Elway doesn’t want to talk about Tebow’s future


When Broncos front office boss John Elway said last month that he was no closer to finding his franchise quarterback than he was before Tim Tebow started his winning ways, Broncos fans were appalled. Since then, Elway has tried to walk back his statement.

But Elway still isn’t going to declare Tebow the Broncos’ starter beyond this season: Asked on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver for his thoughts on Tebow’s future, Elway declined to answer.

I know everybody wants to know, but our future’s right now,” Elway said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “When you look at where we are, the future is the Chicago Bears. We’ve got three out of our last four at home. We’re coming off five of six wins. So, we’re excited to come home. I think the city’s excited about it, the fans are excited about where we are right now. The future is now and I think the key thing is for us to continue to keep focused on each game coming up and try to win this division and get in the playoffs and see what happens.”

If Elway were confident in Tebow as the Broncos’ starter in 2012, he’d say so. That he won’t say so suggests that he simply isn’t a believer in Tebow.

What also suggests he isn’t a believer in Tebow is the way Elway looks during Broncos games. The TV cameras have caught Elway several times during Tebow’s game-winning drives, and Elway never appears as ecstatic as you’d expect a team president to be when his young quarterback is leading his team to victory. That strongly suggests that Elway — who inherited Tebow when he took the job — isn’t crazy about the way Tebow is making Broncos fans fall in love with him. Because Elway likely wants a quarterback of his own, and the more games the Broncos win with Tebow, the harder it will be for Elway to justify finding a quarterback of his own.

UPDATE 9:03 a.m. ET:  The future of Tebow was one of the topics discussed by Florio and Ross Tucker on NBC SportsTalk last night.

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120 responses to “Elway doesn’t want to talk about Tebow’s future

  1. Or it could be that he is trying to keep the team focused on a game by game approach since they are knee deep in a division/playoff run.

    But hey, that wouldn’t be a fun article.

  2. You’ve won 6 of your last 7 games, first place in your division, and have much easier schedule than the team directly behind you (Oakland). Just enjoy the ride, why is it that you have to talk about the future when the present is looking positive at the moment. Denver has a legit shot at 9+ wins and hosting a home playoff game. 2012 can wait can’t it?

  3. What a jealous old man.

    Regardless of your thoughts of Tebow as a starting QB, I cant recall an example of a team executive openly rooting for one of his young players to fail.

    I really believe Elway doesnt feel Tebow is a NFL-caliber starter (fair), but seems to be wanting him to crash & burn so he can get him on the first bus out of town (horribly unfair)

  4. It’s pathetic that this continues to be made into a story. Elway told the absolute truth last time and got excoriated for it. Now he refuses to answer because he does not want to lie, and he knows that telling the truth gets him yelled at by idiots (media included). Now he’s getting yelled at anyway, because once the media gets their teeth in they are like a gator.

  5. I would think that Elway knows what a Franchise QB looks like! Actually, this is a positive for Tebow. Wasn’t long ago John said they didn’t have their long term solution at QB!
    Seems like he’s stepping back some….

  6. He gave an appropriate response. Why ask about 2012 when they’re winning and in the playoff hunt now?

    This is just the media trying to stoke the flames because they know Elway won’t commit to anything for next year (which is a fair enough stance), and certain fans will cry foul if he does anything short of anointing Tebow as the God-King of Denver.

  7. broncos365 says:Dec 6, 2011 8:16 AM

    Or it could be that he is trying to keep the team focused on a game by game approach since they are knee deep in a division/playoff run.

    Yeah, great… but that’s just one part of the equation. The bigger problem is that when Tebow is pulling out all these exciting, last-second victories Elway clearly looks bitter and unhappy that it’s not his guy doing it and that now he can’t get Andrew Luck (which is the reason they turned to Tebow anyway).

  8. Honestly, I think it’s killing Elway to see Tebow continue to lead game tying / game winning drives. Elway’s still in the Merril Hoge camp in believing that this winning streak is just a run of good luck for which the defense and the running game deserve all the credit, and the Broncos are winning in spite of Tebow.

