Vikings could owe McNabb $1.17 million

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Since the Vikings cut quarterback Donovan McNabb on a Thursday, they owe him a paycheck for Week 13.  Since no team claimed McNabb on waivers, the Vikings possibly owe McNabb four more paychecks.

Under the labor deal, a player with four or more seasons of service is entitled once in his career to receive termination pay, if he’s released during an NFL season.  For vested veterans on a team’s Week One roster, the amount of the pay equates to the balance of the base salary.

For McNabb, that’s $1.17 million.  Even if he signs with another team as a free agent, he’s entitled to the $1.17 million.

But McNabb has to ask for it in order to get it.  And that raises the question of whether he should ask for the money.  The Vikings granted his request to be released when they could have kept him around for the rest of the season, forcing him to work for the money.  He surely believed he’d be claimed on waivers, which would have allowed the Vikings to avoid any further financial obligation.

On one hand, McNabb has every right to the money.  On the other hand, he got what he wanted — should he really ask for more?

I’m leaning toward concluding that he should take the money.  Feel free to offer up your own views in the comments.


40 responses to “Vikings could owe McNabb $1.17 million

  1. Nothing personal, it’s just business. Take the money McNabb. Owners always demand a lot from underpaid players like D. Jackson and P. Hillis without a new contract. If one of those players were to get injured guess what it’s not their problem anymore. Tables have turned do what they would do.

  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Vikings made some sort of deal with him. That if they granted his requested release, he wouldn’t ask for the money.

    That said, McNabb will probably need the money. Those are are the last NFL checks he will ever get.

  3. I agree it is just business nothing personal. But Donovan should think like this. If he was doing the Vikings a favor to let him go and some how he had to give them money back from his contract. You know the Vikings would ask for it so you have to act the same way.

  4. The Vikings placed a bet they could save $1.17 million by waiving Donovan and they lost the bet. They don’t get to retrieve the chips from the middle of the table.

    If Donovan is humble enough, maybe he could catch on with a team now as a back-up at a much lower salary for the balance of the year and work hard at learning a new system and work out with intensity and prove something and position himself for an opportunity next year.

    I wouldn’t mind if Donovan re-habilitated himself and did work on his ball-in-the-dirt mechanics and got a chance someplace else. Humility is a healer.

  5. This is one case where the player holds the hammer. If under contract, the only leverage the player has is to hold out. In this case, it’s up to the player whether or not to ask for the money. Would any sane person leave 1.17 mil on the table? When they are contractually entitled to the cash? This is the NFL, not Fantasy Island.

  6. McNabb and Peyton Manning are sure making a lot of money for not doing jack this season. And I’m sure many of us who comment here are working our asses off just to have enough $$ to get a ticket in the nosebleed section of the stadium. Something’s not right when guys are getting paid this kind of money for doing nothing.

  7. While I understand that there is a difference. I kinda look at it like unemployment. Donovan asked for his release – IOW he quit. Kinda hard to collect once you walk away. If the Vikes just cut him to cut him – that’s different but Donovan asked to leave – to not work there.

    I’d have a hard time asking for the money.

  8. I guarantee this was discussed prior to his release…The Vikings had to be prepared for the fact he might not get picked up in waivers…They probably made him sign a waiver something to the effect that if they waive him he wouldn’t go after the last few paychecks if he wasn’t picked up.

  9. Heck no, he shouldn’t ask for the termination pay. I don’t believe there’s any difference between asking to be released and quitting. Donovan took a gamble and thought there would be demand for him. It’s his fault, not the Vikings.

  10. McNabb has been a classy guy his whole career. It sure wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he doesn’t ask for it. Just because he got the release he wanted. And i’m sure he wanted that release to maybe lead a potential playoff team, or maybe get picked up to join a playoff team just as a backup. He’s a classy guy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t ask for it. But yet, because of his “exit” and the way he has handled things, i wouldn’t be surprised if the vikings already cut him a check yesterday afternoon since nobody claimed him.

    I wasn’t a “fan” of Donovan as a player. Thought he was done a few years ago. But as a person, he’s a good guy. I hope he hangs them up now, and goes out without wearing out his welcome with teams. I don’t want to see him do, what Brett did. I love the ’09 season he had with the Vikings. But, i wish he would have stayed with GB and backed up Rodgers for 2 years, and retired. The “sexting” and injuries he sustained the past few years could have been avoided, and he would have went out and retired a legend. Plus, If he would have backed up Rodgers a few years, there’s no telling how many rings he could have retired with. 1 that he earned, and how many by being a good teammate and helping out the guy that’s taking your job.

  11. As Primetime would say “Pay the man.” I dont care much for McNabb, but he did a lot for Philly in his time there, just didnt win the big one. I think he’s done. Anyways the Raiders have their QB. I still wouldnt be surprised.

  12. All’s fair in love, war, and (these days) business. If 5 is entitled under the CBA to the money, he should ask for it. If the Vikes didn’t address this with him before granting his release, the team has no cause to complain. They know (or should know) the rules.

    Whether Donovan does is another question…. 😉

  13. Of course he should take the money. He asked to be released but the Vikings did not have to honor his request. They had no obligation to do so. He cleared waivers, they can bring him back if they have an issue with it.

    As far as McNabb, for whatever reason he has lost his desire to play football. His heart is just not in it, so hopefully he does not attempt a comeback.

