The Thom Brennaman/Tim Tebow reunion

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The headline comes from the unprecedented shift of an NFL game on Sunday afternoon from CBS to FOX.  The subtitle comes from a reunion of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the man who ridiculously gushed about him nearly three years ago.

Yes, Thom Brennaman is calling the Broncos-Vikings game for FOX.

For those of you have forgotten (or who have successfully been able to force out of your minds) Brennaman’s fawning over Tebow in the BCS national title game, the highlights are available at YouTube.

So set your TiVos for the looming Tebow love-fest.  And when FOX cuts to the booth, look to see if Brian Billick has a barf bag.

25 responses to “The Thom Brennaman/Tim Tebow reunion

  1. Every single person in the world would be a better human being if they just spent 15 minutes with Tim Tebow. Wait, let me rephrase that … that was obsurd. They would just need to spend one minute with him and it would change all of their lives for the better. He is such an amazing young man.

    Thom has had better days.

  2. Thom has passed the torch to Sportscenter. IF Tebow is traded to the Eagles or Cowboys the world may explode.

  3. Let’s give NFL Marketing a LOT of credit. They clearly took “Televangelist 101” and are now ready to milk these people of every dime they have. From Swaggert to Baker to Robertson, they have all proven that this audience is ripe for the fleecing. The NFL heard the cash register ringing and jumped on board. If the NFL didn’t have such good lawyers, I would start making Tebow shirts and sell them myself.

  4. Except, everything that Brennaman said was either factual or an opinion that is hard to argue, especially this, which I don’t know how anybody could disagree with: “He is much more accomplished off the field than on the field.”

    So, what’s the complaint about what Brennaman said? Don’t get me wrong, I’m atheist and thinks Tebow’s beliefs are laughable and divisive, not to mention is couldn’t be the backup on most NFL teams. But I respect Brennaman and can’t figure out what he said that is untrue or over the top.

  5. As a giant Reds fan, and someone with little to zero interest in college football, I wish Thom would stick with only broadcasting NCAA football.

  6. Maybe someday soon a player who is muslim will have a good game or make a great play on the field, then turn towards mecca, get on his knees, and start praying in a traditional fashion. Then he could talk about how great allah’s gifts to him are in a post-game interview.

    Maybe then we can start to really talk about why people who aren’t bible-thumping born-again fundamentalist christian evangelists don’t care for the way Tebow carries himself.

  7. Everyone who watched that game knows the exact time and place when they got annoyed with Tebow-worship. Me: at my uncle’s house, when Brenneman praised Tebow for getting a personal foul

  8. “ridiculously gushed”
    Writer meant……
    recognition given

  9. Here’s the deal about it all from my perspective…

    It’s wonderful about Tebow’s mother, and the story of the abortion, and their missionary work, and the great person Tebow is. There are some good aspects to organized religion – the selflessness. But, whatever the religion, the fanaticism is at fault, and Plummer is 100% right – keep it to yourself, religion is meant to be a personal thing.

    Imagine a top-tier QB was a practicing Satanist, and wanted to praise Beelzebub in post-game interviews. He’d be told to shut up by political forces in the NFL and above it. Imagine a Muslim was a top-tier QB and wanted to praise Allah after a TD by getting on all fours to Mecca, let alone on week 1 the 9/11 remembrance day.

    There are a number of Muslims who play(ed) NFL and they’ve never been vocal/public like Tebow and others. I would guess they’d been told not to.

    What the NFL needs is a franchise QB who is a Satanist, one who is a Muslim, one who is a Scientologist, one who is an Atheist, one who is a Buddhist, and all of them as rabid as Tebow/etc in their pre and post-game praising and on-field celebration theatrics….then all this would be put into proper perspective of how inappropriate it is.

  10. If Fox could somehow get Brennaman and Gary Danielson paired for the game, the broadcast booth would be like a 1970’s New York City peep show.

  11. No worse than Dierdorf constant praise for Roethlissberger. At least Brennaman doesn’t gush on non-Tebow games he’s announcing- unlike Dierdorf that brings up PigBen at the drop of a hat.

  12. Here’s my Tebow rant: I think he’s a great person and a fine football player. The thing that turns me off is the whole issue being beaten to death by the media and its deification of him. Overexposure can make a good thing obnoxious

  13. Don’t quite get it with some of you people – on any give Sunday you’ll sit through 30 times more Beer and bonar medicine commercials than God references and the God references offend you? Wow.

  14. Can’t argue with that, packattack.

    I am very private when it comes to matters of religion, so I think I’d be a little bothered if my son grew up to be as effusively evangelistic as Tebow. It sometimes comes across as insincere or contrived.

    However, I’d be more bothered if my son grew up to be a bullying, shoulder-stomping, psychopath.

    I vote Tebow.

  15. Most serious NFL fans will celebrate the day that Tebow is ‘old news’ & no longer in the NFL …..

    It’ll happen sooner rather than later …..

  16. “Which would you rather your kid grow up to be like, Tim Tebow or Ndamukong Suh?”

    Neither. I would like him to respect other people’s right to practice, or not, their religion anyway they choose and not force his religion into their face and I would like him to play his chosen sport fairly. Much like most elections, I bet if you offered “none of the above” as a choice, it would win in a landslide.

  17. I heard when they ran into each other Tebow went to give Thom a high-five, but missed wildly.

  18. Haha! hilarious article I can already picture Brian Billick sick to his stomach hearing about this bromance!

  19. You can complain about the overexposure, but if you’ve got a problem with Tim Tebow as a person, it says more about you than it does about him. The kid has spent equal parts of his life playing football and being charitable. On the football field, he’s successful and tough. Off of it, he’s humble and gracious.

    Most of the players you people seem to idolize think of fans as idiots that they can’t wait to be rid of. Tebow spends every free minute trying to make the world a better place for other people — whether they’re fans or not. He associates that with his religion because he’s grown up in a missionary family. For all the talk about people doing horrible things in the name of religion, Tebow consistently does great things in the name of religion. And you hate him for it, anyway.

    Here’s to hoping you can find some joy in your life.

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