    I can’t help but think that Elway wanted Tebow to play horribly, and see the team lose game after game so they could cut Tebow loose at the end of the season. Elway thinks that would have made his job easier heading into next season.

    I don’t know how many more games the Broncos have to win with Tebow behind center before Elway (and all the other doubters out there) stop this nonsense.

    Why are these questions not being raised about Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, or Josh Freeman? Their teams aren’t winning, and when these guys aren’t hurt, they aren’t playing very well. Would Elway be happier about his QB situation if the Broncos were losing? I think so.

    I hope Tebow keeps on winning, if for no other reason than to drive his doubters to insanity.

  9. A franchise QB usually doesn’t trail in the 4th quarter for 90% of the games. Yes, he brings them back but why didn’t he play well enough in qrts 1-3? Too risky. Good TV though.

  10. If any of you think Elway is really going to replace Tebow your out of your minds.

    John is playing mind games with Tebow to make him play like it his last game and he will continue to do so until it makes Tebow as good as what John thinks he can be….however “good” that is.

  11. Just because you are a good football player, does not make you a good manager or businessman. Elway is a prime example of this. What is so difficult in giving a more positive generic answer to please everyone. Maybe you’re not too old for the Arena League….John!!

  12. If Elway were confident in Tebow as the Broncos’ starter in 2012, he’d say so. That he won’t say so suggests that he simply isn’t a believer in Tebow.

    Dude it seems to me that he honestly does not know yet. You make it definitive in your article.
    Elway spent a lot of years as quarterback and has the kind of background that would lead one to believe that he will eventually come to a more definitive conclusion. The Broncos have not played some of the tougher teams in the league for Elway to have a definitive opinion. It would be easier if he could simply rely on opinions from writers like yourself but he can’t rely on writers!

  13. Teebow is a top ten quarterback right now and I am beginning to think he may already be in the top five. He plays faster than the game and has a rocket arm can make all the touch throws, does not throw interceptions, feels no pressure even though Elway tried to faze him out before he got started just because he was afraid Teebow would win more super bowls and be more popular than him with the fans which is ridiculous considering he is not even playing any more and even more ridiculous because you should want the team to win super bowls if you were Elway. Elway needs to get off the sidelines during games as he is probably just trying to think his prescence will mess the kid up which it won’t he is no distraction. It is like in a wrestling event when the partner of another shows up on the outside of the ring to distract the opponent of his partner and that is all Elway is trying to do but Teebow is not studdering that old horse face. Bottom line is John Fox is a good coach and he signed in with the intent of fazing out Teebow which is why Elway got the job so I say Bowlen should fire Elway just because Elway is never gonna change when it comes to Teebow and Teebow is the future and fox better change or he should be out too and if Fox trys to be in cohotts with Elway even when Elway is fired then maybe he should be out just because of that possibility. So Elway should be canned because Teebow is 100,000,000 basically infinity more valuable to the organization than Elway from a marketing and jersey selling standpoint and also because Teebow is gonna win super bowls as I do not see Elway playing football in the nfl anymore so he has earned his way of being fired because Pat Bowlen has the most marketable player in the history of the game even more marketable than Peyton Manning ever was. Bowlen man up and fire Elway for trying to sabotage the future of your team which is insuboridination which is due cause for fire and treason of his own team.

  14. Elway is an arrogant idiot! As a Raider fan I keep hoping for Tebow to crash and burn. At least I have a good reason for hoping.

  15. How can so many people judge Tebow so early, it been 7 games. Does everyone forget how much hype and praise was put on Vince Young and even Josh Freeman last year. The Bucs and Freeman won just as many close games as Tebow and the Broncos last year. Where are the Bucs now? You can only win so many close games before the odds start to change. To early to declare Tebow the Broncos future after only half a season. Can’t blame Elway…….

  16. It’s friggin’ hard to get a top notch qb. Defenses in the AFC west are going to have to retool to deal with Tebow. They will, but I’m thinking that this will probably be of benefit to Denver…much as I hate to say.

