“Operation Cold Turkey” ensnares former Dolphin


It’s been a bad week for Igor Olshansky.

Released by the Dolphins, Olshansky has now been captured by the police.

According to CBSMiami.com, Olshansky was one of 280 persons arrested as part of a Broward County drug crackdown, known as “Operation Cold Turkey.”

The police report states that Olshansky was found in his home, rolling a marijuana cigarette.  He allegedly had in his possession a bag containing 19 grams of pot.

Olshansky was charged with possession of marijuana.

83 responses to ““Operation Cold Turkey” ensnares former Dolphin

  1. Oh no not that EVIL weed. I’m sure glad the cops are arresting the big bad marijuana smokers instead of all those petty criminals like rapists,murderers and child molesters of the world. Way to go pat yourself on the back for a job well done, I can finally sleep at night.

  2. So glad the cops have nothing better to do than bust someone enjoying an easily-growable herb in their own home. These are your tax dollars at work, people. Do you feel any safer knowing this?

    It is way beyond time to legalize, and get police going after real criminals.

  3. As a masochistic Jets fan who is wearing a #10 Jets jersey and rolling a “doobie” right now let be the first to say:

    Welcome to the Jets Mr. Olshansky.

  4. I know that weed is illegal. I get it. But don’t local authorites have better things to do than clog up our already overburdened legal and judicial systems by busting folks for possession of small amounts of marijuana?

  5. Seriously? The Police have no better way to spend our tax dollars than to chase down a guy with a small amount of pot IN HIS OWN HOME?

  6. After reading the last part of the article linked it almost could be put to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas:

    “In addition to the 280 arrests, officers dismantled a grow house, recovered 15 weapons, and seized 2,000 Oxycodone pills, $35,000 in cash, an AK-47, and a sawed-off shotgun.”

    and a partridge in a pear tree.

  7. How about those Broward County cops, give them a hand! They’re earning those paychecks! I feel soooo much safer knowing that a guy that got caught rolling a joint is behind bars. Those marijuana smokers are a rough crowd!

  8. Wow, the man is in his home, not bothering anybody, smoking a joint.

    Tax payer money in action.

    Sad thing is, if they busted in there and there were 50 empty bottle of vodka rolling on the floor and he was halfway through another, that would be A-Okay.

    Bizarro world.

  9. BS!!! Why is weed still illegal??? A collosal waste of our tax dollars! Maybe he’s getting Glaucoma?

  10. Olshansky was busted for cannabis, but this was a multi-departmental operation that was cracking down on drugs, weapons, prostitution and a variety of other illegal activities.

  11. Less than an oz of weed? He’s in his house for goodness sake, not out on the streets selling it to kids in the community. Give the man a break, that drug is better than the ones physcians prescribed for ‘pain management’ which more often than not leads to a life of addiction. Ask former packer Mr. Jolly.

  12. The man just got cut, can you blame him for wanting to smoke a joint? Time for the federal government to wake up and listen to the voice of it’s citizens. Legalize marijuana, and it instantly creates a new multi-billion dollar industry, which sounds pretty good for the economy.

  13. Who is it?…….Who???…….Dave’s not here!!…..Classic….

    I’m guessing Igor is used to the Eugene cops turning the other cheek for that amount to not worry about. That must have been a sight to see.

    Seriously though, way to go Broward, another big scary criminal busted….

    Bad boys , bad boys, whatcha gonna do?…….

    Come back to the NW Igor, you’ll fit in with Anthony McCoy and LeRoy Hill on the Hawks…..

  14. PFTiswhatitis says:
    Dec 2, 2011 4:25 PM
    Seriously? The Police have no better way to spend our tax dollars than to chase down a guy with a small amount of pot IN HIS OWN HOME?

    I could care less if they legalize it or not, but what does “IN HIS OWN HOME” have to do with anything? If it’s illegal, it’s illegal no matter where you do it.

  15. First off, I hate Olshansky.

    But they just came into his house for what? Did he have warrants?

    This story doesn’t seem full, since when do cops just barge in without reasonable cause? (dont answer that)

    Dude was enjoying a joint in the privacy of his own home.

    Get the hell outta here with this BS.

