The Chargers offense finally shows up


It only took eleven weeks and an injury-depleted opponent, but the Chargers offense we expected to see all season showed up on Monday Night Football.

Philip Rivers threw two touchdowns in the final two minutes of the half to put San Diego ahead 24-14 at the break. And then Rivers added another bomb to Malcom Floyd to start the second half to make it 31-14.  Rivers has hit five plays over 20 yards.

Blaine Gabbert enjoyed perhaps his best half before a late interception in the second quarter gave Rivers the ball back for a chance for another score. Now Gabbert has to try to show he can lead a team from a large deficit.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars suffered what appeared to be a serious injury when defensive end John Chick was carted off with a knee injury.

16 responses to “The Chargers offense finally shows up

  1. too bad no fans showed up! Monday night football and empty seats! how humiliating, and to think they had TWO games at home on ESPN this year!

  2. Does this mean Rivers is magically healed? Just wondering because of all the “He must be injured” talk from some to explain away the suckiness.

  3. Classic Chargers right here. They’ll make themselves look real good against a completely terrible team and then lay an egg next time out. I cant get over how open some of these receivers are getting. If I was the owner of the Jaguars, id move the team and leave all these players except for MJD in Jacksonville. They are awful

  4. As if the Chargers aren’t injury-depleted themselves at some spots. They’re missing their starting C, LG, and LT…their backup LT, LG and RG…

  5. @delintzman
    Shut up already. Empty seats blah blah blah. Did you see the Bills empty seats, oh they were blacked out. How about the Bucs, oh they were blacked out too. What about the Vikings, oh blacked out too. The only reason the Raiders werent is b/c they had an away game. Jaguars still 62k per game with a 3-8 pathetic team. So go take one of those so called empty seats and suck it you short bus rider. And get some new material. It’s played out J-J-Jr.

  6. The Chargers offense finally showed up?

    Or did you not in your tremendous analysis discover that Kevin Rutland and Ashton Youboty started at CB and the Jags are so short on Defensive Ends that they have a DT starting at End?

    Is the Chargers Offense so great or is Morgan Trent getting playing time? George Freaking Selvie was in at DE for crying out loud!

  7. The Chargers are the underachieving team of the decade. That franchise should have been competing for Super Bowl wins. Instead, they’re always on the outside looking in.

  8. Gabbert looks TERRIBLE.. wow, and to think some people were b*tching last year about not loosing enough games to have a shot at this guy. Thank god we didn’t. This guy makes Tavaris look like a pro bowler.

  9. Big Deal. Now the Bolts have to hope both the Raidas and Donkeys fold – which is unlikely.

    Too little too late v. the injured Sisters of the Poor.

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