  17. Why does everyone seem to think Elway must be jealous of Tim Tebow…I could understand if maybe Tebow won a couple rings or something but so far he’s just an unconventional QB on a hot streak…it’s that simple…

  18. Denver better find a back-up who can run this offense.

    Tebow is making it work — but like Mike Vick, his playing style makes him vulnerable to injury.

  19. Other people will scoop him up. If you watched on Sunday and you know football you saw tebow’s throwing mechanics look a lot better. He kept the ball high and released quick. He’s only going to get better.

  20. Me thinks no QB in Denver is going to succeed long-term under this regime. Expand your horizons Elway….and get over yourself.

  21. This is a lose lose for Elway.

    If he brings in his own QB next year the chances are very very slim that said new QB will win as many games as Tebow has this year. Which means Denver fans will turn on Elway and call for his job.

    Wouldn’t that be delicously ironic though? A Denver icon, one of the best QBs to ever play the game could be run out of his own town for getting rid of a far less talented but winning QB.

  22. If the Broncos win the division, which might actually happen, with Tebow there is no way Tebow doesn’t start next season. If he does not start next season and I’m the owner I want answers from Elway.

    These football execs have big egos and want to succeed with their guy the way they think it should be done, not taking into account what they already have and that there might be another way to do it in the NFL.

    What they are doing right now in Denver is working and I have a new found respect for John Fox and what he has done as a coach. He is putting his players in the best possible position to succeed in the Offense and that is what you do in the NFL, unfortunately some coaches don’t see it that way.

    Martz needs to watch and learn…his star QB goes down and he doesn’t change a thing in his offense to help the QB and team…just an example.

  23. Elway is a joke. His rookie numbers were terrible, and Tebow’s are better. Not fantastic, but better. Tebow’s winning percentage is much better than Elway’s. John Fox was a Tebow hater, and appears to have changed. I’d like to know who made the decision to trade their best receiver, for a seventh round draft pick, a few days before Tebow took the helm. I’d bet it was Elway. Anyone notice how great that receiver is doing in St Louis?

  24. Who does it benefit to show your hand right now, Tebow doesn’t care, he’s not one of these guys that has to be reassured and coddled. Elway would give away pleny of draft day leverage by declaring what the future holds right now. In either event, the Broncos are in GREAT hands right now. Tebow is winning, the defense in getting better…Alot better than a year ago.

  25. Tim Tebow is not a regular QB like Ryan, Rivers, Fitzpatrick, Cutler. But he had proven that he is clutch and a winner.

    Merril Hoge says Tebow wins with “gimmicks”. KWGATOR says old NFL Full-Backs critiquing QBs is a GIMMICK

    Tebow is 6-1 this year … Deal with it NFL “experts”

  26. I watched the SD game when the Broncos won another exciting game unexpectedly. Then the cameras showed Tebow running to his team’s sidelines in excitement to hug one of his coaches right in front of Elway walking by. The one scene spoke volumes of the relationship between the two. No high five, or even acknowledgment of the win from Elway. I’m late the bandwagon but have one leg on board. Aaron Rodgers is my QB so I’m used watching an unbelievable play at the position. Tebow is way different but Broncos are just as effective winning as the Pack over the last six games. The Pack is winning with a porous defense and the Broncos are winning with a substandard passing attack. Amazing but fun stories both!

  27. Lifelong Bronco fan, Elway is simply being realistic. Did anyone truly KNOW Peyton, Brady, or even Elway were a true “franchise qb” after 10 starts! I am as fired up about this run as anyone and really am believing Tebow may make it, but I don’t KNOW he is the guy. Back off Elway people!!!

  28. Man, three weeks ago this type of post would have 100 comments by now of people blasting Tebow. It’s funny how they all conveniently disappear after a game where Tebow wins a game with his arm and a 150 passer rating with limited help from his legs or defense. But, I’m sure they will all pop back up again when Tebow (finally) loses a game. Cowards.

