Matt Forte injured in Chicago


The Bears are already playing without one of their two most important offensive players, Jay Cutler. Now they may have lost the other one.

Chicago running back Matt Forte left today’s game against the Chiefs with an apparent right knee injury.

Forte was carrying the ball when his right foot planted in the Soldier Field turf just as Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson hit him in the right knee. He went to the sideline and was having his knee checked by the Bears’ medical staff.

The Bears ruled Forte out for the rest of the game. It’s 0-0 in Chicago.

UPDATE: When it rains, it pours for the Bears. Julius Peppers has also left the game and gone to the locker room, although Peppers was walking and has not been ruled out from returning.

UPDATE 2: Peppers returned.

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  1. So what if this is a serious injury like an ACL? Do the Bears still give Forte his new contract? I don’t know why the just gave Bennett a new deal while Forte has busted his butt. This is why guys hold out…maybe being a good guy and putting the team first isn’t always a good idea. Hope it’s not serious, even tho’ I am a Lions fan.

  2. It doesn’t look good. Right on the knee that just screams busted ACL. Hopefully not b/c Forte did the honorable thing and performed like he deserved the deal.

  3. Please excuse the rest of us Packers fans for the idiocy of “headshot1189”. While the Bears really do suck, this is not the time to celebrate it. I hope Forte is alright. Dude busts his tail for that team week in and week out and any fan can respect a player like that…

  4. Even as a Packer fan you hate to see this; lots of respect for Forte and Peppers. Hope it’s not serious.

  5. Chris Johnson look like a genius compared to Matt Forte and Fred Jackson! You have got to hold out when you outperform your rookie contract and you have leverage. Get hurt, under perform and you will be cut or asked to take a pay cut. These NFL contracts mean nothing. I hope Arian Foster makes it through the season.

  6. If this blows his big contract, that would suck. Hes the only contract year player who handled it right.

  7. Thats so awesome. I hope he never plays again. That way he will regret whining about getting 600k a year like that is nothing. Hopefully a lot of young kids will learn from this.

  8. headshot1189 says:
    Dec 4, 2011 1:36 PM
    The Bears still suck! GO PACK GO!

    Just shut up, you make all us Packer fans look bad. A completly classless statement.

  9. As another Packer fan, having lived in Wisconsin my whole life (not apologizing, just explaining) I too hope that Forte is okay. Would love to see him on the Packers – plays the game the way it’s meant to be played, and he has shown incredible integrity in the way he has dealt with his contract situation.

  10. Shoulda took the money the Bears offered Matt!!!!

    All of u saying he shoulda sat out till the Bears paid him realize the Bears offered him a good contract right?

  11. I hate to see players man up and play out their contracts, only to get hurt like this before their payday. The Bears should be ashamed (but won’t be — ask Baltimore).

    The new CBA didn’t do anything for guys in Arian Foster’s or Forte’s category. Contracts are still only one-way: teams can cut players at will (suffer dead money against the cap only), while players are fined substantial dollars by the team if they don’t live up to the same exact contract. The players put their careers on the line with no recourse (absent leverage, and willingness to use it, like CJ’s).

    For those of you saying the Bears did the right thing, ask yourself how many players out there are thinking, “I’ll never sign with Chicago if they played Forte like that.” Good luck signing free agents for anything less than top dollar. Penny-wise, pound-foolish, in other words.

    To complain about the money Forte made (and say he should have been happy with what he made because it’s more than most people make) is to ignore the fair market value of his services (ask DWill and CJ about that). You don’t have Forte’s dollars because you don’t have his skills, nor his short window to earn money, as this shows.

    So, what do you say, Bears fans? Happy Earl Bennett’s contract got extended? Because while the Bears were negotiating with Bennett, and *not* with Forte, they ran the risk that Forte would get injured late in the season (like he just did), and that his rehab might not be complete by the time they had to decide whether or not to tag him as a franchise player or otherwise. So your team may just have to push the “non-tender” button on your best player, meaning any rehab and comeback Forte has will most likely be with another team. Abominable.

    Hope Forte rehabs like a maniac and comes back next year with another team. I’ll cheer for him unreservedly, especially in any game he plays against the Bears.

  12. @spartaninnh… you not realize that the Bears did offer him a really good contract? He wanted more in guaranteed upfront money. The Bears had every right to say no.

    Oh and you won’t be seeing him play anywhere else next season or the one after that. The Bears can franchise tag him the next two seasons and probably will. He ain’t going nowhere!!!!

  13. Well that sucks. Like the offense wasn’t anemic enough with him in there, now it’s going to be even worse. Earlier in the season that he was accounting for 50% of the total yards on offense. If the Bears don’t replace Caleb Hanie soon, they’re in deep trouble, esp. with Forte’s injury. Check out my blog on it:

  14. juniorak715 Want to throw the Bears’ offer out there? Because my recollection is that they SAID they made a good offer, that he wanted more than their “fair” offer, but I don’t recall hearing any actual numbers. Got ’em? Put ’em up here, and let’s compare to the deals CJ & DWill signed, then put up the numbers all 3 have produced this season (and what percentage of their teams’ offenses those numbers represent).

    I am fully aware that the Bears can franchise Forte. As my prior post addressed, they have now put themselves behind the 8-ball, because they may not know whether he will be worth the franchise figure of a Top 5 RB, and may (being the idiots they are) decide to let him go, and let some other team take on the risk THAT THEY CREATED. Had Forte been resigned already, all things (his injury, the necessary rehab, his progress, and his cap hit — both assuming he is retained, and assuming he is cut) would be known entities. The Bears could make a sound business AND football decision. Now Forte is screwed, and the Bears have to make a decision on the fly in the dark.

    Penny. Wise. Pound. Foolish.

    FWIW, fans like you don’t deserve a player like Forte. One way or another, I hope he heads out of Chicago, makes bank elsewhere, and pounds the living daylights out of the Bears.

  15. I love Forte but he wasn’t going to get overpaid money like CJ or D Williams got, he just wasn’t. A lot of sources say he wanted 2-3 million dollars more in guaranteed money upfront. That’s just greedy by Forte.

    And please don’t tell me what kind of fan I am. I’m a smart football fan that doesn’t want my team just giving in to whatever a player wants.

    And I guarantee you that the Bears still franchise him this year and next year

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