Richard Seymour ejected for throwing punch

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Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour was ejected from Sunday’s game in the third quarter for throwing a punch.

It appeared that Seymour threw a sly left jab to Dolphins guard Richie Incognito’s neck and the officials were all over it.  Incognito appeared to say something to Seymour, then quickly gestured to officials after he got Seymour to lose his cool.

Considering Seymour’s prior history, we’d expect a hefty fine to come his way.  A suspension seems less likely, but it could be a possibility because he’s a repeat offender.

The Raiders trail 34-0 in an ugly showing in Miami.

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  1. If you’re going to suspend a guy 2 games for a stomp to the arm, I think it’s only fair you do the same for a punch to the neck.

  2. Why do we never hear about ‘dirty’ olinemen….only dlinemen. Every time a de or dt loses it and kicks or punches someone, there’s always a G of T who should’ve been hit with a 15yd flag the play before.

  3. Thank goodness that the NFL and the Raiders decided to let Rolando McClain play. Otherwise this game could have gotten out of hand.

  4. Sure is quiet around here. What happened to all the raider “fans” that have been chattering all week? Joetoronto, I’m looking at you.

  5. well….

    Incognito kinda derserves it after years of being a scumbag on the field.

    GJ Seymour

  6. Raider fan here….
    The Raiders are an un-disciplined, poorly coached team. There is no leadership in the locker room.

    McClain should be waived. But… I don’t know who you replace him with. A priority in the off season.

  7. Ugh that was horrible. Flat as a pancake, both lines got slapped around, no receivers could get open consistently. No pressure on Moore, no containment when he took off – just a terrible performance overall. No excuse for that turd of a game.

    Thanks Ponder for giving Denver that game, I appreciate it!

    Can’t wait to see Tebow get all the credit this week.

  8. Punch? If Richie Incognito thinks that was a punch, he must be one of the wussiest linemen in the league. Looked to me like a soft open-handed slap to the helmet.

    Not that the Raiders weren’t atrocious today.

  9. R the raiders gona lose the division cause broncos won; is the tebow curse a lot of coaches gona get fired cause of tebow when u think about sparano, turner, mayb frazier now n I know I’m missing some more

  10. Still, you have to compliment Huge (DA) Jackson on that trade to get Palmer, he’s clearly worth a 1st rounder… and a 2nd… Aaron Curry also is paying dividends…

  11. Luckily his name isn’t Suh or he would be kicked out for the season!…Also how does the NFL allow someone who threatens someones life with a gun to play less then a week later? If that was Suh he mine as well never suited up again… what color glasses is everybody looking though?

  12. “He and Incognito got into a fight, but Incognito wasn’t ejected????”

    It wasn’t a fight. Seymour slapped Incognito, but Incognito didn’t really do anything back other than go crying to the refs in a “Mommy, mommy, he hit me!” kind of way.

  13. Seymour is just another player in a long line of ex Patriots…who when no longer there…never live up to same level of play….How many games has he hurt his team this year…Too bad, he was strong when w/Patriots.

    Raiders, Lion s..Bills…classic cases of alot of September talk….aka premature ejaculation by their fans.

  14. Raiders got bullied on both sides of the ball today. It looked like Miami was the team with something to play for today, and I guess they did. Pride. Oakland sure didn’t show any.

  15. Incognito held onto Seymour long after the play was over, the “punch” was more to get the dirtball off of him. Tell Incognito to ask Rothlesberger what a real Seymour punch feels like….

    But on the same play Mike Carey and crew missed the ole’ hold and throw on Aaron Curry that gave Bush the corner-right in front of the ballcarrier…

  16. mistrezzrachael says:
    Dec 4, 2011 4:49 PM
    Seymour is just another player in a long line of ex Patriots…who when no longer there…never live up to same level of play….How many games has he hurt his team this year…Too bad, he was strong when w/Patriots.
    He was a great player for awhile, but he also was an idiot when he was in NE too. Example: I’ll never forgive him for talking junk to the NYG offensive line when the Pats were leading in SB 42. One reason I’m glad he’s gone. Him and A$ante.

  17. gotta laugh.. that was not a punch, and did not deserve an injection. Anybody can watch the replay, and can see where incogenito had a hold of seymour, and seymour just hit him as to say get off me puke. say what you want about seymour , but he his not known as a dirty player, but incognito is.

    bottom line the miami o-line dominated the raiders front seven all day long. Obvoius Rolondo ‘s incident created a distraction for the raiders.

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