    It’s pretty simple with Elway. He wants ‘his guy’. Every GM or coach that takes over an NFL team wants to start with their own hand-picked QB. Elway and Fox never had that chance and I think it has made them somewhat blind to the special player they inherited. But I think Fox is coming around. Elway, not so much.

  29. Elway is a horseface.

    Besides, think of how many cars Tebow could push off Mr. Ed’s car lots to his disciples.

    The marketing potential is H-U-G-E!

  30. When asked about Elway’s thoughts and comments, Tebow’s reply was: “What was that…oh, I didn’t hear…..I was too busy WINNING.”

  31. Seriously, what absolute moron doesn’t believe it’s the defense? 1-9 into the 4th Qtr and you believe it was Tebow? This is all D and fans just aren’t that smart in Denver.

  32. @ aj303

    It works both ways. Soooo many people were quick to judge Tebow and call him a bum before he even played a single game. Then he plays multiple games and wins them, yet he still has millions of haters. It’s just flat-out unfair. I just wanted him to get a fair shot… and he got that and has outperformed nearly everyones expectations. Quite frankly I take pure joy out of seeing the haters here and the “experts” on ESPN squirm watching him win all the time.

  33. I really don’t think Elway is in the wrong here if you really break it down. People are so polarized by Tim Tebow, they’re just shocked that what he is doing isn’t impressing his boss. I’m a Redskins fan, so in this dismal season I can say I’m excited to see what he is doing and hope it carries on. That being said, if say the Skins drafted Jake Locker and had us at 7-5, I wouldn’t be going nuts if Shanny didn’t verbally commit to him for the next decade just yet.
    Tebow could lose out the rest of the way, then everyone would go about their business just forgetting Elway was right. Elway wants more than a 6 game sample. Yes they are 5-1, but let’s not forget that blowout in Detroit and the fact that Tebow has to come back every game. It’s fun for us fans, but it’s probably raising Elway’s chances of a stroke.
    When in this day and age does a verbal commitment to a player mean anything anyways? Elway could come out and say Tebow is the man of the future without a doubt. If Tebow finished the season out at 7-9, Elway could still change his mind, and the fans would be right there with him.
    All this being said, Tebow is a winner, even if he doesn’t have the most prototypical qb skillset. Given a quality team around him he will find a way to win. Also, with his drive, he should only get better. If he truly isn’t given a “chance” in Denver to succeed, he will find one somewhere else.

  34. They will build statues of this man they call Tebow outside of the stadium when it is all said and done.

  35. One of the great little subplots here is how after every crazy Tebow game winning play, the camera cuts briefly to Elway on the sideline or upper deck, doing a golf clap while apparently sucking on a lemon. It’s like the plot to Major League. Let’s hope there’s not a naked cutout of Elway in the locker room with bits of his clothes coming off after each win.

  36. Elway looks like a dad who’s daughter is in love with a guy he hates and there is nothing he can do about it. Tebow is the boyfriend and the city of Denver is the love struck daughter.

  37. As noted – Elway is another example of a great player not being able to manage. Shut that toothy grin Elway – and let the kid have a chance. Geesh – you lost 3 Super Bowls before you finally won two, and it took how many years?

  38. Elway is doing his best Brett Favre impression. Don’t piss off your own fans. Be like Michael Jordan and just be terrible elsewhere.

  39. Anyone else noticing that Elway seems to think he is Jerry Jones, coming to the sidelines at the end of each game? What the hell John?!

  40. Dear Die Hard Tebow Fans,
    If Tebow makes it to the playoffs (and possibly wins a game in the post season) Elway has no choice but to make him next years starter. Let Elway run the team, he’s doing an pretty good job so far.

    Sincerely a Bronco fan who is sick of Tebow fans.
    (I like Tebow, but not before the Broncos)

  41. Meril Hodge, Mel Keiper, Jr. and Todd McShay all said Tebow won’t succeed in the NFL… LOL!!! Love it!!!!!

  42. I like how internet forums provide such handy voluntary intelligence litmus tests. The people bashing Elway are the ones scoring in the lower percentiles. Just above the people who redundantly post threads like this one.

