Shaun Rogers happy to be on a winning team, for once


Shaun Rogers was selected by the Lions in 2001 (Matt Millen’s first draft) and left for Cleveland in 2008, which means that in his first 10 seasons in the NFL, he never even played on a .500 team, let alone a winner. That’s changing now in his 11th season, which is his first with the Saints.

As Rogers prepares to see his first team when the Lions play the Saints tonight, he says it’s a pleasure to be in a playoff race, something he didn’t experience in his first decade of professional football.

“It’s a blessing,” Rogers told the New Orleans Times Picayune. “I’ve been preparing to go home a lot in late November and early December so this is a nice change.”

Rogers was a Pro Bowler with both the Lions and the Browns, although he was usually overlooked in discussions about the best defensive tackles in football, because his teams were usually so bad that they were easy to be overlooked. In New Orleans he’s not a starter, but he does play an important role in the defensive line rotation, and his presence in the middle of the line was huge when the Saints stopped a Falcons fourth-and-1 run in overtime, in the play that could end up being the difference for the Saints in the NFC South race this year.

For Rogers, playing for the Saints feels different than what he’s experienced in the past.

“It’s a different experience,” he said. “It’s a whole different aura, different attitude and culture.”

If the Saints beat the Lions tonight, it will be New Orleans’ ninth win of the season. Guaranteeing that Rogers is finally on a winning team.

11 responses to “Shaun Rogers happy to be on a winning team, for once

  1. He was on a start to a winning team. Then he gave up after 7 games because his BK contract ran out. No seriously, this guy could’ve been great and he threw it away.

  2. For Shaun Rogers, it sounds like the best of both worlds- He gets to play on a winning team *and* he gets to watch from the bench, expending the least amount of effort possible in contributing to that winning situation.

  3. He was getting ready to go home in late november/early december?? Maybe thats why his whole career has been a let down. Always wieght and conditioning problems. Ever notice he always looks out of breath. A cancer in the locker room as well. Such a waste of talent.

  4. when he wanted to play he was something else.

    then he spent a lot of time running into the backroom at certain dancing establishments…

  5. Shaun wasn’t underrated due to the teams he played for — he was rated properly due to the “play when I wanna” attitude he displayed on those teams. When he wanted to, he was beyond a force: speed, power, athleticism. (While the video is funny, notice that he actually got in the air to block the pass, intercepted it instead, and was able to hold off a tackler after a 45-yard run. Impressive when you realize he had to have been over 320 pounds at the time.) When he didn’t want to play, you could light a bomb underneath Shaun and he wouldn’t move.

    As an aside, Shaun had an uncanny ability to block kicks. I forget how many extra points/FG’s he blocked, but it was the most I’d seen from any one player.

    Consistent conditioning problems, year-in-year-out; awesome physical talents; problem in the lockerroom, and nigh-uncoachable — he was Haynesworth before Haynesworth was Haynesworth.

    Glad you’re happy, Shaun. Sounds like you’ve found the perfect fit for you.

  6. You think your excited now Shaun? Just wait till the Saints go to Green Bay and mop Lambeau Field with lord rogers and his average playmates to earn their second Super Bowl birth in 3 years. Ha ha. Then the saints will win the SB again! Geaux Saints!

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