  14. An old boss of mine once told me when I was debating whether to include something to my expense report or not. He said, “Always include everything. The company has way more money than you do.”

  15. He has not earned it and therefore is not be entitled to it for that very simple reason….Right vs. Wrong 101. However, the NFL players have a union contract in place that contractually allows him to get it….so he will be paid 1.17 million he is entirely non-deservant of. That’s what unions do.

  16. I’m reminded of advice from my parents long ago: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

  17. no way he can take that money when he didn’t even earn the money they’ve already given him. if he takes the money, I hope its worth karmas backlash.

  18. Take the money!!! In a world in which business has no loyalty to workers, take the money!!

    He is entitled to it. If Mini didn’t address this issue with him before releasing him, they owe it. Plain and simple. Even though he asked for his release, the team surely considered the pros and cons off doing so. If someone claims him, they owe him nothing from his contract. If no one claims him, they owe him $1.17M. They lost the bet!! Pay the man. And his performance is not relevant. WhenAA company hires u, they do so based on expected performance. If u don’t perform, they fire u. But, they still have to pay u for the time u were employed.

    A classy organization would have already issued the check and not make him ask for it. And this is from a McNabb hater!!!

  19. This Vikings fan feels no remorse. Serves you right. You owe him money AND you don’t have your 6th round pick anymore. Remember this is the guy that the team thought had less value than Tyler Thigpen.
    Spielman, Frazier, and Zygi have some serious soul searching to do this winter. I’ll just sit here and not buy your team’s merchandise until you figure yourselves out.

  20. The money is McNabb’s. If I ask someone to co-sign a loan for me and I default, they don’t get out of the debt just because I was the one that asked for a favor. Never feel bad about taking money from your employer that you’re contractually obligated to.

    That said, it would be a nice gesture to donate half to Minnesota charities as someone else said.

  21. assuming it is ok with the union agreement, sure he could waive any claim on the $1.17M.

    if so, and he did, if the team got it in writing, sure, the $ could be walked away from.

    that’s a lot of ifs.

    otherwise they were foolish enough to sign him and should pay upon request. unless of course they want to pull an al davis, refuse to pay, and ask him to show cause. that could get interesting.

  22. I think it is becoming very clear that McNabb had average ability, and super human athletic ability. The athletic ability allowed him to be “sloppy” with his mechanics, or use his legs to cover his short comings. Couple that with the fact the Jim Johnson is one of the all time greats when it comes to defense, and you can see why he was so successful. Now that he is older, he no longer has that athletic ability to cover his short comings, and he looks pathetic out there. I was always one of the guys that thought McNabb was under appreciated, but now I think I was wr..wr…wr…incorrect

  23. I hoping Donny asks for the loot. Anything that can set this bunch of losers back a notch is great with me. Maybe that 1.17 million would be just enough to kill the stadium deal and this craptastic hoopde team moves to LA. Then maybe we can get a team in this division that deserves to play in the same division with the Champs and Da Bears.

  24. This brings to mind another player….. Peyton. If the Colts terminate Peyton’s contract at the end of the year because he’s unable to perform, is he entitled to his termination pay as well? His contract is substantially larger than Donovan’s.

    Another question going with this; does the “termination pay” count against the cap?

  25. toad8572 says:
    Dec 3, 2011 1:09 PM
    I’m reminded of advice from my parents long ago: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”
    toad – very sound advice. Your parents and mine were probably from the same generation; the morals from which have passed away as have both my parents. Compared to what has gone (and is still going on) in Washington and in the Financial Markets in New York, the $1.7 mil Donovan is owed by contract is nothing, peanuts, compared to what has been pocketed by the slick ones in those 2 towns.

  26. I understand how the rule works. However, if you “ask” to be released you shouldn’t get the money. If he does ask for it and gets it, you can bet this rule will be changed in the next agreement.

  27. I’m sure the Vikings and McNabb talked about this when the release happened…. if the Vikes didn’t mention it, they could care less about the 1.7

  28. Take the money & run …… Although McNabb is probably done as an NFL player, he still has a few decades of his life to live ….. Might as well make it as comfortable as possible ……

  29. It’s great entertainment reading comments from people who obviously make less than 40K (if they even have a job), comment about how McNabb should handle his finances.

    It’s up there with commenting about how you would spend 100 million dollars if you won the lottery.

    Keep dreaming.

  30. gb4mn0 says:
    Dec 3, 2011 3:42 PM
    I hoping Donny asks for the loot. Anything that can set this bunch of losers back a notch is great with me. Maybe that 1.17 million would be just enough to kill the stadium deal and this craptastic hoopde team moves to LA. Then maybe we can get a team in this division that deserves to play in the same division with the Champs and Da Bears.
    Get a life Guy……you must really be bored and hate your life since you have to comment on every Vikings article. You Sir are a HORRIBLE football fan……wanting a divsional rival to leave…..I want you to leave. Sconi must suck.

  31. jeffw says:
    Dec 3, 2011 12:55 PM
    An old boss of mine once told me when I was debating whether to include something to my expense report or not. He said, “Always include everything. The company has way more money than you do.”
    Nice ethics, that guy. If someone has more than you, it’s ok to steal from them.Hope he understands if someday, though it was promised to him he would never be downsized, that he’s downsized just the same….with no severance pay.

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