Passengers dispute Suh’s account to police


Two passengers in Ndamukong Suh’s car at the time of his crash last week dispute the account that Suh gave to police.

The police have amended the police report to reflect the new passenger testimony.  Suh told police he lost control of his car while trying to pass a taxicab and no one was hurt.  (Suh’s car hit a tree.)

One passenger says there was no cab, one of them was hurt, and Suh was just trying to show off.

“When the light turned green, he floored it,” one woman passenger told KGW 8 in Portland, Oregon. “I just remember going so fast and it was violent and just getting thrown around like rag dolls.”

That woman says she suffered a black eye and a busted lip which required stitches. Suh told police no one needed to go to the hospital, but the woman said she asked Suh to call for an ambulance and he refused, telling her she was fine.

She eventually left the scene and called her husband, who took her to the hospital. Another passenger that called 9-1-1 verified that Suh seemed to be trying to “show off” with his car.

It’s hard to know what to make of this story. Perhaps there are grounds for a civil suit, but police don’t seem too bothered about it.

“At no point did anyone there tell an officer that he [Suh] was driving out of control,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson said. “The crash doesn’t meet our threshold for investigation which is vulnerable road user, DUI, or serious trauma injury.”

129 responses to “Passengers dispute Suh’s account to police

  1. 70 Chevelle SS454 no doubt. Showing off in his classic mucsle car. Just like Suh himself, the car has all kinds of muscle…but not enough control.

  2. Is it me or does seem like it’s evidence that the cop is a Lions fan lol. This is crazy. This guy is just really trying to end his career quickly. Is he best friends with Albert Haynesworth? Just sayin

  3. Haha Suh! But why is some married lady in his car late at nite and only called her husband after Suh didn’t take her to the hopsital?

  4. We all assumed that he is an intelligent man who becomes a different person on the field, but this proves that something is not right and he needs all the help from his parents and friends.

  5. So she was in Suh’s car, got hurt, and couldn’t get medical attention? Didn’t the police show? Then her HUSBAND took her? What was she doing in the car in the first place? Sounds like someone’s looking for the quick buck.

  6. Did anyone really believe Suh’s story, I mean the accident happened at 1:30 in the morning. Just ask Herm Edwards if anything good happens after midnight.

  7. It seems more and more clear that Suh is just out of control, and probably has been for a long time. Listen to anyone who has played with or against him in college or the NFL and you will hear all kinds of stories of overly-aggressive and volatile behavior. Right now he is a defiant and angry young person who thinks he knows it all and has seen it all. Rock bottom seems to still be 2 or 3 suspensions away.

  8. The story is lacking depth. Did she leave prior to police arrival and the officers didn’t see her injuries and did the police attend. When writing a story like this that will obviously be scrutinized more facts are required. This may be a way to stir up controversy.

  9. He got in an argument with another driver at the red light and he was just trying to remove himself from the situation. He was only trying to remove himself from the situation

  10. He’s a Millionaire that is paid to play a violent sport,who cares what he does with his time off.

  11. I can’t wait to hear how Detroit fans defend this bum. Money brings out the real character in people. This guy has a lot of money and even more anger. It will be interesting to see this train wreck.

  12. bradwins says: Dec 5, 2011 8:46 PM

    These cops are AWESOME. How come I never meet any cool cops? All the ones I meet are d!cks.
    You have to have a nice war chest to throw at the legal system. That typically makes them pick up the ball and say “screw you guys, I’m going home”.

    Can you let this comment through???

  13. Looks like someone has been putting Dollar Signs in these passengers eyes since the accident. “I did not see any Cab”, the dude was driving like a nut and on and on they will go. By next week they will be telling people that they were kidnapped and Suh was playing chicken on the road.

  14. I said the day the report first surfaced that it was bull. The report stated that he was driving downtown Portland, lost control of his car, hit a curb, hit a water fountain, hit a sign and then hit a tree. The dude had to be under the influence of something at 1:30 am and driving like a bat out of hell to do that much damage. He’s a hometown boy and it’s rather clear that the cops were doing him a favor……..just like Jim Schwartz and the NFL have went out of their way to do him favors. Someone needs to allow this punk to go to the school of hard knocks and to learn his lesson.

  15. I’m not exactly on Suh’s side per se, but not prosecuting is smart move here.

    The cops knew exactly what was going on just looking at the car. C’mon…SS Chevelle? Wrecked? Sober driver? Two chicks? Not exactly calling Sherlock to solve that ‘mystery’ of how-why.

    And both the chicks – just like the cop said – gave no statements contrary to anything Suh said. And the chick has a mild laceration on eye brow and a bump.

