To save his job, Reid will have to fire Castillo


The status of Eagles coach Andy Reid has — and will continue to be — a major topic for the balance of the season.

Before Thursday night’s ugly loss to the Seahawks, it was believed that Reid would be back, in large part because the Eagles are stuck with Mike Vick for at least one more year.  Even after the debacle that dropped the Dream Team to 4-8, there’s a sense that Reid will be back.

But it won’t be automatic.  Per a league source, Reid’s future will hinge on his willingness to admit that it was a mistake to shift Juan Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.  If Reid concedes that he erred, and rectifies the blunder by firing Castillo, Reid will stay.  If he refuses, Reid will be gone.

It’s an easy way for Reid to get out with a buyout, if he chooses to dig in his heels.  And we’ve seen other head coaches refuse to fire assistants, setting the stage for a termination.

And so that’s the ultimate question in Philly.  If Castillo isn’t fired by Reid, both will be fired by owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Of course, Reid can save some face by not completing firing Castillo.  Instead, Reid can move Castillo back to the job of offensive line coach, and either keep Howard Mudd as a consultant or nudge Mudd back into retirement.

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  1. I’m willing to bet Castillo gets back to coaching the O-Line, and a newly fired head coach with a defensive mind(Del Rio) becomes D-Coordinator.

    You heard it here first folks…

  2. Why would he move him (Castillo) back to the o-line. The O-line has been one of the bright spots, I hope they don’t get rid of Howard for the sake of keeping Juan.

  3. He should’ve fired Castillo mid-season. Good coaches tailor the scheme towards their players’ strengths and do not press them into a system.

  4. Fire his ass Andy then bash your face into a wall for punishment for hiring the moron…

  5. giving the defense to Castillo was THE WORST move of the offseason… I’d like to see Marty gone too, he can’t run an offense to save his life…

  6. You know it’s bad when even the winless Colts find the sense to fire their defensive coordinator before the Eagles do away with Willy-Juan Castillo.

    Why do I call him “Willy-Juan Castillo”? Because with him, YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE!


  7. With the Eagles cheap and incestuous practice of hiring from within, it is one more symbol of Reid’s arrogance. His practice of bringing in second tier players and low round draft choices to play linebacker and safety are not primarily because they are cheap, but because he believes his coaches are so good that they can get more out of player than an “ordinary” coach. They also have the false belief that their coaches are so talented they can be interchangabliy moved around like chess pieces. That kind of arrogance has proved to be Reid’s and the Eagles undoing this season. Castillo is the most visible of 13 years worth of bad judgements, poor game mangement, doing a better job to put players in position to make plays. Reid FATigue.

  8. When will Lurie repeat his mistake in appointing a bean counter, with no football experience, GM?

    It seems before Reid should be forced to admit his mistake, maybe his owner should show some leadership and admit his.

  9. Reid brought this program from the ashes into a contender. Right, or wrong, he will be given one more year due to the length of his and Vicks contract plus his track record. If he is not in the Super Bowl next year, he will step down. You are correct, Castillo will not be the DC next year. Andy is loyal and will offer him a job but hopefully Juan will have too much pride and move on.

  10. That makes A LOT of sense. Reid (continues to) screw-up as a head coach, but firing a Reid-promoted Castillo will save Reid’s job? Fire Reid, let the GM actually DO his job properly, and let the new coach decide if any assistants stay. What a clusterfudge, with Reid as the centerpiece…

  11. yeah, I mean, if Castillo was moved to DC from OL coach, and Mudd took over, what does that tell you about Mudd? It’s not exactly like their starting QB took a bunch of hits from scrambling and running for positive yardage, actually, I’m pretty sure every hit that hurt him this year, was behind the line of scrimmage. So, really, you COULD blame the coaches. I honestly think it’s too many egos being meshed together and It just didn’t work out…

  12. What this Defense needs (besides linebackers and safeties) is Mike Singletary. He is the exact persona this defense should embody and would make a great DC.

    I have been saying for years that Andy Reid should go, but I would not want an inferior replacement. There is alot of talk about Grudin here in Philly. I think Grudin is a fraud and would be a terrible choice. Cowher took 14 years to win the SB, might as well let Andy Reid attempt the same goal. Dungy in Philly? Don’t see that working.

    The only coach that will be available that I like is Billick. He is smart, capable and cutting edge and would be an excellent choice.

  13. lgbarn says: Dec 4, 2011 10:59 AM Yeah Fire Reid!!! My (Insert Losing Team) are waiting. Seriously…Reid will be in high demand

    Will that losing team be willing to trade a 1st round pick for Reid’s rights?

  14. They need to clean house. It’s not like the Eagles are losing games 42 to 45 and other teams are scoring last second drives to win.

    The Eagles’ problems are larger than just the D.

