Report: Martz out in Chicago after the season


The Bears could still make the playoffs.  In theory, they could still win the Super Bowl.  (Quit laughing, Packers fans; I said “in theory.”)

Regardless, the team will have a new offensive coordinator in 2012.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears are not expected to bring Martz back when his contract expires after the season.

Martz has been connected to vacancies at Arizona State and UCLA.  Some have even speculated that Martz could draw interest from the Jaguars, given the ultra-superficial connection between Martz’s status as a former head coach of the Rams and new Jags owner Shahid Khan’s status as a former Rams season-ticket holder.

The Bears hired Martz after the 2010 season only after several other candidates passed.  At the time, others presumably weren’t interested due to the perception/reality that the fate of the entire coaching staff hinged on the success of the offense.  In 2012, it could be easier than it was the last time around to find someone to draw up the O’s.

20 responses to “Report: Martz out in Chicago after the season

  1. NFL QB’s are praying their team doesn’t go after this guy … he’ll get ’em killed.

  2. Just out of curiosity, why wait? With Cutler & Forte out, what is the purpose of inflicting Martz on the offense any longer? Let him get a head-start on not getting interviews for HC.

  3. Thank you Martz for staying long enough to give us greg olsen.
    Sincerely, A Panthers Fan

  4. People need to realize that this guy is really nothing more then a QB coach.

    The offense that he’s so known for only existed for about 2 seasons and he had veteran WR’s and QB’s that were all pro bowlers to run it. It was new for the time which is why it caught teams off guard. Once defensive coordinators had a couple seasons of tape they quickly figured out how to beat Mart’z offense and that’s when you started seeing the QB’s getting killed.

    He’s too stubborn and conceited to ever admit that his system is flawed, he’s always blamed the players for not being able to run it and consistently points back to the one or two years it did work as proof that it can.

    Any team that hires Martz as anything other then a QB coach gets what they deserve.

  5. Really the secret to the Greatest Show on Turf was haivng thee pro-bowl offensive linemen, and one of them is a future hall of famer. The offense also worked because Dick Vermeil was smart enough to run Faulk down the other team’s throat when they would play nickel and dime coverage. As one person mentioned above, the offense was new and the Rams would get a lot of easy touchdowns by putting people in motion. once zones sttted becoming the fad, all the motion meant nothing. Martz is a qb coch at best, but he got Warner and Bulger killed and is on his way to getting Cutler killed as well.

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