Kevin Smith practices, Lions short two starters in secondary


The good news for the Lions is that running back Kevin Smith returned to practice Thursday on a limited basis.

The bad news is that he was limited in practice Thursday and didn’t do a lot during team drills at Friday’s session, according to  And Smith’s injury is only the tip of the iceberg for Detroit.

Lions safety Louis Delmas and cornerback Chris Houston both missed practice Friday for a third straight day. So Detroit will be without Ndamukong Suh and their two best players in the secondary. We’d argue the secondary injuries are a bigger issue than Suh’s suspension.

That’s a recipe for disaster heading to New Orleans.

13 responses to “Kevin Smith practices, Lions short two starters in secondary

  1. Yup – the secondary injuries are a big deal. Delmas is one the leaders of the defense, so his presence will be especially missed.

  2. I feel badly for the Lions fans who thought they had a shot at a solid run in the playoffs. My best bud is from Detroit. But this week will not be the end of the Lions free fall. At best they might get two more wins on the season. At least they’ve kept Stafford in one piece.

  3. Louis Delmas is the Roy Williams of the Lions defense. Everybody who watches the Lions remembers Roy signalling first down like it was a big deal when they were losing by 3 or 4 TDs and he hadn’t done anything all game. I’m tired of it. He needs to step up. He looked great his rookie year but since then he really hasn’t done much except get burned, then use his speed to come back and catch the guy from behind and then get in the guy’s face and talk about the great tackle he made afterward. I actually think Spievey is the better all-around player.

  4. So, it’s pretty much a certainty that Brees breaks a Marino record this weekend….most games with at least 350 yards passing. Good luck Lions, you’re gonna need it.

  5. I’m.more worried about the secondary than I am not having Suh. Lions have great depth at dt, not in the secondary. Bad time to play the saints.

  6. So is Alphonso smith ever going to play corner again? I mean he isnt Houston or delmas but he is better than Aaron berry. Over under on pi or holding penalty for berry on Colston I’ll set at 2

  7. Yep, the loss of Houston and Delmas is 100x more critical than not having Suh. The Lions are deep on the D line, especially at DT, but a secondary that has definitely outperformed expectations is only 1 deep. C’mon boys, dig deep!!!

  8. For sure the secondary injuries are a bigger issue than not having 90 on the line. Houston has been pretty awesome this year. Not sure if Aaron Berry/Alphonso Smith can really pick up that slack.

  9. The secondary is definitely a bigger issue.

    When the DBs were healthy, the Lions pretty much held Green Bay in check.

    When the DBs started getting hurt, and the Lions were down to WR Rashied Davis playing CB, Aaron Rodgers started looking all World again.

  10. Its a good time for Alphonso to show off the way he started last year, saints have a couple smaller guys he matches up good against

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