Blount accused of directing attack on Bucs fan

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A victim of a severe beating in Tampa told police that Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount was the “leader” of the assault.

Blount is not accused of laying a finger on the victim, but Blount “directed” the two men that attacked the victim, according to a police report obtained by Mark Puente of the St. Petersburg Times.

It’s important to note that Blount has not been charged with anything. He refused to cooperate with police regarding the incident, which took place on September 11.

Puente reached Blount for comment Tuesday.  Blount’s only response: “Oh, man.”

According to the police report, the victim hit the mirror on a car that Blount and two friends were standing next to. The three men jumped in the car, cut off the victim’s truck, and wound up punching the driver many times until he blacked out with his girlfriend in the seat next to him.  Both the victim and the girlfriend were wearing Bucs shirts at the time.

One of the men allegedly jumped on the windshield of the victim’s truck until it smashed.

The police did not pursue charges because the victim “feared that by pursuing his attackers he would be putting himself in danger.”

Ugh. Blount famously fell in the draft because of a punch he threw at Oregon.  The case appears to be closed, so it’s unclear if the NFL or the Bucs will review the matter.  We will seek comment from the Bucs.

54 responses to “Blount accused of directing attack on Bucs fan

  1. Read the police report.

    -Blount’s sisters autistic child was in the car.

    – The victim took off and did not contact to police the next day.

    – The victim has a history of DUIs and had beer cans in the vehicle (it’s in the report).

    Blount should have cooperated, but there is more to the story. (Blount actually did not have to cooperate since he was not involved).

  2. So this time Blount is in the news for NOT throwing a punch. Apparently you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

  3. Going on the word of a guy that tried to hit and run seems tenuous, at best. I know Blount’s history doesn’t help his view here, but it would be inappropriate to pass judgement based on the info available.

  4. I should add, No where in here does it mention Blount was a hit-and-run victim.

    So, Blount’s sisters vehicle is hit and the driver takes off, her autistic son flipped out (in the report).

    Two of Blount’s crew chase the car, rough him up. He takes off again. he never contacted police out of fear for his safety.

    Blount’s sister calls police for a report about the damage to her vehicle and they check out the cars (the next day again). The damage looks funny to the victims car and it has beer cans in it. The victim has a history of DUI.

    Police file a report and here we are.

    LB is no choir boy, but you have to report it correctly. It is unfortunate, but almost anyone here would have reacted like that. (again LB did not attack anyone-even the victim claims that). The victim is NOT filing charges.

  5. “…the incident, which took place on September 11.”

    Maybe instead of attacking people he should have been quietly reflecting on what Sione Pouha went through on 9/11?

  6. Clearly this was Suh (celebrating his victory over the Bucs that day).

    OK, back to reality.
    The whole team has been a wreck since old man Glazer got “sick” and could not run the team.
    Bucs need to fire Rah now!

  7. Blount must hang out with those type of guys most would consider “Tough Guys.” The I’m not on roids, but I act as if I am, won’t grow up and handle things like a man and thats why my mom won’t let me have friends over type. The type of guy that smacks around his girlfriend and has to fight anyone that looks at him, just because he is too cool to be looked at.

    Blount needs new friends.

  8. It all comes out in the wash. If Blount is responsible for the attack, he’ll be found out eventually. Maybe not for this incident, but those with criminal/violent dispositions, always repeat their behavior.

  9. just like suh, an immature idiot that I’d love on my team, and love on my team even more when he grows up

  10. Blackouts seem to be a theme in Tampa. Players are causing fans to blackout, fans are causing TV Blackouts…

    This is the team to move to LA. A year ago this team looked like it could go nowhere but up. How fast they fall.

    What an embarrassing story. Send Blount out west and the 9ers D will take care of him again…

  11. So, this story comes out 3 months after the fact. And in this age of information, that is an eterinity.I also doubt blunt is capable of “directing” an attack as he can’t even get on the field for 3rd down because he can’t “direct ” himself to block the correct person”

  12. at least he is consistent-Always fighting unfair, if he isn’t giving a player a cheapshot punch he is jumping someone 3 on 1! Once a mope always a mope……

  13. Gordon says:
    Dec 6, 2011 3:39 PM
    Just start calling him Bam Bam. He likes to hit things.


    Actually, I believe that name is already reserved for a non-criminal, who leaves it all on the field – Kam Chancellor

  14. “It’s important to note that Blount has not been charged with anything. ”

    Really, because when has that ever meant anything when Goodell doles out his punishments?

  15. wow first the entire packers defense and now this guy…guess legarrette let his friends have all the fun hitting people this time

  16. The fact they had Bucs jerseys on is priceless.

    But I doubt they will get Blount on anything since he didnt actually do the assault.

    A bloody nose and stiff jaw seems like fair punishment for a drunken hit and run for just a busted mirror. He had it coming and thank God nobody was hurt.

    Sounds like there is one Bucs fan that will be taking the shuttle home from now on. Lets hope he is smart enough to do so.

  17. Trying to figure this story out — the guy did a hit and run on Blount’s vehicle? If someone did that to me I could completely understand tracking the person down and giving them what’s coming to them, you’re a complete and total scumbag who deserves no mercy in that case. Just saying.

  18. What the heck is wrong with some of these guys. It’s no way to behave for professional athletes. Sure Blount didn’t lay a finger on the guy but being part of the attack or standing by while a fan gets beat and failing assist is no better than doing it yourself. Some guys think they above the law because they have money or fame. Cut these guys loose that act like animals.

  19. There going to pull that on someone who is armed with a gun in the car – i don’t care what they did, you don’t jump on a windshield and terrify people. Get the information – they should’ve called 911 ASAP

    I wouldn’t have even stopped, i’d have rammed the car that cut me off 5 or 6 times – who knows what couldve happened.

  20. LB is no choir boy, but you have to report it correctly. It is unfortunate, but almost anyone here would have reacted like that. (again LB did not attack anyone-even the victim claims that). The victim is NOT filing charges.


    Almost anyone would have reacted like that? Almost anyone would’ve conspired with their friends to beat a man unconscious because of an accident? Really?

    Almost anyone – that is part of of the 99.999% of normal society – would have called the Police and let them do the job they get paid for.
    Not sure what you’re talking about there

  21. Something else is fishy about this story. The guy who wrote the story for the times… He is a Real Estate writer for the business section. Is it standard for a guy at a major newspaper to write a crime story from 3 months ago if that is not even you part of the newsroom?

  22. Don’t know Blount, but really…the “victim” didn’t report it to the police until the next day? Maybe to give himself some time to sober up and come up with a reason why he did a hit and run.

    And why isn’t he going after the guys who actually attacked him instead of Blount? Money grab, plain and simple.

  23. Blount didn’t do anything wrong. If somebody clips my side view mirror and drives off i will follow them and punch them in the face too. This is an open and shut case. The victim got what was coming to him. He knew it and that’s why he didn’t dial 911. Oh yea, its also believed that the victim was driving and drinking. If thats the case that also explains why he didn’t dial 911 because he knew he would be busted for DUI. Geaux Saints!

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