Dolphins may be the best 4-8 team ever

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It’s hard to imagine there has ever been a 4-8 team in NFL history playing any better than the Miami Dolphins are right now.

Miami dismantled Oakland 34-14 on Sunday in a game that was 34-0 before the Raiders added two meaningless touchdowns late in the game.

Think about what Miami has accomplished since starting 0-7.  They have won four of five games, outscoring opponents 139-54 along the way.  The only loss was by a point in Dallas on Thanksgiving.

The recipe on Sunday was familiar for the Dolphins. The defense absolute suffocated Carson Palmer and the Raiders. Matt Moore made enough plays at quarterback.

The Raiders desperately need Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, and Darren McFadden back in the lineup. Most concerning in this game is that they were pushed around on both sides of the ball.  Richard Seymour lost his cool and was ejected.

Michael Bush had only 18 yards on ten carries. Carson Palmer was sacked three times and hit five more times.  Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas rushed for 173 yards combined.s

The Raiders are now 7-5 and head to Green Bay next week. The Broncos are in position to pass them in the division.

If the Raiders aren’t tough enough to win battles up front, their dreams of a return to the playoffs will be in serious trouble.

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  1. Tough break. The injuries caught up with us, and we haven’t been able to figure out Miami up front – got blown off the ball by the Fins in Oakland, too.

    Raiders need to figure out a way to play with pride, and effort b/c Denver is coming hard – they may actually upset New England next week and then were one game back.

    McFadden injury was far worse than they admitted.

  2. Full marks to the Dolphins, not only today, but the whole season. This team has played tough the whole year, but now they have a QB that is looking better every game.

    I though Sparano was on the verge of losing his team earlier this season, but kudos to him, he has his team playing really well.

    Michael Bush looks worn out. He’s a big dude who’s used to getting 5 or 6 carries a game. McFadden better get back soon.

    With the Raiders missing all their speed on offense due to injury, they were cooked when they couldn’t run the ball. Their game is pounding the rock and taking shots down the field to their burners.

    Even so though, there’s no excuse for being that flat.

    The Bronco’s will probably lead the division after next Sunday, but it most likely will come down to the wire in a few weeks.

  3. Give Sparano credit, he’s kept the team focused and driven. Thank God the whole ‘Suck for Luck’ silliness doesn’t apply to us anymore.

  4. That’s sweet of you to give the credit to the ‘phins being underrated. But let’s be honest… the Raiturds are phonies!!! Right, joetoronto, edmazeing1, huejackson, raider23mike, et al? Scared yet? If you’re not, you’re kidding yourself. Broncos, mofos!!!

  5. They aint going to the playoffs (Raiders), They get to watch Tebow pwn the experts from home.

  6. Just wish they’d not collapsed during the Browns, Broncos and Giant games.

    Moore definitely deserves to be brought back next year as the starter.

    Hats off to Sparano for keeping the team together.

  7. Kudos to the Dolphins and their turn around.

    And..the Raiders are who we thought they were.

  8. Kudos to Sparano for keeping them playing. To me that is the measure of a coach. Unfortunately, games after you are WAY out of it don’t count as much. Be careful in giving too much credence to Matt Moore— you still need a top flight QB.

  9. As a DIEHARD Dolfan, I still say Ireland and Sparano must go..Nice to see team playing well, but they play 16 games for a reason..and it is not to have a nice little run of good football after starting 0-7…I see them going 7-9…beating Eagles, Bills, & Jets…losing to Patriots..Making it tougher for a NEW GM to find a star player with the 1st pick..But, a good GM can find players that perform regardless of draft position.

  10. Sparano said it himself when indicating practices are not full speed anymore. This way they don’t leave their best game on the practice field. Sparano indicated that he is going against everything that he was taught… Bill Parcells of course. Coaching, game planning and in game predictable decisions were issues for the Dolphins. Going with a quarterback who makes plays and can go deep has opened up the running and the passing games.

  11. I will never stop loving the Dolphins as a Patriots fan.

    Nothing like Matt Moore playing well enough to make them think he’s the answer, so they won’t bother to address the QB situation yet again.

    Love it.

  12. Hats off to the dolphins just bummed that the Raiders were so lethargic I expected something better.

    Not trying to make excuses but the Bears and Raiders played tough hard fought battle last week. Both teams were weak today and lost without playing with a better standard. But the Raiders all season long the defense has been mediocre and without all the offensive weapons the Raiders have they don’t have much to offer to keep the D off the field in my opinion.

    Oh well nothing went the way I expected and that is the life in the NFL

  13. Wow. I will gladly admit I was wrong earlier in the season when I said Sparano had lost the team. He has turned things around because HASN’T lost the team. Even after the loss to the Cowboys, I thought they would fold. Kudos to Tony! That joke-of-an-owner Ross now has a hard decision to make. If this keeps up, I for one would support Sparano. There, I ate crow!

  14. tfbuckfutter says:
    Dec 4, 2011 5:53 PM
    I will never stop loving the Dolphins as a Patriots fan.

    Nothing like Matt Moore playing well enough to make them think he’s the answer, so they won’t bother to address the QB situation yet again.

    Love it.

    Couple of thoughts on your comment.

    1st is where would the Pats be if they did not get lucky with finding Tom Brady? Drew Bledso was good but I don’t think he played any better then Matt Moore is playing right now yet the Pats never really “addressed” the position.