  16. I’d be embarrassed if I was that PD and wouldn’t even report it in the news. Raided the house for 2/3 of an ounce? But they said 19 grams to make it sound like it was a lot. I’d feel stupid if I was that team that raided the house and found that…”We raided the house for less than an ounce!?!? We’ll calculate it in grams to make it sound big!” Bunch of dummies!

  17. 19 grams?! not even an ounce?

    wasting thousands of dollars in police manpower to arrest 280 people for less than an ounce!

    no wonder our govt is losing so much money

  18. Maybe most of you don’t realize that (by far) most of the weed in the USA actually comes from another country – so that makes your “recreational” drug is not so recreational for a plethora of ppl abroad.

    Whike at home, one might think he may only risk his own life, he actually probably has condemned lives elsewhere before.

    Action – reaction is global.

  19. Holy crap! Put the weed that is killing your brain cells down and learn to read. He was one of 280 people arrested in a large operation. The investigation involved more than just Marijuana. Drug dealers, drugs, and guns off the streets aren’t a big deal. I guess I see your point. Come on man! Oh and all you morons talking about “your tax dollars” did you ever consider that the police pay taxes too. You’re not the only one in the world that pays taxes. Wake up people.

  20. Weed should be legal. I”m not saying everyone should use it all the time, but if alcohol is legal, weed should be.

  21. How was he “found in his home”? Sounds pretty disturbing.

    I think it’s pretty stupid and waste of resources to go after marijuana users, but I hope there was some controlled buy/warrant to search his home, and he wasn’t just “found” rolling marijuana. If so, that should be reported.

  22. This will teach him! How dare he smoke a small amount of weed in his house! Doesn’t he know the dangers of weed! He could sit on the couch and eat potato chips for an hour! We can’t have that!

    Thank you cops for arresting this menace to society. I for one will be able to sleep better now.

  23. And this, ladies and gents, is how cops and feds justify their ridiculously huge budgets while managing to have absolutely no effect on the availability of drugs on the streets what.so.ever.

    But they DID get $35k to split between them and a couple cool guns to keep.

    We have too much government and way, way, waaay too many cops. Without Political Correctness half as many cops could stop crime nearly altogether almost overnight.

    And we all know it.

  24. It will never be legal in the U.S.A. because of the power of the pharmaceutical companies who have politicians and other high level government employees on the pay roll.
    Tylenol and other pain killer companies would take a huge hit if one could grow their own pain killers in their back yard. These would also not be able to be taxed which would be an additional hit to the government.
    Yes the ones who are supposed to help you when you are not well are exploiting you and the government who is supposed to be doing what is best for their people are getting handouts.
    Additionally I would make a strong argument for pain killers being far worse for your body both short and long term.
    It would be legal in Canada if not for these same pharmaceutical companies pressuring the governments.
    The government use religious groups to condemn marijuana (which is natural and put on Earth by god for those of you who are religious).
    The truth is far too many people are manipulated by all governments. 1st world countries just hide it better.

  25. Marajuana has far more uses than just pain relief however abusing it can still cause serious harm (although not as much as alcohol which is legal and taxed like crazy).
    I am not a hippy nor do I smoke it but it should 100% be legal.
    Why should a person smoking marajuana be punished and a corporate leader involved in insider trade whose greed indirectly ruins lives and swallows honest peoples life savings from stocks (Nortel is 1 example of many) get away scott free?
    Oh wait I think 2 or 3 people got a small sentence.
    What a joke!

  26. Kill him! Kill him! Break his fingers!Miami can let out a big sigh of relief that this pot-smoking monster has been exposed, and that the streets are safe again!!!…………………NOT. All the drugs in that town and they go after someone who is smoking pot in his OWN HOME? For his OWN personal use? Methinks Igor must have ticked off someone………..Anyone want to move down south?

  27. $37.6 billion this year alone, and counting…

    That’s a lot of tax dollars (which are taken by force) being pissed away.

  28. All weed smokers are rapists and serial killers. It screw up your head, you lose brain cells and weed is just bad for you.

    Ahhhhh just kidding. I just smoked a blunt a few minutes ago and it was delicious.

    Gotta love the po-po wasting the taxpayer’s money.