  43. Timmy’s not going anywhere. Elways not that dumb. Read the article. He’s got a tebowner like the rest of the world, just to shy to show it.

  44. Elway should be concerned about “HIS” future. Obviously Elway was incapable of understanding the talent Tebow has, and how to use it. If Elway failed to comprehend this, what is it say he will not fail to recognize future talent as well.

  45. kwgator says:
    Dec 6, 2011 9:02 AM
    Tim Tebow is not a regular QB like Ryan, Rivers, Fitzpatrick, Cutler. But he had proven that he is clutch and a winner.

    Merril Hoge says Tebow wins with “gimmicks”. KWGATOR says old NFL Full-Backs critiquing QBs is a GIMMICK

    Tebow is 6-1 this year … Deal with it NFL “experts”


    One could easily say; “remember the Dolphins, and the wildcat, and their quick knockout by the Ravens?

    That being said, lets give it time…Tebow is delivering thus far…and the defense is backing him with great play – did you see Dawkins firing up the defense on the sidelines? This team is believing…

  46. If the Broncos keep winning … Elway will be properly estatic… I am sure… at the same time… Tebow isn’t Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers… so I see his point.

    Reminds me of Doug Flutie back before he went to Canada… None ever gave him a chance…

    Personally… I hope the Broncos keep winning.

  47. ud1hens says: Dec 6, 2011 8:17 AM

    You’ve won 6 of your last 7 games, first place in your division, and have much easier schedule than the team directly behind you (Oakland). Just enjoy the ride, why is it that you have to talk about the future when the present is looking positive at the moment. Denver has a legit shot at 9+ wins and hosting a home playoff game. 2012 can wait can’t it?
    Don’t the Broncos have virtually an identical schedule to the Raiders? Quit being a moronic Raider excuse maker. Go somewhere else with your idiocy.

  48. hahahahahah…. Awesome comment ^^^ I hope this is a line from Happy Gilmore!

    If Elway were to make another Tebow foot in mouth issue. And with the team in the playoff hunt he doesn’t need to be talking about stuff like that until the season is over. PFT do what you gotta do to get them clicks. I still read them lol

  49. I thought Tebow was a good college QB but did not have the traditional skills required of a Pro QB but when you look at how he has taken advantage of opposing teams inexperience in stopping his style you have to re-evaluate everything again. Denver runs the ball and we have always known you need to establish the run to open up the passing game. Seems to me that is exactly what is taking place in Denver. Tebow has not been throwing interceptions or turning the ball over. I give John Fox a great deal of credit with evaluating what talent he has on the roster and taking complete advantage.

  50. Does this mean that in South Park they are going to take down the John Elway statue?

    I am surprised Matt and Trey did not do an episode on the QB quagmire this season. I really enjoyed when they made fun of Cutler.

  51. Elway better learn to worship at the Temple of Tbone and make large financial contributions to its ongoing construction or the anger of the zealots will be upon him. 1 Tebone 15:25

  52. Just like the movie “Major League”…management has done everything to undercut Tebow and the Broncos. Trade away the best WR… call 10 passes/game….make disparaging remarks in the press. Lurk on the sidelines like Jerry Jones and his pretenders.
    Elway should be fired. Clearly he resents that this team is not “his” team.

  53. Having been down the the Tebow mania, I have to say he played a good game against the Vikes, best passing I saw from him to date. Maybe there is hope. However, unlike the media who love the hoopla lets put things in perspective:

    1. Denver has a good defensive team and they tackle and move to the ball well keeping the team in games by there defense.

    2. Denver has a strong rushing attack keeping other defenses on edge so they score points, keeping the team in games.

    3. Tebow has done well managing what the offense is trying to do, passing sparingly but effectively.

    In the end Tebow is not winnning games for Denver, its a team thing so it should be Denver Mania were talking here, not Tebow mania.

    Last, the teams Denver has beaten are beaten. Three of the Vikes top defensive backs were out of the Denver game not to mention Adrian Pederson not playing and the QB with four games under his belt, so how hard would they be to beat?