    The other is what makes you think the Pats are the best team in the AFC East? Sure the Pats will win the division by default but if Miami had their act together from the get go I think the Pats would be a bit worried. I also think the one game left on the schedule that would scare your team the most is the Dolphins game.

  15. They beat the skins, bills and chiefs before today’s game(and da raiders aren’t exactly the packers). I think you’re getting a little too excited about some wins against terrible teams. They are playing better though. Best 4-8 team ever? A little sensational don’t you think?

  16. Not that this means much, but the 4-8 2008 Chargers were a better team. Squeaked in the playoffs at 8-8 and beat a 12-4 Colts team at home. Will always have a soft spot for Sproles after that game.

    Of course, technically the 2008 Chargers should have been a 5-7 team, thanks to Mr. Hochuli, but I digress.

  17. Or the Raiders are the worst 7-5 team….no chance for them now looking at 8-8 if lucky to win one more.

  18. Im not a dolphin fan, but the team has looked great lately. One question, does sparano get to keep his job?

  19. That loud sound you just heard? That was the door slamming shut on Chad Henne’s NFL career.

    Cheer up Chad, isn’t the Arena League still around?

  20. Love to have do-overs on the Browns, Giants and Bronco games. This season turned around when Fasano got involved in the offense and the defense started tackling people. Not sure it is enough to save Sparano’s job but bravo zulu to him for keeping the team together and playing hard. Anybody else hoping the Jets need a win in Miami the last week of the season to get in the playoffs only to have Miami win to keep them out?

  21. The way this team is playing, if the Dolphins do fire Sporano, he won’t have trouble finding work. I could see him landing in KC. Sporano is a Parcells guy, and Parcells is Scott Pioli’s father in law. It would make sense.

  22. This is ridiculous. They’ve beaten 4 lousy teams after going 0-7 and their season was over. They face their third consecutive non-winning season under this regime.

    Ireland and Sparano must go or Ross will continue buying his own tickets in his own stadium for his own team at .34 cents on the dollar in order to sell out.

  23. Richard Seymour lost his cool again? Wow, shocker. It all makes sense now why Bill kicked his sorry but outta New England and got a king’s ransom for him.

  24. Sparano and Ireland both deserve there jobs next year if the dolphins keep playing at this high of a level. The reason the 9-3 or better have played well from opening day is because all those teams don’t have a coaching carasle. They have a solid foundation and that is what brings me to my statement. The phins obviously have talent, they needed to gel. Ota’s and mini camps would have done this phin team a lot of good. New oc 2nd year dc. Its like fresh concrete before it becomes the fondation. If the phins play at this level the rest of the season. Sparano keeps his job. Ross would b an idiot to fire someone who has here team in every game. Harbaugh in frisco is the only exceptionbut they play in a powder puff division and there opponets, over all are bleak to say the least. Phins play in the east. Let’s let the concrete harden and have some solid foundation to build on. Yes we draft a first round qb but he doest play if moore continues to play better each game. Again, ross would b an idit and a disgrace to the comon fan that isn’t a celebrity. Football is Americas sport not celebritys sport. I would ask Ross sell the team and step away from our phins if he fired this coach who has the phins in every game and improving evry game. Draft a first round qb and let moore continue to show us why he is still the starter. Peace

  25. Im glad my Broncos played them during their 0-7 stretch. Thanks for stomping the Raiders! – Broncos fan!

  26. There will be no doors slamming on Chad Henne’s career, thats ridiculous. The guy still has a chance to be a good QB somewhere in the league.

    This diehard dolphins fan still believes in Sparano, and I’ll be sad to see him go… Ireland, thats another story.

  27. Whoever said Chad Henne’s career is over is a moron. The dude was playing as good if not better than Moore in his 3 games he played. The reason the Dolphins are winning is NOT primarily because of Moore. The O-line is playing at a RIDICULOUS high level, i mean giving Moore literally 5-6 seconds per play. On top of that their defense is possessed and going nuts stomping on offenses. Moore gets some credit, but lets not forget Chad Henne was throwing like 20-30 yarders in games when he was playing. He was like 2nd in the NFL to Tom Brady in plays of 20+ yards in 3 games with 8. The scheme is very very creative too.

    Moore gets some credit, but we all saw what happened on Thanksgiving. Thats vintage Moore when teams get pressure on him and he has to fit the ball with velocity in windows.

  28. props to the dolphins , as they beat the crap out of the raiders yesterday.

    The seymour ejection was a joke. that incognieto guy was holding seymour, and seymour tried to push him away with a shove, but the refs said was punch…over reaction by the ref, but seymour probably had enough.

    NFL really needs to do something about the east coast thing. Is not really fair to west coast teams to travel 8 hours , then have to get up at 4:45am pst, to eat at 5:30am, get on team bus at 6:15, and get to locker room and suit up to be on field by 7am pst for warm ups. I mean how can two east coast teams the packers and giants play at 1pm pst. I mean if the west coast teams could play that time slot, at least they would be able to eat breakfast around 8 pst. I really do not see why east coast teams have it rough if they have to play a 4pm est on the west coast.

  29. I went to the game yesterday. Man it feels good to win again. I knew this team wasnt a bad team and it was frustrating hearing the suck for luck stuff. Things are finally clicking. Have fun throwing on us with smith and davis playing like this. If Tony keeps them in line like this I think he stays.

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