Titans’ Colin McCarthy part of impressive Titans draft class

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Titans middle linebacker Barrett Ruud may be the next Wally Pipp.

Ruud is currently out with a groin injury and we suspect he won’t have a starting job to return to when he gets healthy. At least he shouldn’t get his starting job back.

Tennessee rookie fourth-round pick Colin McCarthy has been a revelation over the last month. Every time we watch the Titans on tape, McCarthy just pops off the screen.

We’re not sure the stats do McCarthy justice, but the stats are pretty impressive: He has 29 tackles, five tackles for loss, two passes defensed, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and an interception in his last three games. One of those games came off the bench.

It’s hard to imagine the Titans bothering to re-sign Ruud; he’s on a one-year contract.

McCarthy isn’t exactly a diamond in the rough — he went to University of Miami — but he’s part of a quietly impressive Titans draft class.

McCarthy, linebacker Akeem Ayers, and defensive tackles Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug all look like solid building blocks for the team.

If Jake Locker winds up being as good as the Titans hope, this could turn into a special draft class for Mike Munchak.

12 responses to “Titans’ Colin McCarthy part of impressive Titans draft class

  1. He’s been awesome for the Titans. Coming off the bench half way through the 2nd quarter and still getting 10 tackles (led the team) and an interception was an outstanding performance. He deserves the start.

  2. Is it me or are the rookies all across the league this year better than ever?!!.. I love seeing new, young, hungry players coming up. It puts a fire under veteran’s behinds and it reminds them that if they don’t want to play someone with a watery mouth sitting right behind them will. These rookies are HUNGRY and I love what I’m seeing

  3. I went to grade school with Colin for 5 years and played basketball with him. He was always the best player on the court. And the fastest. He was always a bigger dude and had the LONGEST strides in the world, but still was deceptively pretty fast. I didn’t play football, but he was their QB and LB. A pretty good QB, as well. He’s a great athlete. This doesn’t surprise me, he was a solid player at the U…they gave him Dan Morgan’s # for a reason.

  4. We’re not sure the stats do McCarthy justice, but the stats are pretty impressive: He has 29 tackles, five tackles for loss, two passes defensed, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and an interception in his last three games.


    Ok, so I wasn’t impressed reading those stats…until I read that it was all in the past 3 games! The 29 tackles for a LB are where I would expect a solid LB to be, but all of the additional disruptions are impressive. I wish my Giants had a LB who could put up 2 passes defensed, forced fumbles, recoveries and an INT in a SEASON, let a lone a 3 game stretch!

  5. When he was injured early in the year and couldn’t practice, the coaching staff couldn’t get him out of the film room. This kid is going to be the leader of this defense in no time.

  6. It shouldn’t have taken this long for Ruud to warm the bench for McCarthy either. Biggest joke of a linebacker in the league. Regularly gets ran over and dragged by opposing running backs, while getting taken out of plays by any blocker that touches him. Takes the absolute worst angles in coverage and has the awareness of a hyena. Coverage was supposed to be his strength, but opposing QBs regularly picked on him.

    Bucs fans were completely right.

  7. He is currently anchoring my defense in my fantasy football league that has IDPs. I picked him up two weeks ago, and he hasn’t disappointed. He is a true playmaker and deserves to be the starter even when Barrett Ruud is healthy. And it makes me want to slap the Eagles F/O and Andy Reid for drafting Casey Matthews instead of McCarthy! Idiots.

  8. Holy stats…for all the hype Jerod Mayo gets from my neck of the woods, aside from the tackle numbers McCarthy has made more plays in almost four games than Mayo has in almost four years. Holy smokes.

    Good for him…a young guy taking advantage of his opportunities and making the most of it. Sometimes all you need is a chance and off they go.

    Glad to see the Titans getting back into the fold so quickly after the big change of coaching and whatnot in Jeff Fisher.

  9. McCarthy’s been kind of banged up himself, but he’s been playing through the pain the last few weeks and doing it at a high level. Smart, physical, tenacious, and tough. He may not be the most imposing athlete but he sure is fun to watch.

    I wouldn’t leave Tommie Campbell off the list of draft finds, either. Hard for him to get on the field on defense with the veteran depth they have in the secondary, but that dude’s been showing up on special teams all year, even before the return TD against the Bucs. With his size and speed, he’s one to keep an eye on next year, too.

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