Raheem Morris boots Brian Price from game, swears about it


Bucs defensive tackle Brian Price was removed from Sunday’s game in the third quarter after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the officials had nothing to do with the removal.

So, Raheem Morris: Did you kick your own player out of the game?

“Yes, I sent him to the locker room,” Morris said via the St. Petersburg Times. “I told him go home. F—. Yeah. Because it’s foolish, it’s selfish to your teammates, to everybody in your organization, to your fans. That’s terrible. That’s just selfish behavior to get a 15-yard penalty, in that situation, when that’s all we talk about, when that’s all we discuss. You just can’t do that to your team.”

Morris was fired up after his team fell to 4-8 and a tie for the basement in the NFC South. That’s not the sort of improvement that Morris may need to keep his job.

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  1. Dayumn he reminds me of Mike Singletary!! Can’t win with em, cant play with em!!! You gotta be that way sometimes with these guys!! You’re getting paid serious money to play a game.

  2. Not the improvement that he needs to keep his job record wise, but it’s definitely what you want to see from a coach when it comes to discipline that some of these players need…but don’t receive. How’d Mr. McLain play today?

  3. He should have sent offensive coordinator Greg Olson home after calling an end around on a 3-and-2. Greg Olson should be fired 12 weeks ago, he’s truly an idiot on every level. Hey it’s 3 and 2 — lets go into a shotgun so we completely eliminate the chance of a run. Hey we’re down by 22 points and we haven’t run the ball all day — you know what will trick the defense, a playaction pass on 3rd and long.

    From everything I’ve heard Kelly is a good kid, hopefully the point is learned by everyone on the team and it stops there.

  4. Most of the so-called pro teams have rosters that are mediorce, brittle and overpaid. The front office cannot select talent. The owners are stuck paying the weekly checks but the biggest losers are the fans who pay for it all and get a worthless product in return.

  5. I can guarantee you that had it actually been a competitive game Raheem wouldn’t have sent his best defensive tackle home. When your team is down two scores to the team that had the number one draft pick a year ago IN THE FIRST QUARTER (with time to spare) it usually doesn’t matter what happens from that point on. Maybe if Raheem and Olson did their jobs and coached they wouldn’t have to send frustrated players home during a blowout loss…they could actually keep the score somewhat close. Not against those mighty Panthers, though (no disrespect to Carolina fans, trust me, I envy you)! Any other franchise gets blown out twice in a row AT HOME and changes are made, mostly because they have to be made. Your move Glazers. You owe it to the real Tampa fans that have put up with this bullcrap. Fire Raheem and Olson.

  6. I respect Morris for tossing his own player out of the game after a dumb personal foul. I bet if the Lions’ Jim Schwartz had done this to Suh, he wouldn’t have gone all “Riverdance” on an opponent. Just sayin….

  7. He kicks Brian Price out of the game and I am supposed to be impressed? What does that prove? He’s been Kellen Winslow’s and Aquib Talib’s bitch for a couple years now. This proves nothing except he is scared he is going to get run out of town and the pressure is getting to him.

    Too little, too late.

  8. Before the Panther fan gets too excited remember this game was played without many of the Bucs best players, mainly Freeman was out, Talib got hurt on early in the first series, McCoy has been out and Kelly was playing hurt as well and I guess Blount was hurt since he wasn’t barely used all day — scratch that our offensive coordinator is a retard who calls end arounds and shotgun formations in and near the redzone on 3-and-2.

    I’ll repeat it again, Greg Olson should have been sent home, having lived with all the awful offensive coordinators the Bucs have had he’s the worst since he’s had the most offensive talent the team has ever had and yet constantly screws it up. With as bad as the score was I don’t think the defense played horrible — they seemed to just be a step slow here and there and Newton just made a ton of plays. Meanwhile the offense was offensive, if Morris stays (which I’m for) Olson must go!

  9. Well I guess it is all over for the Bucs this season. You would think these guys would be playing for pride and a job next year at least. I am sure there will be a lot of finger pointing after it is all over but right now it looks like the coaching is taking the most blame. Something has to change for this team to be winners again!!

  10. Tomorrow Morris will be saying he and Price hugged it out and it is all good in the hood. Morris needs to go. THe Bucs are a young team with a lot of talent. They need an experienced coach not someone who is called by his first name. The players don’t even call him coach the call him Rah. He needs to go.

  11. Wow!! Lots of support for morris’s actions here!! Can you imagine what Morris would do if a gun-toughting, cabby beating, gun shooting corner had committed a stupid 15 yard penalty in a close game at a critical time?? Can you imagine how hard he would bring the hammer then?? OH WAIT!! That did happen, and Raheem did nothing!!! Well, not nothing, he took the blame—- but that’s throw out the second year player who has busted his butt threw injury and stepped up this year!! Way to set an example Raheem..( or rah as your undisciplined players call you) to quote the great Raheem Morris!! What do bucs fan feel about the head coach position for next year. NEXT MAN UP!!!! ( Raheem Morris record, 17-27 with 17 of last 18 homes games blocked out) but then again, “stats are for losers”

  12. I’m going to go on a limb here and say Morris should not be fired over this season. They over achieved last year… Under achieved this year… Give him a year to find some balance.

  13. cbrady2k says:
    Dec 4, 2011 7:14 PM
    Before the Panther fan gets too excited remember this game was played without many of the Bucs best players


    Beason and Davis are on IR on the Panthers side. What’s your point?

  14. A super move by this coach,shows he views his team as winners and losers can go home,too bad that loser Shwartz in Detroit didnt have the balls to do the same thing to Suh when he showed the country what a loser he really is. hope he keeps his job in TB and gets better players to help him out.

  15. This is a very hard team to watch. Average, undisciplined players who are poorly coached.

    This is a classic Hugh Culverhouse team: Inexpensive players and coaching staff = larger profits. It would be hard to convince fans that the Glazers care about winning.

  16. How come everyone is defending Andy Reid and arguing that he can’t be fired yet all of a sudden Morris is on the chopping block? The answer is obvious. Reid is white, and Morris isn’t. That’s how it goes. Just ask Ray Rhodes, who got fired after one year with Packers.

  17. cbrady2k says–we have 3 starting oline on IR, we have a solid #2 WR and a TE on IR, we have 2 starting LB on IR, we have our stud DT Edwards on IR, and we have started 8 different LB groups since the season started, what is your point? we will play in 3 weeks yall will come to our house and we will see then.

  18. @briang123:
    Come on man, this is clearly not a racial issue. Andy Reid is taking heat. However, he has taken the Eagles to the playoffs 9 out of his 12 years in Philly. I believe he is allowed a mulligan. Head coaches get 3 years to prove their worth. Morris needed to get to the playoffs this year.

  19. I never had an opinion about the guy or or even the whole Tampa Organization, but I like both of them now.

    He needs to talk to Schwarts in Detroit!

  20. Raheem ought to cut himself. He discontinued using the Tampa II defense after it worked for 10+ years and now he wonders why his defense sucks.

  21. I read every comment and not once was it brought up what Brian Price did to receive the penalty. Before everyone jumps on Raheem’s back let’s get the facts straight. I was at the game and recorded the action on my television at home. What the camera’s and apparently nobody in the stadium (since our fair-weather fans emptied the stadium at the end of the 3rd Qtr) saw was Brian Price stomping on a Carolina players face while standing over him and looking down at him. I was so angry I was kicking him out myself as a fan from my seat. When Price walked clean past the players box and towards the locker room I was filled with respect for Rah in that moment for doing what he needed to do. There is no room for that stuff in this game, YOU SUCK! get over it and don’t be a sore sport.

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