he did nothing illegal. It’s easy – Someone watched the tape back and realized the ref should’ve never thrown the flag.


    Ummm maybe you should re-watch the tape, there was not even a flag thrown on the play.

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