An Indy test-drive for Tressel makes sense

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In the item identifying the potential coaching candidates for 2012, a category was overlooked:  Former college coaches who have never coached at the NFL level in any capacity other than to tell the head coach when to throw the challenge flag.

And there’s only one coach who ever has occupied that category:  Jim Tressel.

Here’s a theory that I’ve mentioned a time or two on PFT Live, and that also was included during the most recent episode of NBC SportsTalk.  Once the Colts have “clinched” the Andrew Luck pick, the Colts will be more inclined to fire coach Jim Caldwell in the hopes of nudging the team away from its 0-16 path and/or creating the impression that the team is actually trying to win.

Of the various coaches employed by the team, the coach who isn’t actually coaching is the most intriguing name.

Why not give Tressel an audition?  His misdeeds in Columbus seem trivial in relation to ongoing scandals at Penn State and Syracuse.  If Tressel can finagle a win or two after being thrust into the job, he should be given consideration for the job in 2012.

All he’d need is a royal blue sweater vest.

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24 responses to “An Indy test-drive for Tressel makes sense

  1. Haven’t the Colts already locked up Luck?

    They have a two game “lead” – which means they fully control their destiny and can actually “afford” to win 1 game this season and no one can still “catch” them.

    If ever a team “controlled its destiny” it would be the Colts who seem to have little problem finding ways to lose when they need to.

    Now it’s all about not embarrassing Goodell by trying to make it appear that they’re actually upset about coming in last, so as to avoid Roger’s ire (and the other owners should a draft lottery be considered to stop this sort of thing in the future.)

  2. “His misdeeds in Columbus seem trivial in relation to ongoing scandals at Penn State and Syracuse.”

    Seriously. The guy was vilified for TattooGate, and it’s a matter of people losing all perspective. Tressel, a college quarterback with something of a mathematician’s approach to coaching, would likely click with Peyton Manning (and Andrew Luck, for that matter).

    Just don’t allow The Vest to call his own plays on offense or hire Jim Bollman his not-so-offensive coordinator from Buckeye days.

  3. Mr. Khan! Take a look at Tressel before you have to look across the field at him beating us for many more years to come. This guy is a steady dude and is a winner and seems not to come unglued during big games. Forget about tats and poor college kids. Ask for permission now.

  4. It only works if you tell Tressel he can’t have anything to do with the offense. He’s not even allowed to watch the game when the offense has the ball.

  5. Very frustrating when Tressel’s problems at OSU are trivialized because of what happened at PSU.

    No doubt, the sandusky scandal is reprehensible, disgusting, sad and a million other words, none of which condone what anyone at PSU did or did not do.

    Let’s remember a few things — sandusky was a RETIRED coach, and had absolutely nothing to do with the current program, players or staff. NOTHING.

    Paterno was not accused of protecting anyone. He used terrible judgment by not following up, but he reported the situation as he was required to do by state law and university policy.

    Tressel was actively involved in covering up violations by his players. He lied about them. He protected them. He was working with others to cover up the problem all the while his public face was saying he had no idea what was going on.

    Finally, lets remember that Tressel was NOT squeaky clean when he left Youngstown. There were investigations into his actions there.

    All of this is not to minimize the PSU mess. But let’s not canonize Tressel because what he did was less agregious than what happened at psu.

  6. who says paterno didnt protect anyone?

    he sure protected joe paterno as long as he could.

    and by extension, a lot of heinous activity and sandusky.

    nice try saying you arent minimizing it, as you try to minimize it.

  7. The Colts should be fined or stripped of the no. 1 pick for the blatant, transparent tanking this season. Peyton Manning is a legend of the game but one player alone didn’t make Indy a force for a decade and even a good team recently.

    They are an embarrassment to the word competition. A losing record I can see but losing every game and just when, oh, Luck is available.


  8. @mjay424 –

    I have to agree. The Colts have had chances to pick up players that could have helped them at least get a winning attitude back.

    Hope it never comes to this but the lottery concept the NBA uses might be an idea (brought up before in this forum).

    Or, if you end the season with zero wins the highest pick you can get is #2 (your penalty idea). All the tie breakers determine the rest.

  9. Colts should be stripped? ??? Ridiculous!! U probably haven’t even watched any of their games n just assuming they are tanking…wrong!!!! This is a qb driven league.u cant score..u will lose..look at jags,chiefs,Cards etc..indy is playing ..they’re just being out coached n painter, collins. And or-loss-ky just sucks! !!

  10. Once the Colts have “clinched” the Andrew Luck pick, the Colts will be more inclined to fire coach Jim Caldwell in the hopes of nudging the team away from its 0-16 path and/or creating the impression that the team is actually trying to win.

    OR……they could fire Caldwell simply because he’s a sucky coach.

    Tressel is a certified weasel.

    The problem the Colts have with getting a coach is that Napolian will only get somebody who is non-threatening, malleable to his domination, and is totally submissive to his dictatorship. In other words, Napolian wants a milk-toast puppet. That’s what Tony Dungy was and that’s what Caldwell is. The Colts were able to get away with it with Dungy basically because the team was winning ….due of course to Peyton Manning. Without Manning, Dungy would never ever ever ever have been anywhere near as successful. Napolian caught lightning in a bottle with Manning and was able to cover up a whole bunch of inadequacies because of it. You can only catch lightning in a bottle once and now with Manning moving into retirement in the near future, those inadequacies will become exposed. Another wimpy coach will just add to them. BUT….that’s exactly what Napolian will look for.

  11. For those of you who want to compare, don’t! What happened at Syracuse and Penn State is despicable, period. However, Tressel remains a liar, liar, liar, liar, period. Do you get that yet?

  12. thetooloftools says:
    Dec 4, 2011 10:30 AM
    All kidding and clowning aside… I think Jim Tressel would make a very good pro coach. His players somehow want to kick (|) for this guy.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- is this (|) supposed to be an @ss or a girls vajj? just curious….

  13. @commander,
    I went to Penn State and agree with you. If Paterno did the right thing in 1998 and/or 2002, then a lot of kids would have been protected.

    Give Tressel a shot. But Indy should be investigated for throwing the season.

  14. Mataug, Dungy was a cover-2 guy, not an offensive wizard. But good coaches adapt.

    Case in reverse was Billick and his great Vikings O, but winning a Super Bowl with Ray Lewis and the Ravens D.

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