Absent “signs of improvement,” Raheem could get run out of Tampa

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Of the coaches who are potentially on the hot seat, Raheem Morris of the Bucs continues to be one of the most controversial.  Plenty of people think he’s safe, even though he’s under contract for only one more year, which forces the Bucs to decide whether to extend his deal, to let him coach as a lame duck, or to move on.

The Bucs could be moving on.

Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune reports that, absent “signs of improvement,” Morris could be out.

With Gruden’s buyout now completed and with Morris on the low end of the coaching salary structure, it wouldn’t be all that expensive to make a change.

Hurting Morris is a perception that he doesn’t command respect/fear in the locker room.  The players call him “Rah,” and the recent thumb injury to Josh Freeman at a shooting range will do nothing to change the notion that Morris doesn’t sufficiently control the locker room.

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  1. So, the youngest coach with the youngest team & smallest payroll is the fall-guy……I guess he can’t fire the G.M. and CHEAP GLAZER Family

  2. Crazy, as a panthers fan, I thought getting rid of Gruden was kind of stupid. But they were 3-13 in 2009, 10-6 last year, they may be 4-7 now but somewhere they have to realize that Winslow, Freeman, Blount and Mike Williams can’t do it all. They got rid of the best player on their defense in the offseason IMO in Ruud, especially in a signal caller sense.

  3. This team does not spend money, they are tremendously young and they had a 10-6 record last season… nearly making the playoffs. Give him another year and see how things go next season. What’s the rush?

  4. Morris only got hired because the Glazers thought he was another Tomlin but they were wrong. You can watch Morris make dumb coaching moves every game. With a young team you need an experienced coach. He is not the right coach for this team.

  5. You guys keep harping on Freeman’s “gun incident”, but he was at a firing range and it was an accident. How does that reflect at all on Morris? If anything, it reflects on the firing range and the range safety officer.

    It’s not like he held a gun to the head of someone in Alabama. Should we be calling for Hue Jackson’s job?

  6. But he was such The Darling last year….LOL.
    I think you give the guy another year. He’s shown leadership, the players seem to want to play for him, he’s young and will continue to get better with his own experience and as he gets to further understand this young team. I think he should get a third year. After next year, that should be considered as a body of work that he should be judged on.

  7. look… tampa was 4-0 against the nfc worst in 2010. +48 point differential.

    and 6-6 against the rest of the sked… -25 point differential.

    tampa wasnt a “good” team in 2010. they were 1-4 against teams with winning records, the only win a week 17 game the saints didnt need. they did split with the afc north.

    this year they drew the afc south (1-2 and -27, jax coming) and nfc north (1-3 and -18).

    tampa is 4-7 and -92 (implies they arent really up to 4-7). against winningteams to date they are 2-7. sure the schedule is tougher. maybe yer team simply isnt up to snuff and yer coaching isnt either. only 2 future opponents have winning records now, and one may not need a win in week 17…

    tamps is following the path of the ’90s lions. when they played against weak skeds or weak divisions for a year, they won 9-10 games. when they didnt, they won 4-6 games.

    i bet tampa wins 5 games this year.

  8. Trade for Nangrypyscho Sueh and you have a Dream DL. Big Albert will teach Sueh how to play smash head football and Nangrypsycho Sueh will teach Big Albert how to drive cars.

  9. Attention next coach of the Bucs – one bad season, and you’re GONE! Now, who is lining up for the job?

  10. Hmm, a relatively young black man that appeals to the younger crowd, coming into a horrible situation and replacing an ineffective leader (yet one with an inexplicably fanatic following). Deck stacked against him from the start, with nothing he does good enough for the fanboys in denial and automatically the fall guy even if someone else is responsible.


  11. I am a season ticket holder for the Bucs. I’ve been there through good times and bad. Raheem Morris doesn’t even deserve to finish out the year. Unfortunately, this far into the season, the point would be moot.

    The Bucs are as ill prepared and undisciplined, as any Bucs team I have seen since the 70’s. And the 70’s were monumentally bad. This is a reflection on it’s head coach. Mr. buddy buddy Rah. Apart from two home victories, against division foes who we know all too well, I’ve had the privilege of watching our defense get dominated early by teams that had us beat before the coin toss. They were well prepared with a game plan. The hapless Colts even jumped on us early, and we barely escaped with a victory.

    Raheem Morris got promoted from D-coordinator to head coach without ever serving one moment on the sideline as a D-coordintor. We are 30th in defense this year, 29th against the run. 2010 We were sixth against the pass, but that is only because we were 27th against the run, and teams ran all over us. They didn’t have to pass. To Josh Freeman’s credit, he brought us back from the brink, to make the 2010 campaign look like we were a team on the rise. It was smoke and mirrors. Our schedule was one of the easiest in football. 2009, coach Rah’s first year, we were 27th in total defense, and 32nd against the run. Where are the signs of life? Time to clean house. It is sad that the Glazers are too cheap to take on a QUALIFIED HEAD COACH.

  12. I agree with firing Rah. He has no idea what he is doing as evidenced by the undisciplined BS we see every week. Everyone says that the team wants to play for Rah but it sure isn’t showing on the field. It seems to me that the Glazers would want to hire someone like Cowher because it would instantly fill the seats. Oh, wait a minute, that would require spending money on the Bucs and we all know that isn’t going to happen.

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