Lovie Smith: We’re not signing anyone


Perhaps the Bears considered signing Donovan McNabb last night and this morning in the wake of Caleb Hanie’s latest ugly performance.

Lovie Smith made it clear at his press conference Monday that they aren’t considering McNabb any more.  Like Devin Hester, Smith seems to view any additions as a waste of time.

“That’s our group. We’re going to make improvements. We’re not looking on the outside,” Smith said. “We don’t have a quarterback tryout or anything like that.”

That group is Hanie, rookie Nathan Enderle, and recent pickup Josh McCown. Smith isn’t considering replacing Hanie after his second straight three interception game.

“Caleb’s our quarterback,” Smith said.

That should remind Bears fans of Lovie’s old catchphrase: “Rex is our quarterback.”

Smith also denied a report that Mike Martz will not be back with the team next year.

“That has to be made up. Nothing like that came from me,” Smith said.

So, to review: Nothing to see here folks.

37 responses to “Lovie Smith: We’re not signing anyone

  1. aw come on. sign mcnabb,
    let him help you.
    reach the Super Bowl and win one with him — sitting on the bench or starting, he won’t care. that’ll be the story of the year.

  2. Does anyone really want to see Hanie, & Cowboy rejects Roy Williams and Marion Barber starting in a playoff game?

  3. I don’t see them beating teams like the Packers on 49ers with a QB like Hanie. There’s only so much a geat defense can do and it isn’t much with a QB throwing 3 INTs per game. I really hope the Bears figure this out. The fans out there deserve at least to have the best guy available under center and at this point McNabb wouldn’t be a bad idea. His experience and ability to extend plays would really help Chicago.

  4. So BF played w/ the Packers for years, then went to the Vikings. Now he’d talk if the Bears called?? Lions you’re next!

  5. That’s too bad Lovie cause the way I see it, those gimme’s vs Seattle and @ Minny are no longer cupcakes. I smell an 8-8 season and a missed wildcard berth if you fail to make any kind of change. 2 games of Hanie is enough for any person to see, the guy cannot play. Sign Favre or McNabb and stop being scared of the media. Save your job.

  6. I was shocked to read this and not see Brett Favre’s name mentioned… I KNOW how great he was in cold weather at the “end ” of his career. Also, the great receiving corps the Bears have, has him drooling all over his silver beard. Last, I think they could use his skills at tending to the pristine turf at UFO Field.

  7. Yeah, Hanie played bad, but if Barber had lined up correctly and/or Roy catches that ball that HIT HIM IN THE HANDS its a totally different game. I’d rather have Hanie than watch McNabb bounce-pass the football to the receivers. As long as the other Wildcard teams keep losing its all good……

  8. Lovie Smith: We’re not signing anyone … and that includes Matt Forte … which means his 2 week MCL sprain recovery time just turned into a full 3 month rehab … which thus means the Bears season is over.

  9. Please sign Favre…there is nothing that I would love to see more than him ruining yet another teams chemistry and season. Not that it can get any worse than it is now in Chicago.

  10. Hate to say he’s right, but he’s right. Too late to do anything about it now. Decisions like this should have been made LONG ago, not Week 14.

  11. Whatever Lovie.

    This is the guy who had no problem with Todd Collins as the second string QB last year, so forgive me if I find his aptitude for player personnel assessment highly suspect.

    Maybe a collapse this year will be what the Bears need to clean house, starting with the front office who value economy over winning. The city of Chicago deserves better.

  12. “Caleb’s our quarterback,” Smith said.

    That should remind Bears fans of Lovie’s old catchphrase: “Rex is our quarterback.”

    O God, why are we going back there? Plz lets not go back to the Bears of old: Lovie staying loyal to a horrible QB,.defense and st having go win games for us.

  13. I would rather bring back Jonathon Quinn and go 7-9 before that hillbilly dbag wore a Bear uniform. It’s got to be killing him that he wont even be considered the best Packer QB of all time. GO GUT THE LAWN WRONGLER BOY !!!

  14. Doesn’t really matter what the Bears do – 6th seed runs into the Saints buzzsaw, 5th seed likely goes through either NY or Dallas, both of which have dlines that will chew the Bears oline up. So… if they DO manage to get into the playoffs by sliding past a couple of cupcake teams – the ride ends very quickly anyway.

  15. Favre couldn’t digest the Jet’s offense, why does anyone think he could actually learn and execute Martz’s in short order? He throws a ton of INT’s in offenses that he knows like the back of his hand, do people really think he’d throw less than Hanie is now?
    Same with McNabb, he couldn’t even learn Washington’s version of the West Coast offense with a full off season. Do people really think that he could ever learn Martz’s?
    I actually agree with Lovie on not signing anyone. There’s no one out there available who would be any better than what they have.

  16. Lovie Smith is quietly ruining this team. Seriously, how many great defenses and special teams units will get wasted because the HC is asleep at the switch when it comes to strategy?

    Smith – along with Andy Reid – has been given way too much slack from the media. The reality is that he is a great defensive coordinator and a very poor head coach. His clock management has always been horrible and if not for smarter people running the offense and the special teams the Bears would not be in a position to compete for the playoffs.

  17. There are 5 great qb’s on ths planet so I suggested that my Buffalo Bills trade the 2012 draft to the Colts for Manning or Luck..why not? And. I got slapped…but if you look @ their 2011 pick who would you not sacrifice for Cam Newton…Huh? I’ll wait. So one year of drafting for one of a Trillion people on the planet is.worth it to me!! Hell it beat this Farve crap for sure! !!!

  18. He’s only telling half the truth:
    They’re not signing anyone (true), however it’s because nobody wants to go play there for Jerry Angelo’s peanuts after observing the Forte situation.

  19. If they don’t sign anyone, it just proves even more that Jerry “Millen Part Deux” Angelo is incompetent. No Cutler and no Forte already, which leaves you with Caleb Heinous and Nathan Enderle, whoever the hell he is. All this talk about knowing Martz’s offense is mitigated by the fact that the guy that knows it best is completing passes to the defense. Not a lot of attractive options to bring in, but someone, anyone has to be better than what they have.

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