Brian Price’s agent criticizes Raheem Morris


Raheem Morris kicked his own player Brian Price out of Sunday’s game after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Price apparently lost his cool, then Morris lost his composure during the game and after. Price’s agent took aim at Morris after the game and made some good points.

“[Brian] regrets the untimeliness and the foolish nature of the penalty, but if that pentalty was on first down, would the coach have thrown him out of the game?” Chuck Price (no relation) told Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times. “For a kid who’s probably never had an unsportsmanlike penalty? He’s a guy who has played through some enormous challenges.

“He spent six days in a (walking) boot last week. It’s that same fight and attitude that probably [prompted the Buc]  to say, ‘I’m sorry you just got out of a boot, but go ahead and play football for us.’ I know Brian personally had to be disappointed because I know how he loves playing for Raheem. He’s made statements like he wouldn’t want to play for anyone else.”

Morris has the right to discipline his team, but he has to be careful to be consistent. He can’t suddenly change the way he coaches or his team might tune him out.

Here’s Morris saying that “f—” yeah he threw Price out fter the game:

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18 responses to “Brian Price’s agent criticizes Raheem Morris

  1. maybe the lawyer should….”put on a jersey. you think you’re tuff? put a jersey on….” Warren Sapp

  2. I imagine with all the unsportsmanlike penalties the Bucs were getting, Raheem drew a line in the sand (finally) with a zero tolerance policy on those types of penalties. And Price was the first victim.

  3. I liked Raheem, but he should be fired…Price has put his health on the line, he battles game in and game out…he fights his ass off…Morris is out matched, he allows the Talib to do whatever his dumb ass wants…But decides to drop the hammer (publicly) on a good young kid…I’m tired of him and Olsen…I’d give a kidney for Jeff Fisher to come and build this…we have a bunch of good young talent with no direction

  4. Price was stupid but Morris was stupider. You can’t send every player home for every penality. May be Morris is trying to show his boss his ‘toughness’ .

  5. Nobody cares about F-bombs. Obviously, if Shannon Sharpe can get away with one on the post-game show, who cares if Morris drops one in a press conference…

  6. I just put the “Dallas sucks” into this article for the heck of it. It has nothing to do with it but the Cowboys do suck! And I know the Eagles stink just as bad but they beat you.

  7. Morris has lost control of this team. He can’t be a “buddy” coach especially with a young immature team just like “buddy” parents lose control of their bratty kids it never works out. Next we’ll have a bunch of 16 year old pregnant high school dropouts on our team.

  8. So last year Raheem Morris finishes second in the coach of the year voting, and now people think he should be fired? Am I the only one who see’s something wrong with this?

    Just as we allow young players to develop, I feel the same could go for Morris. I think he is a good young coach. He is finally learning that there is a line between the players and the coaches that needs to be respected. Did he handle this situation correctly? Hell no. But I do think he is learning and the Bucs or Bucs fans, don’t need to be talking about firing him. You guys were 3-11 the year before last.

  9. I’m so torn. Maybe Zero-tolerance started yesterday, but it damn skippy should’ve started with Talib. I think Raheem should get next year, after another draft and another free agency (which the Bucs will spend money on) and let’s see what he can do. As a LAME DUCK, however. Youngry, everybody plays/coaches for their JOBS.

  10. There are times when Morris seems out of his depth, but he handled this case right. That was a stupid penalty at a critical juncture. “My bad” doesn’t cut it. All Morris needs to do is remain consistent on these things.

    The lawyer’s point about if it were on 1st down…is irrelevant. If the Bucs were up by 30 it wouldn’t have mattered as much either. The player acted stupidly and the coach reacted. Maybe he will learn… Now Morris needs to instill more accountability with the rest of the “miscreants” that screw up off the field.

  11. This is the most I times I have given thumbs up on a PFT article ‘s comments . I do agree that Coach Morris over reacted and should have not done so in public. I hope an appolgy will follow soon . That said , it appears that Raheem is losing control of his locker room. Some major changes need to be made soon before this whole “youngry”
    bunch’s attitude gose south.

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