    Norv Turner and Rex Ryan coached the crappiest games of their lives against Denver and let them back in the game when they were dead to right winners. So how good is this Denver when they beat teams that were on the downwars slide and playing poor football to begin with?

    There’s a lot of luck going on here

  54. Elway is a right wing republican tool. He is quickly ruining his legacy in Denver. So sick of him already.

  55. Tebow just waxed my Vikes. I don’t know what it is about him. I find myself thinking back to a lot of moments of that game. It was an awesome game. I’m proud of my team but Tebow…I don’t know. He’s inspiring.

  56. Get off of both of their backs and stay off of our bandwagon. We like being underdogs playing the best ball in the AFC right now. The 1-4 start is what everyone expected and I know nobody wants to see us in a one game playoff situation. Its not how you start it’s how you finish.. Ask the pack who won the superbowl with 15+ players on IR! This is a confident bunch right now and they are tough to prepare for.

    Go Elway/Tebow/Broncos

  57. “The TV cameras have caught Elway several times during Tebow’s game-winning drives, and Elway never appears as ecstatic as you’d expect a team president to be when his young quarterback is leading his team to victory.”

    Watching Elway on the sidelines reminds me of the woman who owned the Cleveland Indians in Major League.

  58. For God sake Denver fans. Just listen to yourselves. Your continued search for the next Elway has you turning on the man himself.

    Can you just take the blinders off and enjoy the ride for this year. Its great while it lasts but it has no future. See the ” wildcat “.

    The man had the best game of his career and completed 10 passes. Just settle down a little, that’s all anyone is asking.

  59. I am absolutely NOT a Tim Tebow fan ….

    I don’t like #1 picks foisted on me as the “next great thing”

    I don’t like athlete’s foisting their religion on anyone else

    I don’t like quarterbacks who run better than they pass

    I don’t like the awkward passing style and “2 completion” games

    That said, I positively LOVE that this guy has gone 6-1 so far, even if he’s needed to pull too many last-second wins out of his hat to do it.

    The guy just shuts haters like me – and John Elway – up by WINNING!

    Has there ever been a quarterback less liked by his management in spite of his success so far?

    “Up YOURS!” says Tebow to Elway.

    There’s no way this guy continues to be successful in an NFL that finds an answer to every successful “gadget” (and Tim Tebow is as “gadget” as yesterday’s Wildcat!), but in the meanwhile, dude just keeps winning and pissing off his team management!

  60. Tebow is like that girl friend that you have that you know you really don’t want a long term relationship with,no marriage are nothing like that.But she is a sweet lady and you really don’t want to hurt her,cause she is not like half of the low down dirty women you had before her..You know she could never make you trulyhappy(super bowl with tebow)You know what kind of women you really want to spend your life with(brady ,manning,big ben etc..)she will make some man happy(fl gators fans)but never you(elway).you see you are smart enough to know that temporary good times(a win ) will not bring you the kind of joy you seek(NFL Qb).

  61. Reading all the bellicose chest thumping and declarations of vindication by Tebow fans on here, I can’t help but be reminded of all the Philadelphia fans crowning the Eagles champions back in September. Time will tell if he’s the real deal, and if these fans will be so vocal at this time next season.

  62. franklamar17 says:
    Dec 6, 2011 10:21 AM
    Tebow is like that girl friend that you have that you know you really don’t want a long term relationship with,no marriage are nothing like that.But she is a sweet lady and you really don’t want to hurt her,cause she is not like half of the low down dirty women you had before her..You know she could never make you trulyhappy(super bowl with tebow)You know what kind of women you really want to spend your life with(brady ,manning,big ben etc..)she will make some man happy(fl gators fans)but never you(elway).you see you are smart enough to know that temporary good times(a win ) will not bring you the kind of joy you seek(NFL Qb).

    Dude, go on your first date, and you’ll realize how messed up this is.

  63. Football is a team sport . If Elway can’t support Tebow and the Denver fans , resign . We don’t need a dark shadow of gloom and doom coming from within the organization .