    What happened there is the chicks were like ‘WHOA’ while they were there, left the scene having a really cool story. Then they calmed down, looked in the mirror, added the mental pennies, and called a lawyer. Who then said call TV station. Its as American as apple pie. They’ll settle out of court, life goes on. Hope Suh doesn’t stay this dumb forever.

  16. When he was at Nebraska he ran into some parked cars “trying to avoid a cat or dog”. This also occurred at 1 or 2 in the morning.

    At least he had the sense to change up his story a bit this time.

  17. If I were her husband, I’d be serving her papers ASAP. There is pretty much nothing redeeming about hanging out at 1:30 AM with an NFL player as a married woman.

  18. OK, now I’m pissed. Suh doesn’t deserve a classic Chevy if he’s going to drive it as stupidly as this.

  19. not one person on this site( especially males) have not floored their car or raced it while they are young, give it a break ….. and depending on how hot she is you wouldnt care if she was married either

  20. Go file a police report then I will give this women some credence. Until then don’t hide behind a camera and act the victim.

    Until then what can the cops truly do? Legally they can’t do anything it is all “hear say” and have to file that report for them to actually do anything.

  21. Just watched the video link. This clown donked out a 1970 Chevelle SS, with 20″ rims??????

    Man, that’s what Mercedes are for, FOOL!

  22. There are plenty of innocent reasons why a married woman would be in his car. She might be a relative. Or maybe she went out with her sister or a girlfriend and just tagged along when the other woman accepted Suh’s invitation. Maybe they have known each other since childhood.

    The real question we should be asking is if this cop is a ref for high school football games. ‘Cause, refs just don’t get him, ya know.

  23. Hey wifey, if you pretend Suh was driving like a maniac and you got hurt because of his negligence, we could Suh (haha) him. Am I the only one who hears a money grubber?

  24. It is obvious this kid, yea I said kid, because he is not a man yet, should be done the rest of the season. Now he is showing off in a car for some girls. i used to do that when I was 16 because I didn’t know the dangers. This KID needs a life coach. You play in the NFL and you set an example for young kids watching you wanting to be you. Looks like you are setting an example, an example of what not to do. Thank you for that.

  25. She sounds like someone looking for publicity and willing to throw Suh’s name on the dirt just for it. Suh needs to learn having a married female in your car after midnight spells trouble!

  26. Yeah, hi you guys are so quick to hate on a guy it’s pretty sad.

    First of all, what was the woman doing out of the kitchen? Point 1 that she cannot be trusted. Second of all, what was she doing driving recklessly with Suh when she has a husband at home? Strike 2. And why did she wait to tell the cops this? The cops said neither she or anyone else claimed Suh was driving recklessly at the scene. Strike 3.

    Oh, and classic muscle car + testosterone + steroids + beef and corn + 2 women = showing off… she should be ejected.

  27. Love these passengers who don’t say a thing at the scene and then mamaage to contact every news agency to tell a totally different story.

    They had their chance at the scene and said nothing. Now they are all “hurt”. Sounds like they had something to hide at the scene. Or they now see dollar signs.

  28. this guy is such a turd.
    Slams foot into man on ground?!! But he’s such a great guy according to all the talking butheads. These are just words. Actions are all that matter. Which is why he’s a turd and Vick is a dog killer.
    (a little secret to dummies everywhere. it will make your life easier. people lie to get things.)

  29. Should have said he “Lost his balance and accidentally stepped on the peddle trying to remove himself from the situation.” Besides the man upstairs knows he wasn’t showing off and definitely didn’t try to hurt anyone. Hope he has 20 sack season next year cuz he’s quickly becoming a joke on the field. Only pass rushing he was doing was to pass the cab n rush to the nearest subway for his lifetime free foot longs!

  30. bradwins says:
    Dec 5, 2011 8:46 PM
    These cops are AWESOME. How come I never meet any cool cops? All the ones I meet are d!cks.


    Because you’re not a millionaire.

  31. So nobody here thinks that if the woman looked like she needed medical attention then the cops would have notified the paramedics?

    So now we believe an unknown woman who may or may not have even stuck around for the cops to get there.

    And seriously to the guy who said “The cop must be a Lions fan.” Seriously dude? Seriously? Because yeah, there are so many Lions fans out there.

    Now you’re just reaching, trying to get Suh in trouble for unproven BS.

    The guy is young, dumb and a millionaire….If I was 23 or 24 and I had a sick Chevelle like that I’d punch it every now and then too.

    The accident is just bad timing, that’s all. Sounds like some passengers realized they might be able to score some moolah out of this whole deal.