  29. @exlnce1

    “Drug dealers, drugs, and guns off the streets aren’t a big deal. I guess I see your point.”

    If you want to get drug dealers off the street and reduce drug-related crime, then LEGALIZE DRUGS. As it turns out, drug dealers only profit off drugs BECAUSE THEY’RE ILLEGAL. Duh. I don’t see any drug dealers selling tobacco on street corners. People don’t kill each other over stuff they can readily buy in a convenience store.

    I’m not forced to run to the local drug dealer when I get a headache, because aspirin isn’t illegal. However, if I want a high that is safer and less toxic than alcohol, I have no other choice. That’s just stupid.

  30. @mvmss

    “Maybe most of you don’t realize that (by far) most of the weed in the USA actually comes from another country”

    That’s not true. Less than half the weed sold comes from outside the country, and of that, MOST of it comes from Canada and Mexico.

  31. i love it. the 2 posts under this article by pea-brain cops stick out like sore thumbs. Why do most cops lack the ability to think critically? I swear to god, if the profession of law enforcement didn’t exist, all these people would die off as natural selection runs its course. Cops are great people, but they are some of the dumbest people on the planet. They only see things in black and white, and if they didn’t have someone to tell them what was right and wrong in this world, they would be completely rudderless and confused.

    Hey, Olshansky broke the law; arrest him; make his life more difficult than it needs to be. Yeah, what he was doing was harmeless. Who cares; its against the law. Arrest his @ss. Dumb cops. They don’t think. They just do their job.

  32. The sad part is the cops thought this was such an important operation that they went and gave it a corny nickname.

    Although I personally dont smoke the stuff, its harmless. Prisons are overcrowded and states are broke. I dont know why they bother people with this stuff. Should be a fine like soliciting a prostitute.

  33. “mvmss says: Dec 2, 2011 6:01 PM

    Maybe most of you don’t realize that (by far) most of the weed in the USA actually comes from another country – so that makes your “recreational” drug is not so recreational for a plethora of ppl abroad.

    While at home, one might think he may only risk his own life, he actually probably has condemned lives elsewhere before.

    Action – reaction is global.”

    So legalize it. Let users grow their own stash, and not only do you free up countless tax dollars wasted every year, but your 3rd world country victims are no longer in the picture.

  34. My idiot brother-in-law rails against the evils of weed then goes out and gets loaded on booze. His record for arrests for fighting and assorted other mayhem is extensive. He also smokes two packs a day. These are the fools who still believe MJ is bad for you.

  35. Big OP! Congrats to the Miami Police for preventing a rich athlete from using drugs in the privacy of his own home.

    This is dumb. We’d prefer if players were using kidney destroying, addictive opiates for pain, or to relax, I suppose.

  36. The Drug War fuels the police state. Very profitable for the powers that be. Excuse for the cops to monitor minorities. Pot will never be legal.

    A good lawyer will get the charges thrown out. Money greases the system.

    I need a bong hit.

  37. Meanwhile over 100,000 people die in the USA each year from properly prescribed and heavily advertised prescription drugs from Big Pharma as they control and pay off the FDA to approve them. Go figure.

  38. What’s the scariest thing about all this is that the constitution is held in such little regard that in the privacy of his own home the popo bust in like he’s Dillinger for what, if I remember from my youth, is about a dime bag of weed. When the constitution was written, George Washington, the guy who’s face is on the dollar bill, grew and smoked marijuana. His diary in the library of congress sais so, in his own words. Jefferson also indulged. But a raid? Seriously? He should be able to sue them for damages to his right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. He was at HOME!!!!!!!!

  39. Didn’t even have a full ounce of weed. And how exactly do you get “found” rolling a joint in your home. Were the cops looking through the windows?

  40. Guys, guys, guys, calm down!

    Of the 280 people, Olshansky was by far the one you might be most likely to have heard of.

    What’s worse, Olshansky isn’t even that popular a player, which is why PFT decided not to even put his name on this article tagline on the main page!

    Some media outlets are only going to report the “Igor 2/3 of an once” story because it’s the one most likely to generate hits and comments. I’m sure at least a handful of the other 280 people that were traced from an internal network were worth the time and effort to track down.