    Firing Juan isn’t going to make Reid’s clock management skills improve, or his play calling or their talent evaluation.

  15. Its not Andy Reid or Michael Vick’s fault that the Eagles are where they are. That defense is a disaster. Vick was on fire for the first 5 games and they were losing. Eventually, the offense slacked up and Vick got hurt in the pocket, passing. That’s football.

    The Del Rio idea is good @touchdownroddywhite. Let’s go Birds today! We hate the Texans.

  16. Here is Reid in a nutshell: Thursday night vs the Seahawks 1 mnute left in the second half. Seahawks run the clock down and kick a fieldgoal. Reid never stops the clock with a timeout then gets the ball back and throws a hail mary from the 50 yard line. HELLO call a timeout then you have an extra 2 plays to get that feild goal back. FOOTBALL 101.

  17. I gotta feel for Castillo here. It was a dumb move on Andy’s part and Castillo is probably going to pay for it.

    There’s a reason why you don’t make electrical engineers work as open heart surgeons.

  18. Mudd is the only coach worth keeping right now. Time for a regime change. hopefully a new HC will keep Mudd.

  19. “Per a league source…” Yeah..OK

    Just sounds like a big bag of unsubstantiated conjecture to me.

  20. The horizontally challenged Reid won’t be fired. Jeffrie Lurie won’t want to pay Reid the 10 million he would be owed for the 2 years left on his contract……

  21. If I’m Philly and I really want to fire Reid (although management should be blamed for signing a bunch of divas and leaving it up to Reid to babysit them)….

    I’m doing whatever I can to steal Rob Ryan from Dallas.

    As a Cowboys fan, I’m hoping not

  22. Reid could learn a thing or two from Jeff Fisher and Marty Schottenheimer trying to hire relatives. In a game with this much money at stake, personal allegiances shouldn’t matter. Howard Mudd has been the second-best coach on staff this year (Washburn) and deserves to stay. Castillo rolled the dice and lost, now he needs to start over somewhere else. If Reid insists on keeping Castillo, he can see from past precedent what will happen to him.

  23. I think moving Castillo back to Offensive Line Coach would be the reasonable thing to do. He was competent in that job that he held for many years and it really isn’t fair to fire him simply because Andy Reid made a bad judgment call and promoted him into a position that he wasn’t qualified for. This probably means that Jim Washburn will be fired, as whoever the new Defensive Coordinator will be no doubt will want to choose his own staff.

  24. Not a huge leap, Andy made McDermott a scapegoat last year by saying it was too much pressure for McDermott to fulfill JJ’s shoes.

    With Juan, Andy’s line can be something like ‘that’s on me, I’m responsible for putting players and in this case coaches, in a better place to succeed.’

    The Juan back to O line coach and Mudd as a consultant scenario isn’t out of the question. I can also see Eagle alumni coming back such as Spags as DC if the Rams fire him as head coach.

  25. Sorry Eagle fans, Andy Reid will be back next year. The team president and GM don’t have the backbone or football knowledge to get rid of him. Andy is willing to throw any player or assistant coach under the bus to save himself.

  26. phillyphever says:
    Dec 4, 2011 11:13 AM
    lgbarn says: Dec 4, 2011 10:59 AM Yeah Fire Reid!!! My (Insert Losing Team) are waiting. Seriously…Reid will be in high demand

    Will that losing team be willing to trade a 1st round pick for Reid’s rights?

    Do you understand what “fired” means? It means he can go where he pleases without a trade.

  27. Here’s why I think Andy will be back. If they plan on drafting their next franchise QB, then who better to coach them? They just have to let Juan go. However, at this point Mudd may want to head back into retirement on his own.

  28. I don’t blame Castillo. He just took advantage of a huge opportunity. Reid should never have offered the coordinator position to him. Castillo doesn’t deserve to be the scapegoat. How many coaches can you fire until you realize maybe the problem is with the coach?

  29. Ain’t it grand to be a Monday morning quarterback? Mudd has been very good. Ask Lesean McCoy. The front four has pretty much done their job. Kudos to Washburn. Bobby April has had a very good year. Castillo was the bad idea. I agree with the writer. Juan should be replaced with someone who can call a defense in the fourth quarter. If Andy refuses it means he is sick of the fans in Philly.

  30. Im really not sure why anyone thinks the big issue is the defense. Im certainly not defending the defense, but they’ve done an average job this year. The biggest problem for the Eagles defense all year has been the Vick and Young interceptions. You can’t average 2 Int’s a game and three TO’s and win even half of your games.
    The eagles need to figure out how to fix the interceptions or bite the hige bullet of cutting Vick.

  31. Hopefully the Eagles front office will see what the fans in Philly have seen for thirteen years and come to the conclusion that it is simply time to move on.

