The 49ers are NFC West champions after dominant defensive effort


The 49ers won the NFC West in the most fitting way possible.

They absolutely outclassed the Rams 26-0 Sunday, just like they have outclassed the entire division all season long.

How dominating a performance was this?  The 49ers were able to sit Alex Smith and Frank Gore for most of the fourth quarter. The defense only allowed 157 yards, including 31 on the ground on 23 attempts.

A.J. Feeley and the Rams didn’t advance the ball past the 49ers’ 35-yard line all day.

(Read that one again.)

This was a day for celebration in San Francisco marred only by Patrick Willis’ injury. Gore became San Francisco’s all-time leading rusher, an incredible achievement in a vastly underrated career.

The 49ers and their fans deserve this celebration at home.

They are the toughest team to score against in football. They are in the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and should cruise to a bye in the playoffs if they just take care of business against other NFC West teams.

Based on everything we’ve seen from this extremely consistent 49ers team, that should not be a problem.

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  1. Good game today started a bit slow but the offense got it together and the defense held all day long. Playoffs here we come. Oh and get well soon Patrick Willis you will be needed.

  2. Shouldn’t have been THAT easy. That’s what happens when you make Tarvaris Jackson your starting QB and let the QB that won the division 6 times in 8 years go.

  3. “The 49ers and their fans deserve this celebration at home.”

    What because 5 Superbowl wins isn’t enough? It’s kind of hard to “pity” a city that has seen as much success as San Fran.

    I’d much rather see the Cardinals or Seahawks, two teams that have great fanbases but haven’t won anything.

  4. Proud of my Niners! Now, we must differentiate the bandwagon fans from the ones who stayed strong through he hard times. I suppose an easy way to do that is ask them what “49er Faithful” is.

    Bandwagoners will say “huh?”

    Go Frisco!

  5. I hope we get to see a 49er vs Packers playoff game, I think the 49er D vs Rodgers and the Packers would be fun to watch.

  6. Maybe so, but the 49ers are going to be around sniffing a ring, for the next 10 years. Might as well get use to it.

  7. For those that keep pointing to the weak division as a reason as to why the 49ers have been so successful let me point out the error of your ways.

    The 49ers are 10-2 and they’ve only played THREE DIVISION GAMES. Read that again haters that think we’re only winning because of our division.

    We’ve played 3 division games yet that’s why we’re playing well apparently…to anyone who has commented about the 49ers division being the reason they are playing well you have officially been proven dumb.

  8. I am a Seahawk fan but given their history I have always allowed myself a second team, which was the Niners until the Hawks moved into the NFC.

    Im still happy that the NFC West is getting better. As happy as I was to see the Hawks win the division last year I am glad that the Niners are having a great season.

    As far as Harbaugh goes, that team had a TON of talent these last few years. I am sure he is a good coach, but I am not convinced that their success is him, or the fact Singletary was such an awful coach.

  9. Harbaugh is a huge reason for our success he brought the team together. Changed the culture in sf. Got the players to believe in themselves and each other while not playing scared to make a mistake but to take smart chances to make plays.

  10. Harbaugh is a great coach. See: U. of San Diego 04-06′ , Stanford 07-10′ and the 10-2 San Francisco 49ers of 2011.

  11. Some question the value of Harbaugh’s impact on the Niners – and since their view is from afar, let me share what we here in Northern California see – and know – short version: Nolan was left absolutely nothing by Donohue who dismantled the roster from his base in So. Cal while serviing as our GM; Erickson didn’t know his butt from 2nd base as an NFL HC; and neither Nolan or Singletary had an offensive clue in their body. And neither knew anything about personnel/game/clock or any other type management. Per several Niner players (you’ll have to look them up yourself) they played played “scared to screw up” under Singletary. Harbaugh took the nucleus of Singletary’s roster and gave you what you have today.

  12. Nice to watch an ex Colts player doing well as a coach.
    There’s another future ex Colts player that I wish would consider coaching too.