  32. Everyone wants to hurt or disgrace someone it makes them fell good Suh maybe wrong but police will get it straight

  33. In his amended post event report to the police Suh states that when he pulled away from the light people were falling against him and to not lose his balance he stomped down on the accelerator.

  34. And to think that I totaled my Chevelle out going 15 mph on glare ice when some old guy overcorrected and hit me head on while I was going to pick my daughter up at Girl Scouts. Didn’t even hit the news with that one.

  35. Ultimately, both sides are probably somewhat correct.

    The way the accident is described, it’s hard to actually believe that Suh is completely innocent here, and he obviously has a propensity to lie and place blame on others or the circumstances rather than admit to his mistakes like a man.

    The married woman probably also suffered a mild cut or bruise, but will play it up to see if Suh or the Lions will offer her a settlement to shut up.

    One thing that we know for sure…when trouble seems to follow NFL stars around, it usually doesn’t lead to something good. I’d like to offer Suh the benefit of the doubt, but let’s get real. Does anyone actually think these are coincedences? This wont be the last we will hear of Suh in a bad light, trust me.

  36. He doesn’t think he stomped a guy and he doesn’t think he drove out of control.

    He does think pro wrestling is real and he does think the middle east is a pretty peaceful place.


  37. When I was young, I drove a fox, took a corner too fast hit a patch of gravel flew off the road and ended up between two large trees. About 2ft between at either end. Not a scratch.

    Young people do dumb things mostly out off inexperience. This is no different.
    Some of you people show alot less judgement in your rush to string the man up.

  38. The man had an accident, how does that make him out of control off the field? If that lady was hurt why didn’t she say something to the police herself? I’ve been in a couple accidents myself and I can tell you that the police talk to everyone involved, especially the ones in the car. She wasn’t a child so she could speak for herself I’m sure. If she is saying something different than she told the police the at the scene isn’t that giving false info to a police officer and a crime? Sound to me that this chic is seeing dollar signs and the only thing Suh is guilty of is having really crappy friends.

  39. Sounds like the passengers have visions of insurance settlements dancing in their heads. But who knows? I probably wouldn’t have let Suh drive me around in a 1970 Chevy Coupe. Have they seen how reckless he is on a football field?

  40. Hubby gets call from wife about accident, picks her up, gives her a tune-up for being out late. Realizing he should have resorted to a gut punch instead of a face shot, they concoct the story. Instantly they can quit their part-time jobs.

  41. Maybe he slammed on the gas pedal because his married female passenger brought Suh to an uncontrollable point of excitement. If that was my wife I’d be filing papers ASAP.

  42. No idea if he was drinking, but if he was I’m surprised they did not do a toxicology report with how the accident turned out. I know in WA State when you get in an accident when you’ve been drinking that it is an automatic DUI no matter how little you’ve had to drink. I would imagine it is similar with our neighbors in Oregon.

  43. pack15forever said: Dec 5, 2011 11:30 PM

    “I was just trying to extricate myself from the situation. I was off balance my foot slipped and I hit the gas pedal”


    +1000 to you, Sir!

    Suh is out of control. He’s a spoiled, rich, gigantic 4 year-old surrounded and protected by enablers and apologists.

  44. Can’t wait till this d-bag runs himself out of the NFL and we don’t have to hear anymore Suh stories. He’s completely earning his reputation as out of control.

  45. One of them hurt her shoulder. She must have hit the steering column. The under-side. Looked like a nice car, though.

  46. Well, if her head weren’t buried in Suh’s lap, his meat wad would’ve never busted her eye upon collision in the first place.

    The husband/pimp should be aware of the risks of the trade.

  47. The story above said were at least 2 passengers besides Suh. And how did police miss “….suffered a black eye and a busted lip which required stitches.” which means abrasions and blood?
    Sounds like no matter what he was driving more like a 16 year old than a grown man. Hope he shapes up ‘cuz he proven he CAN do good things on and off the field. He just needs to be that way ALL the time….at least in public, and drive a newer car with air bags.

  48. When these types of incidents start to pile up for Suh, he may want to ask for a one on one with the Police Commissioner to ask him to clarify the rules of law.

    As he will surely not know how and why he would be wrong.

  49. People who say he got off because he is a football player obviously havent seen the numbers or players who have been arrested this year.

  50. Schwartz was the Def Coordinator in Tennessee when Haynesworth was acting up. At some point he needs to be held accountable for the actions of his players. Schwartz himself is a punk and his players follow his example yet nobody ever calls him out on it. I have never seen such a consistent showing of poor sportsmanship game in and game out by a team.