  32. Castillo got hired as a cheap alternative during a lockout.Reid figured with all the “probowlers” they were going to sign only an idiot could screw it up.Meet your idiot Castillo who doesn’t adjust anything. I hope he learns his mistake and hires a good D coordinator.I don’t care if Reid is back next year.I want a title and I think continuity would be better for VIck.Just fix the Defense.FAST!

  33. lgbarn says:
    Dec 4, 2011 11:44 AM

    phillyphever says:
    Dec 4, 2011 11:13 AM
    lgbarn says: Dec 4, 2011 10:59 AM Yeah Fire Reid!!! My (Insert Losing Team) are waiting. Seriously…Reid will be in high demand

    Will that losing team be willing to trade a 1st round pick for Reid’s rights?

    Do you understand what “fired” means? It means he can go where he pleases without a trade.

    Yes, I do know what fired means. All I’m saying is that if Lurie wants to do what Oakland did with Tampa in the Gruden trade, he would want a #1 back for Andy, which I doubt any team looking for a head coach would do.

  34. Plenty of suggestions coming in from casual observers that don’t follow the team as close as the fans. You can’t just plug Castillo back in at OL coach, his blocking schemes are vastly different from Mudd’s and they don’t have the right personnel on the current roster to make the change.

    Also, you’re all ignoring the human element to these changes. These are people, not chess pieces, and they can’t just be moved around with no regard for what impacts it would create in the locker room and coach’s offices. There’s really no moves to be made that could make this team immediately better, but they should seriously consider what happens now in preparation for next season.

  35. Demoting or firing Castillo is treating the symptom, not the cause of the illness. The illness was caused by whoever thought that promoting an OL coach to defensive coordinator was a good idea.

  36. “Reid can save some face by not completing firing Castillo”

    You mean completely firing…?
    This has to be the sloppiest professional website I’ve ever read. The content is fabulous, but there are mistakes(stupid mistakes) in almost every post. Why is PFT so against proofreading. It really is odd.

  37. yea im sure it would be smart to fire howard mudd after the o line has finally started playing well.

    theres no way castillo can be brought back in any capacity. the fans want his blood for ruining our defense.

    even at 4-8, that idiot castillo still refused to play nnamdi man to man. he must go.

  38. I don’t think there’s any question Castillo is gone, he is completely over matched as D coordinator and there’s no way to justify keeping him. Reid should also be gone for, among other things, making the decision to put Juan there. The fat man had a good run in Philly but he’s out of bullets. The only thing that could keep him from being fired is the fact that he has 2 years left on his contract and Lurie might feel like he owes him one more year to turn it around.

  39. Castillo sucks. See ya.
    But reid will get a job in san diego if he is fired. So he isnt even scared

  40. How about if Reid fires himself???

    It makes sense because his play calls, coaching staff additions, and the way he underachieves has gotten worse since 2009.

    2009: They were a Superbowl contender after the 2008 NFC Championship game and brought in big names like Jason Peters. They lose the NFC East title after losing to Dallas in Week 17 and get pummeled in the Wild Card game against the same team.

    2010: They were supposed to be a good playoff team, but Reid failed to adjust to the defenses that were harassing Mike Vick. The Birds go 1-and-out. That’s not a good playoff team.

    2011: They were a Superbowl contender with all these “Dream Team” acquisitions and now they are in worse shape than ever before!!!

    This guy deserves to be back???

  41. Andy’s health seems to be going downhill fast. Just watching the quick glimpses the cameras give he is looking bad. The constant throat clearing he does during news conferences seems to go on endlessly, whether he speaks or not. For his health and the sake of the Eagles health he needs to step aside.

  42. I just threw up in my mouth at the thought of a legend like Mudd being “replaced” after one season. Keeping Mudd and Wasburn is the only thing this coaching staff has going for it. Imagine if we had real coordinators and other position coaches instead of yes men.

  43. Reid has been with the eagles to many years and the owner should use some sense and fire him!

  44. Sports Fans be careful what you wish for. I have moved to the Ohio area and had to suffer the last 10 years with terrible franchises (Detriot and Cleveland). Andy Reid has made the Eagles into contenders except for 2 years. This team only needs a few upgrades to be at the top of the Heap again. I do think OC and DC should be replaced. Marty has shown he cannot run the ball when needed and Juan I never understood. As we say in Philly, wait until next year

  45. Castillo and Marty both need to go. Blaming only the defense is BS when Marty is having Vick and young throw the ball 40 times a game with the most predictable play calling. I could sit at home and call run or pass.

    But obviously castillo is a huge problem because he refuses to play our dbs man to man. Our linebackers are out of position 75% of the time and our d line is constantly gashed by the run

  46. Fire castillo, hire spags when he loses his job and thats it. Everyone else is fine. Oh and lets use our high draft pick on a linebacker for once

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