McClain’s lawyer asserts innocence

We have a not-so-surprising development in the case of Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain. His lawyer denies his client did anything wrong.

“Mr. McClain asserts his innocence. We are confident that Mr. McClain will be cleared of all charges,” said attorney Billy C. Burney said in a statement.

It will take a while for the legal system to decide if Burney is right. It’s unclear what will happen to the meantime.  The Raiders depend on McClain for a lot, and don’t have good depth behind him.

McClain has missed two games as a pro and he should miss another Sunday with an ankle injury. The Raiders gave 533 rushing yards in those two games.

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  1. There really is no depth at MLB, Blackstock is next and while he gives it his best, he sucks.

    Having said that, McClain has been playing almost the whole season with this ankle injury, he just doesn’t practice much.

    Same with Seymour and his knee.

  2. Well the alleged victim already changed the story (now he claims he was assaulted inside a house) so maybe the whole story about McClain pointing a gun at the victims head and shooting right next to him could be made up (sounds like a scene from the Godfather no?)

    Plus the victim didn’t want to press any charges until the next day probably when he figured out McClain was at the scene

  3. I keep saying that this guy is their MVP and play caller on defense and you have people saying they should cut or release him. What!?!! Go back and look at the Denver game. Pay attention to the LB’s and DE’s. It’s kind of funny. They were lost.

  4. Unfortunately as in all cases involving highly paid athletes, the exchange of money seems to adversely affect the victims memory of events.

  5. You keep saying he’s gonna miss the game but he came out against the Bears, wrapped his ankle and went back in.

    Hue said he was sure he’d be on the field.

  6. Translation: buying time so his client can finish the NFL season and collect those game checks.

  7. I keep saying that if the alleged victim really had any basis to his claims, then he wouldn’t need to embark on his current media blitz. He’d let the legal system handle it.

  8. You kidding? It was likely a standard Raiders issued handgun, probably even has his number stenciled on it.

    Oh and if his lawyer says he’s innocent they might as well just close the case.

  9. How do these guys always get the good defense lawyers that say they are innocent? I guess money can buy anything these days.

  10. Gee, I know it’s a terrible pain, but our criminal justice system does rely on the presumption of innocence. And it’s an attorney’s responsibility under the law to represent the best interest of his client … who, you know, might actually be innocent.

  11. He should be suspended for wearing that puney facemask that only RB’s and DB’s wear. A MLB in the NFL should not be wearing that.

  12. I have to wonder why Rolondo would miss this game. Did PFT watch the game last week? He hurt his ankle during the game, went to the locker room, came back out and finished the second half. Did he sprain it or something at his grandpa’s funeral or something. I’m confused.

  13. also thats the beauty of our country, you can say whatever you want , whenever you want, and anybody with money be it an individual or corporation (or coach, or presidential candidate), will be forced to haire an attorney to defend the allegation. Our system is set up to benefit the attorneys. I think anybody who makes claims, and has an attorney, the attorney should be responsible for “all” legal fees for both parties if it is deemed nonsense, and never happened. Until then , it is just cheaper to cut a 50 grand check and settle out of court.

  14. After the Raiders drafted him and he immediately asked for the playbook to study, I got so excited I bought his jerseys, both home and away! So I really want him to be innocent of all these charges and become the best player and person he can be, you know? I’m sure most of the Raider Nation feels the same way. But to be totally honest, a big part of me really wants to see him get slapped all sorts of silly for flashing a stupid smile like that while getting arrested and put in a police car! Thats a punk move right there Rolando and you SHOULD be above that….

  15. His lawyer denies his client did anything wrong.

    “Mr. McClain asserts his innocence. We are confident that Mr. McClain will be cleared of all charges once the money has been paid to the victim to erase his memory,”

  16. I don’t even want to get into the whole guilt vs. innocence thing.

    This young man, as all young men, has to understand the position he’s in. All to often athletes don’t realize they are “bait” for situations like this. It’s always someone/people in the crowd who think they can handle a “guy” because…. ” He don’t look like S*@t to me, I can take him”. Players of all sports, especially Pro Football players continually get caught in the trap and find themselves trying to prove their “bravado” in situations that will only hurt them either playing wise, legally and financially. When are these cats going to get it???

    Here’s where McClain is wrong: You had an incident earlier in your hometown. Pay your respects, get in and get out, really that simple. If you are not even at the scene of an incident, it’s really hard to get arrested. No alibi?? No one to step up and say…. “Rolando was with me, he was no where near that man”?????

    We are the thick of a playoff run and now this……..Geeezzzz. It’s hard enough getting through the season and making the playoffs, but when stuff like this happens, it undermines the whole program. We’ve been injured at practically every “major” position and the team has responded. McClain is playing dinged and I commend him for that, but this is just plain poor judgement.

    Don’t wanna hear that he’s only 23 and he’s young. That’s no excuse for not knowing how to handle yourself!!!! We really don’t need this right now!!!!

    Damn…………..I feel so much better now!!!!!!!

    Carry on………………………………………………

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