Rex Grossman: There’s a 3-5% chance we make a run


As we heard from Santana Moss this week on PFT Live, Rex Grossman’s teammates have a lot of faith in their quarterback.

Grossman, in turn, has a lot of faith in his teammates. He hasn’t given up hope on this Redskins season just yet.

“You know, we’ve got about a 3, 4, 5 percent chance of getting on a run and something good happening at the end, so we’re all just out here trying to enjoy ourselves, put on a show for the fans and win,” Grossman said this week on ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb Show via DC Sportsbog.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Gottlieb compared the Redskins to MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals.  Grossman admitted that the Redskins were an even longer shot to win a title, but Grossman remains confident his team could have fulfilled his NFC East title predictions.

“There’s a couple games that very easily we could have, maybe should have won. We’re talking about two games against the Cowboys that we probably could have or should have won. We beat the Cowboys twice, which we very easily could have, we’re leading the division,” Grossman said.

Grossman has become an easy mark for jokes, but he’s quietly played well the last three weeks. He’ll make about one head-scratching throw per game, but he hasn’t been Washington’s problem since he took back over at starter.

Who knows? Maybe the Redskins will make a run.  We’ll give them roughly a 3% percent chance too.

37 responses to “Rex Grossman: There’s a 3-5% chance we make a run

  1. With the way the Bears, Giants, and Lions are playing it is possible, assuming they win out.

    Unfortunately, they’ve got NYJ, NE, @NYG, MIN, @PHI. If only they had made a few Field Goals against Dallas…

  2. 3-5% cahnce? So there’s a 95-97% chance you sit home for the playoffs again? What a putz. Grossman sucks and so does his percentages. 3-5% hahahah. Grossman’s been a Joke from the start.

  3. He is just trying to motivate his team. Teams that finish the season strong set up the next season. But with games still against New England, the Jets this weekend, the Giants, the Eagles and Minnesota, I think its possible they could win 3 of those games, and end with a 7-9 mark. Thats not that bad to be honost heading into next season. Now as a Skins fan i must acknowledge i used the work COULD, which, as Rex mentioned, doesnt mean anything. We COULD lose all those games as well, which many would say is more likely…

  4. Steelerbear78 says: Dec 3, 2011 10:34 AM

    3-5% cahnce? So there’s a 95-97% chance you sit home for the playoffs again? What a putz. Grossman sucks and so does his percentages. 3-5% hahahah. Grossman’s been a Joke from the start.

    As far as i can tell his percentages check out but your spelling does. Your comment has been a joke from the start. A little heads up, the steelers might want to work on beating the ravens if they want to get anywhere.

  5. Looking back now you have to wonder where the Skins might be in the standings had they not benched Rex after that Philly game. Beck totally handcuffed the offense, and while Rex is no world beater he’s shown he can do some good things in this offense.

  6. I think the run starts today…first of three losses…to the Jets, Patriots and Giants…Shanahan is gone after the season and so is Rex…

  7. Rex has honestly been the bright spot for Washington. It’s not his fault that he has not gotten any help. Grossman isn’t the problem in Washington, I think he has shown that he could be a solid starter.. but that probably won’t matter much after the end of the year.

  8. They were projected to go something like 4-12, so this season hasn’t been a total wash.

    Yeah, they likely won’t win out, but you guys are bashing him for wanting to win games and holding onto hope. I’d rather have that than a QB who rolls over and dies when they’re still not mathematically eliminated.

  9. He does have a point. Skins should have beaten the Cowboys both times, and they would be leading the division.

    2 weeks ago, Gano’s FG in OT missed by 2 feet.

    Week 3, Gano missed another, Cowboys completed that 3rd and 21 to keep the game alive, and Matt Bryant went 6 for 6 in an 18-16 victory.

    Skins aren’t a good team but that doesn’t make Rex wrong. It speaks more to how bad the NFC East is this year.

    Although, I continue to hope that they lose and that RGIII is our 1st round pick next year and Rex can become the backup.

    RGIII, the addition of a #1 WR (Bowe, VJax?), interior o-lineman in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, emergence of Hankerson, Moss in the slot, Armstrong, a healthy Hightower, Helu, and Torain…. this offense could be top 10 next year.

  10. It’s cool to see a QB like Grossman take a positive approach to the end of a bad season. This is next season to him already. True leader right there I don’t care what anyone says about him. Niners fan here btw so don’t think this is coming from a crazy skins fan

  11. Who cares about the chances. As long as the “great” Shanahan got to make another point by publicly humiliating a player…record be damned. Such a class act. No wonder Snyder hired him.

  12. Crazy skins fan here. That said – we are a LONG way from a top 10 offense. Compare dallas’ offense to ours – position by position – they are better in all 11 places. The only advantage we have on giants and eagles on offense would be tight end – and then only if cooley comes back at 100% and has a career resurgence. Fred davis is gifted but can’t run block and runs the wrong route a lot. Our defense will be decent to good (2 healthy safeties will pay great dividends) and our offense will be improved. But we still have a long way to go.

  13. I couldn’t resist, lol….

    Lloyd: What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me… ending up together?
    Mary: Well, Lloyd, that’s difficult to say. I mean, we don’t really…
    Lloyd: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to see you, Mary. The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?
    Mary: Not good.
    Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
    Mary: I’d say more like one out of a million.
    Lloyd: So you’re telling me there’s a chance… *YEAH!*

  14. Before the season started grossman claimed redskins would win the East. How come I want given the odds at that point?

  15. Interesting that Rex is still wildly optimistic, even more so than he was preseason. Football Outsiders has them at a 0.2% chance to make the playoffs, so Rex is off by an order of magnitude on how much chance they have right now.

    But he can keep hoping.

  16. I don’t want a run… I want a replacement via the 2012 NFL Draft… Keep throwing Pickles Rex, we’ll get there. Mediocre gets you nothing.

  17. As a redskin fan i have admired his leadership this year. I agree where would they stand if rex had never gotten benched. I have gained a lot of respect for him this year. He has pretty decent numbers outside of the interceptions and outside of the philly game every game he started we had a chance to win. He isn’t as horrible as people say he is. I have seen him make some great plays and can say he is the reason the offense is having some success. Yes, he still makes that bone headed throw or 2 a game but hes a gun slinger and takes chances. Now by no means am I saying hes the future but he is a guy i’d love to keep around to help mentore a young QB and be his back up.

  18. And I give Rex a 0% chance of being the Skins QB in 2012.

    Man, we need to clean this thing up and start playing like we need LUCK!

  19. Shaddddap, all you haters. Last year a 7-9 team went to the playoffs. What the heck is he supposed to say, as a competitor and guy who’s getting paid to perform? 100% Every play every game no matter what!!!

  20. Please….these guys also could have lost some of the games they won. They will be lucky to win one more game the rest of the way…Eagles maybe?
    Grossman needs a serious check-up from the neck-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @blackqbwhiterb – has nothing to do with hate moron….he needs to say things which everyone knows aren’t possible and are just ridiculous. But, HE is a tool so he cannot do that!

  22. Most here that bash rex for saying what he’s supposed to say, couldn’t throw a golf ball farther then my 2 year old daughter.
    Yes we would have a better chance if he wasn’t benched, and we should of beat Dallas twice.
    I’m sure there is games we won that could of lost, but that goes for almost every team…
    I can think of 4 for Dallas, Wash X2, 49ers, and Miami.

  23. @hoopjack – most teams aren’t as pathetically and terminally hopeless as the Redskins!!!!!!!Only an idiot would say they have a shot…..any shot…because it simply isn’t within the realm of possibility

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