  41. And let’s take it easy on the cop-hating. Do you honestly think that a policeman is more interested in busting Igor for his handful of joints than busting murderers?

    The fact of the matter is, sociopaths, pedophiles, and most isolated murderers (that is, the non gangbanging kind) don’t have intricate networks of contacts, illegal transactions, unregistered weaponry, or territories that the operate in.

    Like it or not, law enforcement isn’t law creation. Police departments can’t choose not to enforce laws because they are controversial in their benefit to society. Marijuana isn’t ALWAYS a fairtytale, innocent victim of the American legal system, if you believe for one second that someone, somewhere can make more money by shipping weed AND other hard drugs (I’m not arguing that pot is a gateway, just that for distribution purposes, it’d be easier for dealers to make themselves one-stop shop, the WalMart of illegal drugs). It’s their job to break up illegal drug networks, regardless of “how” illegal and dangerous a drug is…

    Direct your frustration towards legal sentencing of guys that cops are mandated to at least pick up (Urban cops have no interest in picking up people for possession, it’s a PAIN IN THE REAR for them). Suburban courts that will throw people in jail for possession are where to direct your anger, not police departments that only have so much say in the matter

  42. How was he “found” in his home rolling a blunt?
    How’d they get into his home to “find” him?
    Was 5-0 routinely patrolling his living room?
    What a joke.
    No donut for you….

  43. “The war on drugs is funded by the tobacco and alcohol commissions. You see, it’s not WHAT drugs you’re strung out on they really care about…so much as WHOSE.” ~~ Todd Snider

  44. These are, without a doubt, the most enlightened comments on a PFT page. Someday, our government will find better things to do than bust people for less than an ounce of pot. Even people who don’t play football.

  45. It is a good thing he didn’t have a hand gun sitting next to him on a table, for home protection. That surely would have been justification to shoot him 50 times or so.

    Hey Uncle Sam! Get the F%@k outta my house!!! And outta my life! Go do something constructive, like rebuild a country we just destroyed. Why not print some more money while your at it, since you have no clue how much you have to begin with.

  46. Man, weed heads are a bunch of whiny bitches. It’s illegal, life goes on. I’d arrest his worthless ass too, illegal means illegal where I’m from. Start fighting for Things that matter and will change your life for the better. A guy could fill a bucket with all the tears from the messages.

  47. First of all, I want to completely agree with almost every comment so far regarding the legalization of bud. Matter of fact, I’m about to burn some of the devil’s lettuce myself right now. However, I fear that in the outrage caused by someone being arrested for a minimal amount of bud; some of you might have missed an important possibility. Cops RARELY, if ever, execute a search warrant on a citizen who is only suspected to be in possession of marijuana. Most likely this dude was involved with some painkiller business and the cops only found bud when they executed the warrant. Given the nature of the painkiller culture in the NFL (and other pro sports), its unfortunately not suprising that he could possibly be caught up in something like that.

  48. Now us Charger fans have an explanation of why Igor disappeared his last year playing for San Diego.

    I’ve never met a dude who smoked the dope who was a “go-getter.”

  49. “illegal means illegal where I’m from.”

    I guess you’ve never heard of the term “jury nullification”, huh? Did you know that part of a jury’s duty is to evaluate both the evidence AND the law in question? And if the jury thinks it’s a bad law, they’re SUPPOSED to render a verdict of “not guilty” whether the evidence shows them to be guilty or not. It’s a process which allows citizens to nullify bad laws. You know, keep government in check? Any of these ideas ever cross your mind?

    When it’s costing taxpayers almost $40 billion a year, it’s pretty stupid to defend it by saying “it’s illegal so therefore it’s illegal”. Never mind clogging prisons with nonviolent offenders who shouldn’t be there and creating an entire black market for drugs with the accompanying violent crime… yeah, screw being smart, illegal is illegal. Why bother thinking when you can just be told what to do?

  50. So he was sitting in his home, bothering no one, rolling a joint with less than an ounce of weed–and he got arrested.

    Welcome to America. “Land of the Free”. A nation with a higher percentage of it’s citizens incarcerated than any other civilized nation on earth. The notion that we live in a free country is one of the biggest illusions in the world.

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