  13. Congrats guys!! its been a long time coming for the playoffs. repping upper reserve sec 16. family season tickets simce the 50s. see everyone dec 19 MNF!! America will get the privillege to watch the niners beat the steelers.

  14. The people dismissing Harbaugh because there was already talent on this team: there is talent on every NFL team. The gap between the worst team and the best team in any given year just isn’t that big. A good coach could step into Jacksonville and make them a playoff contender. Talent is very overrated.

  15. Trent Balke is executive of the year,Harbaugh is coach of the year,ALex Smith comeback player of the year,aldon Smith rookie of the year.

  16. Mike Nolan deserves a lot of credit for putting together the main cogs of the current defense.

    Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Dashon Goldson, Ray McDonald, Parys Haralson, Ahmad Brooks, and Tarrell Brown are all there because of Nolan. You can credit him with giving Sopoaga some direction as well.

    You really have to wonder what would have happened if either Mike McCarthy or Norv Turner had stuck around a few years. The emerging talent on the team was obvious; some consistent direction over a period of time may very well have yielded a similar result to what we’re seeing now.

    Four years of incapable offensive coordinators (minus one year of Mike Martz that, unfortunately, coincided with Dr. James Andrews’ botched surgery of Alex Smith’s shoulder) nearly crippled the young talent on this team. I’m glad they didn’t get the opportunity to finish the job.

    Viva Harbaugh.

  17. Hey pft let me know why you keep deleting my posts damnit there not crude or vulgar so whats the deal?!!!!

  18. Ohhhh…guess whos back.
    The niners are back!
    And all the other teams are straight up wack
    We’ll get a first round bye
    Win at the stick after that.
    Then stomp into lambo
    And beat the pack!
    Win another superbowl
    A 6th trophy on the rack.
    Ohhhh…guess whos back.
    The niners are back.

  19. Good Game CoacHarbaugh!

    For tonights meal on the flight back to St. Louis:

    Bagels and Doughnuts for Appetizers.

    Alphabet Soup with all of the letters taken out except all of the O’s….

    Dessert will be Chocolate Pound Cake.

    and tonights Video?

    Susan Powter’s, “Stop The Insanity”.

    Headphone music will be provided by the Bay Area Rock Band, “Zero”.

    The whole Rams team will be eating cheeriO’s for breakfast in the morning.

    Go Niners!

  20. I’m usually not one to post just to gloat over a victory… but it has been a looooooong ten years soooooo……. YEEEEESSSS!!! PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!! Alex I knew you had it in you, Jim you are my effing hero, and Patrick please get well soon! 49ERS FAITHFULL!! GO NINERS! … keep it up… By the way, I love how every week some ignorant Niners hater confidently proclaims that they will lose the vast majority of their next games. !0-2. Carry on haters.

  21. Re: Being in the NFC West — WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US? … NOBODY ! (oh,and we’ll be in the nfc west next year too. so get use to it)

  22. Chris says:
    Dec 5, 2011 12:27 AM
    Not to take anything from the 49ers great season, but man that division is bad!


    max20characters says:
    Dec 5, 2011 2:48 AM
    I think a middle school flag football team can win that division. Probably the worst division in NFL history.


    You sure about that. AZ did beat the DAL and PHI is 1-3 against the NFC West. SEA did beat BAL so maybe both of you 2 should engage in some critical thinking vs. regurgitating other’s reguritated nonsense. SEA isn’t a team anybody wants to play this last part of the season.

  23. @willardj:

    “I’d much rather see the Cardinals or Seahawks, two teams that have great fanbases but haven’t won anything.”

    Willard, the Seahawks lost in the o6′ Super Bowl 21-10 to Pitt on a couple of very controversial penalty calls.

    The Cards lost in the 09′ Super Bowl 27-23 to Pitt on a spectacular last minute throw & catch from Ben to Holmes.

    The 49ers last Super Bowl appearance was in 1995!

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