Frank Gore 22 yards from becoming 49ers’ all-time leading rusher


Sam Francisco in San Francisco, the most loyal caller to PFT Live, hates him.  But Sam is going to have to tolerate seeing his name in the 49ers record books well into the future.

Running back Frank Gore needs 22 yards to become the franchise’s all-time leading rusher.  When that happens, he’ll eclipse the late Joe Perry, who retired in 1963 with 7,344 yards.

Frank’s a stud,” offensive coordinator Greg Roman said, per the Associated Press.  “We love Frank.  He never changes.  Every day he comes in, he’s all about football, all about the team.  He likes it rough.  He likes to run up in there and break tackles and run through tackles.  He’s got great vision, quickness. He’s probably aware of [the record] in the back of his mind, but I think he is more focused on the real task, which is finding a way to beat the Rams.”

Gore definitely is aware of the record.

“That would be real big,” Gore said.  “It would be a blessing to do it in front of our fans who have been here with us and behind us.  We can get there and we can do it this Sunday, and I’ll celebrate a little if we do.”

It’s safe to say Sam Francisco won’t.

27 responses to “Frank Gore 22 yards from becoming 49ers’ all-time leading rusher

  1. How can a 49ers fan hate Frank Gore? Sam Francisco is an idiot, Frank’s been the only consistent player on offense San Francisco has had over the last couple of years.

  2. You 49’er fans better not get too caught up in being 9-2 & a lock for the playoffs ……

    Your offense gained a paltry 170 yards & managed a pitiful 2 FGs against the Ravens …… Gore gained a ‘whopping’ 39 yards in 14 carries ….

    In order to be an elite team you have to beat the good teams …. All the playoff teams will have winning records & be a stiffer test than anything the 49’ers have faced all season …… I’m not sure the 49’ers are good enough ….. One & done sounds about right ……..

  3. The Ravens D has made many offenses look bad,that’s no knock on the 49ers. They had 2 days really to get ready for one of the most diverse, shifting fronts in football. Frank is all class and I hope he smashes that record this week and gets a standing O for it. Ravens fan here,but I like the way Frank and this year’s 49ers are playing. Now just go beat up on them Steelers in a few weeks!

  4. Who the hell cares what Sam Francisco thinks? Who is that anyway? Useless.

    Nobody deserves this more than Frank. Five Yard Frank has been the one bright spot on many bad teams (unless you want to give a punter credit – Andy Lee MVP! I chanted that a lot during the real bad times). He always runs hard for us. Five Yard Frank is the man!

    Niners won’t be 1 and done in January, but that’s what’s great about football…we’re gonna find out. NFC Championship game here we come! I am going to Lambeau if it happens; I hope some of you do the same. Could be historic…or an expansive disappointment, but I have to see Lambeau once in my lifetime. Niners are going to shock the world!

  5. @woodyg

    Idk why you would throw stats around after that game

    The Ravens offense gained a paltry 161 yds threw the air (Alex 140) and Rice’s whopping 22car 59yd game………..Just to remind you it was a smash mouth football game just like everyone expected, very low scoring 16-6. It’s amazing how you trolls can spin things the way you want to see them.

  6. Love Frank Gore. Imagine where his career numbers would be if not for the injuries. Disappointed this year that play calling has pretty much eliminated him from the passing game. When was the last time we saw a screen? At all this year even? We’ve been seeing more shots down the field, which is fine, but that’s not this team strength. Anyway, congrats to Frank when he gets the record. I love past 9er RBs, Perry, Craig, Watters, but Frank is my all time fave. Go Niners!!

  7. Woodyg don’t forget all those yards Ray Rice racked up on the Seahawks and Jaguars earlier in the season..oh wait I’m sorry the Ravens lost both games and Rice did absolutely nothing. To be elite you gotta beat the bad teams too buddy. I’m not a 9ers fan wither, but like how far they’ve come along this season. Their D and run game is good enough to carry them pretty far regardless of their loss to the “elite” lmao Ravens.

  8. “finsfan4life says:
    Dec 3, 2011 5:10 PM
    Nobody produces running back like the U”

    Unfair advantage, players from Miami DO have lots of practice running from the law after all….

