NFL will announce verdict of Suh’s appeal today

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Ndamukong Suh will know by the close of business today whether he has won the appeal of his two-game suspension.

The league office plans to announce by the end of the day what the verdict is on Suh’s appeal of the NFL’s discipline, which came for stomping on Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving.

The two-game suspension was the harshest punishment handed down for an on-field act since Albert Haynesworth got five games for stomping on Andre Gurode. There’s some sentiment that Suh could get the suspension reduced to one game.

The appeal hearing, which was presided over by Hall of Famer Art Shell, was held by phone on Thursday. Shell has final say on the result of the appeal.

46 responses to “NFL will announce verdict of Suh’s appeal today

  1. Dudes a dope. Plain and simple. Jared Allen, ware, Von , ray, p.willis – they’re all ballers but do it the right way

  2. It will be reduced to one game (Saints). Other violent offenses this year, including the groin kick, have occurred without fine or suspension. That will be enough to reduce the penalty.

    That being said, I hope Suh learns his lesson. 90% of the league hates him now, which is just fine with me.

  3. League is not allowed to increase the penalty. It’s called an appeal for a reason. Can’t wait to read more ridiculous vitriol after it’s reduced to a game.

  4. ok Suh, you think 2 games is harsh for stomping on another player, it’s been changed to 5 games – no pay. NEXT!

  5. The NFL is concerned about the effect suspensions have on competitive balance.

    The NFLPA is concerned about the precedent being set for player suspensions.

    My guess is that the suspension gets reduced to one game (taking into account the half game missed due to the ejection) and Suh misses the New Orleans game.

  6. It will be reduced to 1 game. Trent Cole should get 5. Walden (beating a woman on TG no less) and McLain (threatening with a handgun) should get an entire season and do time. Woodson (punch) and Robison (nut sack kick) should be retroactively suspended for 3 games since they actually hurt someone. Who the heck is running this league, the NHL?

  7. Do you think we’ll hear the basis for the appeal? It can’t be that he didn’t do it, or that it was misunderstood, or that he’s not been in this kind of trouble before, or that he immediately took responsibility for his actions and appologized.

    What else is there?

  8. Big Lions fan here. But I doubt this gets reduced and it probably shouldn’t be. This appeal had more to do with the Players Union then with Suh actually thinking he should have a smaller suspension.

  9. The suspension for the attempted stomp will be reduced to one game. Hard to argue that the so called stomp is worse than a knee to the gonads, which didn’t get a suspension by the way.

  10. Any reduction in his suspension will send the message that elite players can to some extent get away with completely unacceptable behavior.

    If we replaced Suh with some no-name undrafted free agent out of Northwest San Antonio State University, would that individual get a pass for dirty play? Not a chance.

  11. It will be reduced to 1 game but the wording will be “the league has decided to keep the 2 game suspension but credit Suh the Packer game (where he was ejected) as 1 game”. He will miss this weeks game vs. Saints.

    Love him or hate him, I just don’t see anything in this guy that tells me he will be able to control himself the next time he gets mad on the field. (and don’t think that teams won’t try to provoke him).

  12. NFL will be setting a terrible precident if they DON’T reduce the suspension…. lets see if they can get something right.

    Sorry, 2 games for this, ZERO games for hitting and going for a man’s member???

    No precedent and you MUST take into account the raping Suh was a victim of just before his actions….Perhaps if they keep Suh at 2 they should put that bum OL on a 1 game suspension as well. I’m just saying…

  13. You fools still don’t get it. A 2 game suspension used to be unprecedented, especially for a non injury. If the suspension stands it will be the new standard and you can bet in division offensive lineman will be instructed and enabled to get a rise out of guys like Harrison, Clark, Suggs, Scott and anyone else who’s been fined by the league. This is the beginning of another Goon era. You have no prior fines and a backup guard, go punch Harrison at the end of a play and see if he takes the bait.

  14. Roger Goodell encouraged Suh to appeal. That should tell everyone something about how the league really wants this media-inspired morality play to turn out. Game film shows Suh being mauled repeatedly by GB linemen on several plays prior to the incident, with no response from game officials. Between that and the fact that there was no injury to Dietrich-Smith, I’ll be surprised if the suspension is not reduced to one game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s reduced even further to time served, i.e. the game he was ejected from.

  15. I will be surprised if Art Shell does not reduce the suspension. A one game suspension (even the 2 gamer) will be a victory for Idumbagain Suh. He will not learn his lesson. Idumbagain should’ve been allowed into their practice facilities so that he could see and hear about it from his teammates.

  16. Like I said earlier, if this suspension sticks, then the NFL will have an awfully interesting decision to make on the Trent Cole – Russell Okung play from last night.

    Have to imagine there will be a reduction – not because it’s deserved, but because the NFL has already set a precent of letting so many other suspendable offenses go without players missing a game.

  17. The appeal process is over the phone, I can see it now….
    Shell-“Mr Suh, the verdict of your appeal is……oh wait my wife is on the other line…..”

  18. Lets go to the video tape. It doesn’t lie. Suh should have gotten at least 4 games. Then it could have been appealed down to 2. It needs to stay at 2. His history doesn’t help his case, either.

  19. Fines mean nothing to these guys who make as much money as they do. Either GREATLY increase the $$ so it makes a real impression, or suspend w/o pay.

  20. Hat’s off to the loyal Lions fans.
    You stand by your guys irregardless of facts or other trivial issues, like what might be best for Suh in the long run.

    But please do admit it, if this was a Packer-Bear-Viking who had behaved like this towards your team you’d be screaming for a life time suspension!

  21. Being suspended from the Lions is not a punishment. If anything, we should have added more games to his schedule.

  22. See this should not be blown out of proportion. Some players are beating up girlfriends or making people afraid for their lives before firing weapons in their vicinity. Compared to this, Suh’s actions don’t seem all that bad anymore.

    He lost his cool for a brief moment. Not saying it’s justified or OK to do what he did, but I’m not trying to hang him for it either. He was tossed from the game and will sit out at least one game. I don’t think he’s getting out of the entire suspension but it could be reduced.

    I was extremely disappointed with Suh in the light of his actions but once his suspension is served, he’s got a clean slate with me. The great players learn from their experiences.

  23. @Topher
    If you don’t understand the difference between the two you’ve never seen the Haynesworth video. Haynesworth bent down to assure Gurode’s helmet was off, toed him in the back of the head to get him to roll over and then while looking down Haynesworth deliberately raked his cleats across Gourde’s face giving him a gash on his face and forcing Gourde out of the game and for weeks due to the injury. If you can’t see the difference after that you are blinded by a huge bias against Suh.

  24. Forgotten in all of this was the massive amount of holding that the packers got away with on several of those plays – and just look at the Suh stomp play – the OL guy has him in a Bear hug. No call.

  25. I actually like Suh quite a bit. But what I saw was Suh actively smashing down the lineman so strongly his arms were quivering. Then when an opposing player pulled Suh away he wretched himself free and gave a stomp very similar to Haynesworth’s before walking away.

    Suh went back to the player to stomp after he smashed the player on the ground.

    I went back and watched both video’s and I don’t see a significant difference. Both players made a willful violent non-football act. Both players then willfully made a second, more violent non-football act.

    Haynesworth injured his guy, Suh did not. But had Suh hit that linemans upper arm with his stomp (which he barely missed) he very well could have gashed it or broken it.

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