  51. There is a real crime here. Someone that has too much money to drive a 70 Chevelle SS without wrecking has too much money.

  52. wow so much ignorance. why are so many attacking the woman on here? I am guessing thats just the lions fans? they were riding in a car with Suh, no where did I read anything about them having sex. I am a huge fan of my team (no it is NOT the lions) and if I got a chance to hang out with one of the players, married or not, I would be thrilled and wouldnt turn it down. This may be shocking to some of you, but the women you read about trying to hook up w/ athletes for these one night stands represent only a tiny ridiculously small percentage of the female fan base.

    Suh has proved over and over what his true character is and keeps proving to everyone you cant trust a word out of his mouth but so many of you wanna jump to the conclusion that shes just tryin to get paid simply because she is a female and he is an athlete. Thats pure ignorance. I am guessing these same ppl think the bystanders are all in on it too (if any of you same ppl actually read the original article this page links to).

    I hope he continues this destructive path of his until he finally crosses that line that his celebrity status cant bail him out of otherwise he is never going to learn or grow up. If not then we are stuck hoping he doesnt get someone killed before he does.

  53. Seriously, isn’t the most worrying thing about this the attitude of the police.

    Suh crashed his car into a tree. Unless the police know it was caused by a catastrophic mechanical failure, how can that not be a case of reckless driving. He hit a curb, a light pole and a drinking fountain before striking the tree. None of those are well known for jumping out in front of unsuspecting motorists.

  54. No television cameras there. No national audience. We’ll never know really what happened.

    Until his passengers release their medical records from the incident and they are compared to the accident report.

    And Suh’s statement.

    Any photos around of the car post-accident?

  55. Sgt. Pete Simpson said. “The crash doesn’t meet our threshold for investigation which is vulnerable road user, DUI, or serious trauma injury.”

    The crash my have been no big deal, BUT isn’t filing a false police report a crime? What happened to the taxi?

  56. Seems a bit sketchy, who asks for an ambulance for a split lip and black eye? Why did it take so long for her to come forward? Why wouldn’t she say something to the police when they were there? It sounds to me, like someone just realized they could receive a settlement and the dollar is trumping truth.

  57. She eventually left the scene and called her husband, who took her to the hospital.

    Why is a married woman driving around with Suh? I hope he burns for this and many more future crap he brings upon himself. He had a ton of fans, even people rooting for him that don’t like the Lions, after his BS problems he’d be lucky to still have Lions fans behind him. Suh is a loser and a douche bag. He deserves whats coming. Karma baby, karma.

  58. Yep… Cops covered it up because he is a NFL player and hometown boy…yada yada yada…. and all that worked so well for all the other NFL players that were busted during the holdout….It’s probably Suh’s fault for the Missing “Peoples Court” Woman and The Lindbergh Baby as well

  59. “Hi honey it’s me, yeah I met some NFL player at the club we were out joy riding in his car at 3am and got in a fender bender…….. can you come get me ” Boy women have stones dont they.

  60. Even the most loyal Loins (yes, I spelled that correctly) fan will soon have to admit that this guy is trash.

  61. Some people might think he was driving wreckless, not me, I think his feet and legs r just soooooo strong that when he drives it seems wreckless because of his nature.

  62. Who among us hasn’t crashed our car while showing off for two married women we are tooling around with?

  63. some of ya obviously didnt notice the link in the article to the original article. it includes pictures of the car and the woman who was injured. It is pretty obvious medical attention was needed looking at those pics. I can understand the questions of “why did she leave the scene” when she coulda obviously gotten medical attention once the cops got there but I am not really shocked at her actions either. The pics show she definitely had some significant head trauma which can lead anyone to not think so clearly. Add that in with Suh tellin the cops on the phone no one needed medical assistance and him refusing when she asked him to call to get an ambulance. Lets also consider the type of attitude we know Suh has and given the situation I doubt he was cheerful when he told her she wasnt injured (srsly look at the pictures of her). It wouldnt be a stretch to assume she either panicd or just got scared.

    Now I will admit I am merely making a few assumptions here but if you check his track record for when he loses control of his emotions on the field then immediately lies about it to coaches, teammates, media, and anyone who will listen… the odds are in my favor here.

  64. Suh out of control? What? That’s just nuts! No way….Dude is a walking roid rage…love the part about the husband taking Suh’s chick to hospital…Why was she in the car? Why was hubby not invited?

    Lions are toast.