  9. always liked Gore. you never hear much about him from the media (east coast sports networks).

    Elite RB

  10. For anyone in here to talk trash bout the niners right now is just straight jealous. That bum above that made the comment about niners 1 and done in the playoffs is a hater. We got the saecond best record in the league. Whatch what the niners do this sunday frank gore is going to have an epic day harbaugh is going to make sure of it.

  11. @nineroutsider

    I live in Green Bay and yes, you have to get to Lambeau. After the renovation, the place is amazing. Curly’s Pub is a bit pricey($9 bucks for baked mac and cheese!! lol) but the food is very good!

    Rest assured that if the Niners and Packers face off here, I’ll be there!

    Go Niners!!

  12. Yeah I don’t see how any 49ers or even any NFL fan can dislike Gore. Gore keeps his head an his mouth shut and does his job “running/scoring” great. If Gore was with a better overall team he could be the best RB in the game today, same with Steven Jackson. We get all this talk Bout Chris Johnson being the best or AP “but I can agree with AP..point is Gore and Jackson get way over looked.

  13. @ woodyg – I agree you can really toss up stats from the Ravens vs 49ers game trying to make the 49ers and Gore bad. It’s not like the Ravens did much either. Also over the whole season Flacco is pretty crappy. Also Gore has more rushing yards so far this season 909 to Rice 722. Also Flacco and Smith both have 13 passing TD’s but the funny stat is Flacco has 3 more INT’s. So really based in season stats up to this point, the Ravens suck compared to San Fran.

  14. @woodyg

    Just like a hater, there is credit being given to a hell of a player and perrenial locker room leader and you got to throw in with cracks at the team. 9-2 record wasn’t achieved by accident, mistake, luck or any other stretch of the imagination. 9-2 wasn’t gained in one night on one game. They did by being the best team on the field 9 out of 11 games. Now shut it down and give Frank credit, you can always hate on monday…..

  15. Niners have had one of toughest schedules in the league through this point. It gets easy the rest of the way, but they won all the games they were expexted to and a lot they weren’t…….on the road on the east coast and against plus .500 teams ie cincy, detroit.

  16. Frank Gore is such a boss. His only problem (which isn’t a real problem) is that he’s such a hard worker he played to the point of injury all the time. He never wanted to come off the field. Now that be takes plays off hes healthy all year. And I’m not a niners hater I just like to give niners fans crap. I have many boys who are niners fans and they hate on the raiders all day. It’s how we do in Chico California! Which is where the best qb alive is from……

  17. Someone tell Sam Francisco he’s an idiot, how could you not like Frank Gore, the dude was a draft steal because he was behind Portis and McGahee at the U and had knee problems, the guy worked his ass off and made sure that he would get his chance, and when he did he stole the show, Congrats to the future hall of famer

  18. You 49’er fans are starting to sound & act like Lion fans …… Arrogant & over confident in your team with still 5 to play before the playoffs …..

    I happen to appreciate Gore ….. He’s actually too good for the bay area …… Just say’in …… When your team can only muster 2 FGs in a game (the opposition is insignificant) ……. It has to make you at least abit concerned that maybe that’s all you’ll be able to muster up in game 1 of the playoffs …… Your opposition in game one will be watching film of the Raven loss & the upcoming Steeler loss …… That’s the way the game is played ……. You must know this …..

  19. @woodyG

    you do realise that the 49ers played that game on 3 days rest after flying cross country right? They also still held their own against a good football team on the road. Now the Ravens are a very good team and they beat the niners that day. Ok. Fine. I will be very interested in the outcome if the two should play again in Indy on a neutral field. I am sure that opposing teams in the AFC will be watching film of that Jax and Sea Loss. Just sayin.. I love hearing haters talk about the arrogance of niner fans. I dont see arrogance in fans of a 9-2 football team that hasnt been good in 8 years, and have only lost to 2 playoff teams during the year (Dal/Balt) being excited foor their team. If you want to see arrogance, review some of your own posts.

  20. Also. This day is about Frank Gore and his accomplishments. I am very happy for him that he will get to set the record at home. The dude is a warrior!! Go Frank!!

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