  64. It’s pretty clear that Elway, as a classic HoF NFL QB, wants a classic QB to run his offense. He knows that Tebow is a gimmick and he’s beating bad teams, mostly because of a above average defense, but that won’t last.

    The future is not Tebow if he wants to build a winning franchise.

  65. Why doesn’t John sit up in the owner’s box, watch the game and evaluate Tebow from afar with an unbiased approach? I mean, he is on the sidelines every week now while the guy he and the head coach tried to run out of town earlier in the season is making the franchise relevant again week by week. No need to do interviews about it, no need to let the world know how you feel. Although it probably burns John’s ass that this ‘unconventional’ QB that came from a run based, option offense has better numbers than him and his ‘pro style’ pedigree during his rookie year.

  66. richm2256 says:
    Dec 6, 2011 10:21 AM

    Has there ever been a quarterback less liked by his management in spite of his success so far?


    YES… See Doug Flutie’s NFL Career… IE.. Buffalo 1999…

  67. Put aside the fact that Elway doesn’t seem happy with Tebow, and his statement about not having the QB of the future yet and not wanting to talk about Tebow’s future is still appropriate for what’s going on.

    If Tebow was an awesome passer and their offense lacked a running game, I doubt anyone would complain about management thinking “hey we need a new RB or a better O line that can open holes”.

    That being said, if Tebow can be more consistent with his throwing (as he was during the last game) I think they have a solid team and as much as Elway wants a mini me, I think he should get over it.

  68. Don’t worry, John. Still plenty of time for Tebow to blow it so you can send him to J’ville for a 2nd round pick.

    Chicago, New England, @Buffalo … Donkeys will lose three straight. Book it.

  69. deadmanwalking47
    why does’nt elway just decide to teach tebow himself in the off season?


    He already did, and said so on his TV show in Denver. All Elway is doing is picking his poison at this point. If he says Tebow is a keeper and Tebow somehow fails, Elway gets painted as stupid. If he says Tebow is gone next year and Tebow keeps on winning, he gets painted as stupid. If he avoids the issue, he gets called lame. Well, lame beats stupid and that is, unfortunately, Elway’s best option and that’s why he’s saying what he’s saying.

    What he really should be doing is a Jim Mora rant: “2012? 2012? Who’s talking about 2012? I just hope we can win another game!”

    This is not rocket science. If Tebow keeps improving (a hope but not a guarantee) Elway keeps him. If Tebow comes crashing down to earth (like Flutie did) then he moves on.

    But that issue can’t be judged until the season is over. It isn’t… and it’s stupid for the media to be bringing up 2012. Personally I think Elway deserves credit for not going off on low IQ media types trying to set him up as noted above.

  70. I honestly believe Fox and Elway are trying to sabatoge Tebow. They know if he keeps winning they’ll be stuck with him. If you watch the game EVERY 3rd and less than 5 is a run play. They only let him throw on 3rd and long. Then they point to his poor 3rd down conversions. Its sabotage. If he was allowed to throw on 3rd and short his 3rd down conversion percentage would shoot up.

  71. “The TV cameras have caught Elway several times during Tebow’s game-winning drives, and Elway never appears as ecstatic as you’d expect a team president to be when his young quarterback is leading his team to victory.”
    Yeah he looks unenthused…much like Peyton does when his team scores TDs.

  72. Funny that Tebow’s “rookie” stats are superior to Elway’s rookie year in TDs, less INTS, an WINS – they are about the same in pass completion %, Elway had more yards – they let him throw. Elway is taking this kid for granted, go ahead and trade him Elway. Tebow may not be the prototype robot QB like Payton Manning, but he wins and has been clutch on every level he has played.

  73. Inside Elway’s Brain: “Pssst- John! Another year or two of this Tebow guy and they’re gonna start forgetting about you…”

  74. The more games Tebow wins, the better trade scenario Denver can get for Tebow. Elway doesn’t want this guy. It’s clear.
    The old Stanford product wants Luck from his great Alma Mada!