  65. “Bye dear, girlfriend & me are goin’ out cruisin’ with the NFL’s meanest, most violent defensive tackle…dinner’s in the oven. What’s that? I told you me and him are just old friends…”

    Who let’s their wife run with this jailbird-to- be?

  66. To all the people who keep saying “it’s karma” need I remind you that outside of the football field Suh has been a wonderful guy. He volunteers for charity work and donates money to the needy, more than what most of you have ever done or will ever do for the downtrodden. So before you shoot off at the mouth like an idiot and say how terrible he is maybe you should look at yourself and ask what gives you the right to judge?

  67. Jeeez, even his friends dont like Suh . There should be a law against selling gems like this car to imbeciles like Suh

  68. I guess some married women just love the attention they get hanging with big,ugly super rich celebrity nfl football players,and in this case a nutjob nfl player,why isnt he getting a ticket for at least reckless driving for driving into and injuring that living tree,what king of law do they have there anyway.this Suh guy is a pure bonehead whos bad choices have now injured non football players and that is totally unacceptable in a civilized society.

  69. I agree with all the snide comments and all the hundreds of those thumbs up which represent another human being agreeing with said comment. I would MUCH rather make minimum wage [if any wage at all] while living in my mom’s basement at the age of 40 and judge other people. Seeing as how my cellar dwelling life has turned out, am I not the epitome of life’s do’s and don’ts? BESIDES, it’s much better to sit here, wiping Dorrito crumbs off my chest onto the basement floor in the once poorly lit now dark [DAYUMN, that was the last light bulb and I don’t get my next slow check ’til next Thursday] basement judging guys who made more in the last 5 minutes than I will ever see in an entire life time. LOSE ON!!!

  70. How many young players do dumb things or vets better yet?
    He will learn. How would u act if u were in the top 2 in the league at your position and got paid 40 mil guarenteed how would you act? Not saying what he’s done has been proper for a professional athlete, but dang everyone that talks crap on this site about him last year was loving him, and wish they had him. Plus still leads pro bowl voting at his position so there can’t be too many people who really hate him, just the media an boneheads who have nothing better to do then to talk JUNK

  71. This story seems fishy to me. I am not debating that he wasn’t gonig to fast or not trying to show off because I called it the minute I heard he was in the accident (and no alcohol was involved). However, why are these witnesses coming out two days later?!?!

    They should have stayed at the scene and talked to the cops. Isn’t it a crime to leave the scene of an accident? Plus, she talks about how she really did need medical attention, but Suh wouldn’t call an ambulance. What was stopping them from calling their own ambulance? They (the two girls in the car with him) called the one chicks husband, but not an ambulance!?!? Their story just doesn’t add up.

    Her injuries look like she got beat up by her husband for cheating on him with Suh (black eye, busted lip, etc) and they are trying to say she got hurt in the crash instead.

  72. Someone just earned the right never to be around Suh again. I would not doubt if they have legal paper telling them they can no longer be within 50 yards of Suh. I know that is what I would do. Than ask him how he likes his tickets to games he cannot attend.

  73. Anyone who fails to see that Suh is well on his way to some sort of tragedy, is willfully ignorant. There is little doubt that Suh is uncontrollable on and off the field and it can all be attributed to bad judgement. This would be a completely different story had someone in that car been seriously injured or killed. The difference between life and death in these accidents, at high speeds, is usually a matter of few precious inches. When will Suh learn?

  74. So many hateful, ignorant comments on here. I suppose none of those calling for Suhs head have never had an accident or made a mistake when they were younger? All of you live in a glass house and it makes it real easy to judge someone sitting behind a monitor and keyboard.

  75. Because none of you have ever been into a car accident……I guess none of you have ever done something stupid to try and show up to your friends either. He is what, 22/23?? He did something dumb to try and impress his friends. Happens every single day

  76. I’m from Michigan and a Lions fan and I will not excuse this behavior. If Suh thinks the league has him under a microscope as it was, his off field issue can get him suspended as well (Rothlisberger was never charged but got suspended).

    Suh- you are young and have a lot of money. What are you doing with a married woman in your car? We don’t all need to be theoretical physicists to figure out why your passengers did not have their selt belts on. I’ve been in accidents, but none were because I was being a tool in my car. A car like that, if you respect it, you don’t screw around with it.

    This is why rookies should not get guaranteed money or make anywhere near what they get. $100k should be what they get their rookie year. I defended you for your on-field stuff earlier, but you need to get your head on straight.

  77. Both stories fail. Ones an excercise in CYA and the other is a sudden realization at how much money can be won. Not only is Suh a total loser, so are the ppl he hangs with. Note to self, showing off to married cougars in a big block muscle car is a poor idea.

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