Chiefs give Bears’ playoff hopes a hit


Tyler Palko and Caleb Hanie are not good quarterbacks. But one of them had to win today in Chicago, and it was Palko — thanks to a Hail Mary pass on the final play of the first half.

The Chiefs topped the Bears 10-3 in a game where the only touchdown came when Palko launched a pass into the end zone as time expired in the second quarter and the ball bounced off Brian Urlacher’s hands and into the arms of Dexter McCluster for a touchdown.

Other than that Hail Mary, Palko averaged just 4.1 yards a pass. But he was still by far the better quarterback on the field on Sunday, as Hanie was simply horrible for the Bears. Hanie completed just 11 of 24 passes for 133 yards, with three interceptions. Hanie also didn’t get much help from his teammates, as running back Matt Forte left the game early with a knee injury, and Bears receiver Roy Williams missed what could have been a game-tying touchdown catch and turned into an interception in the end zone.

The Bears entered today’s game in the lead in the NFC wild card race, but if the offense keeps playing like it played today, the Bears are going nowhere.

Kansas City, at 5-7, is probably out of the AFC West race, even though that’s a division no one seems to want to win, other than Tim Tebow. The Chiefs’ final two games are against the division-leading Raiders and Broncos, so if they can close to within a game of those two division rivals, they’d have a chance of reaching the playoffs. But considering that the Chiefs play the Packers and Jets in the next two weeks, they’re probably going to be out of the division race soon.

The Bears are still right in the thick of the playoff race for now, but they’ve got to get something going on offense. Chicago could do nothing today.

23 responses to “Chiefs give Bears’ playoff hopes a hit

  1. If I was a member of the Chiefs defense, I’d be a little annoyed that my offense wasn’t doing me any favors. This defense has played lights out for a good portion of this season, but has little to show for it because of complete ineptitude on offense.

  2. The ball didn’t bounce off his hands, he tried to do as defenders are taught — knock it down.

  3. The chiefs window of opportunity is small. Hopefully they can draft well and compete next year. I thought they would lead the division for sure this year.

  4. I am a Chief’s fan, and it looked like the Bears ruined their own playoff hopes. What a stinker.

  5. Man, Suh may stomp people and the Lions are probably going to get torn up by the Saints tonight but being a Bears fan has got to be horrible right now. Cutler….. Forte…… Season…. all done for 2011.

  6. Martz needs to learn how to call plays that help your Quarterback and players. How about some roll outs and bootlegs by Hanie. How about a fullback leading when Forte has the ball.

  7. The Chiefs offense is a bucket of yuck, but that young defense has been playing lights out. They have GOT to get improvement at QB or we’ll have another decade like the 90’s; great defense with so-so offense (give or take a few years here and there).

    Go Chiefs!

  8. righton989 says:
    Dec 4, 2011 5:18 PM
    Once a team to be feared, the Bears are clawless, clueless and incontinent.


    Making no excuses here, but when you lose your starting QB and running back, who are both very productive and leaders of their team, you are not going to beat many teams in the NFL.

  9. Watching the bears today hurt my eyes …they are so bad…no forte ….no cutler…karma to bears fans who predicted Stafford to get hurt…The Lions are clearly the second best team in NFC north …no matter what they do tonite!

  10. The Chiefs seem to think they are the only team to lose players due to injuries, many teams lose stars but good coaching can overcome them. Quit with the excuses.

  11. How do you figure the Chiefs window of opportunity is small? Great young DB’s, when healthy a top 5 RB, a young defense, great WR’s with no QB to get them the ball. As far as I’m concerned they’re playing as expected without 2 pro-bowlers, 3 if you count Cassell though I think he sucks, their starting prominsing TE is out and they have the NFC North this year. I think their window is HUGE. If they draft well and stay healthy they’d own the division until Denever finds a QB…

    Wait that SOB is 5-1…

  12. so hanie is awful and it is all his fault. right he was the one who commited the penalty on the td pass that was called back,he is the one whod could not hang on to a sure td pass and have nounce off his hands to a kc defender and not roy williams right? and it was his fault knox did nothing to stop chiefs back from that last int. right? as for the chiefs td conted is the one who batted it out of Urlacher’s hand and into mclestor who was on the ground for gods sake! the chances of that ever happening again are pretty slim. things just did not go their way but the blame is not all on hanie.he did not give the 7 sacks. and no matter how he played they still should not sign mcnabb. Hanie has had 2 games a starter to prove himself, mcnabb has had the last 2 years to prove he can still do it and has not. I would rather lose with a guy who has a future than a washed mcnabb. at least Hanie gains experiance this year so if he has to start next year he will not be unprepared.

  13. Patriot42, the Chiefs have lost more to injury, starter/player calibur wise, than any team I can remember. 3 of which have basically been out for the whole season. Take the 2 best players off of any team, as well as their starting QB, and you can go ahead and chalk up an extra 3-4 losses. As a 20+ year Chiefs fan I had the Chiefs at 8-8 before the injuries this year. As usual the Chargers were supposed to be good, the faiders as usual tough but more importantly up and coming, and the donks sucking. The difference is the donks are good d with a gritty offense, the Chargers suck, and the faiders are playiing their usual style; win the tough ones lose the “gimmies”. Add the fact that the NFC North is pretty tough, they got the Pats and Steelers, and here they are at 5-7.

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