  75. I’m sure he and Fox both wanted to put him in there so they could show the fans “Look he cannot play – this is why we are going to cut ties with him” But a funny thing happened………………. Fox was resentful he just couldn’t run the same tired offense he has the past 5 years and had to think outside the box. Elway cannot believe anyone would have the temerity to root for a Denver QB not name ‘Elway’.

    This is basically football from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s – good defense, good running game, throw the ball on 3rd down if you have to and don’t turn it over. It’s not revoloutionary.

  76. “Because Elway likely wants a quarterback of his own, and the more games the Broncos win with Tebow, the harder it will be for Elway to justify finding a quarterback of his own.”

    When you start making football decisions based on what the fans want the sooner you’re sitting with them.

  77. Can’t believe people are still trying to credit the defense and/or running backs for the Broncos wins under Tebow.

    This team is 25th in scoring defense and allowed the Vikings to gain 489 yards of offense without Adrian Peterson.

    They were averaging under 100 yards rushing per game before Tebow became the starter. Now, they’re a notch below 200.

    This is the exact same team that started 1-4 against easier competition. Tebow was the only variable.

  78. My wife knows only a few things about football. She knows who Elway is because when they were winning those Super Bowls her roommate was a Broncos fan. She was watching with me and asked, “why does Elway look so unhappy that his team is going to win?” She said that not knowing a thing about the back story like me and the people who read this site, for example. I didn’t want to believe that Elway wanted Tebow to fail and still, after all this, wants him to fail, but now I do.

    As for the Tebow haters, it really doesn’t matter what they say now to me. There will always be something. If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, they’ll say “big deal, so did Trent Dilfer. Call me when he wins two.”

  79. Are Bronco fans REALLY siding with Tim Tebow over John Elway?

    Is this how far down the insanity goes?

  80. 1983 – 1985 – John Elway was strong, erratic, inaccurate, runs when he should throw, throws when he should hold, a leader, … “will not be the future of the Denver Broncos”.

    1999 – John Elway appeared in 5 Superbowls, MVP of one, and was one of the greatest QBs that ever played the game.

    2011 – Tim Tebow is strong, erratic, inaccurate, runs when he should throw, a leader, … “may not be the future of the Denver Broncos.”

    2017 – ???

    John understands that the most important statistic is the win/loss record and you don’t mess with what works. Media can make as much out of this as they like but the bottom line is the Denver media said Elway was awful but the fans loved to watch him play.

  81. Elway was a great NFL QB. He’s not so good as an NFL team VP of Football Operations. Why hasn’t he handled this controversy about Tebow being the future Bronco’s QB better?

    He must know that his statements and lack of support for Tebow don’t help the team during their playoff run.

    Maybe Elway isn’t ready to be a VP of Football Operations? Maybe Pat Bowlen should be asked that question and respond in an Elway like manner saying something like … “I don’t know” or “I’m in the process of making that determination”.

    I think Elway should look in the mirror and improve his VP “game”. Tebow is 6-1 and just winning baby, just winning.

  82. i’m sure i’ll get down-voted for this but von miller, elvis dumerville, that tremendous denver defense and a soft schedule has more to do with the turn around than tebow has.

    elway is just keeping it real. he knows that if the team relied on tebow as a conventional qb, they wouldn’t have a chance.

    i like tim tebow and i love his character but he’s a full back playing the qb position and eventually the reality will set it.

  83. Don’t know why the original didn’t post, but I’ll try again.

    Tebow had a very nice game against the Vikings, but keep it in perspective.

    The Vikes secondary is terrible to begin with. Now consider they were missing their two best CBs, starting FS and nickleback. Replacing them with a CB coming off ACL tears to each knee over the last two years, a CB they just pulled off the street and a 6th rnd rookie seeing his first action.

    Four of his passes accounted for 71% of his yardage. All four were to wide open receivers (on 3 busted coverages & a broken play). He still had to hit them though, but he’s not going to see that against the teams making the playoffs.

    Tebow, as currently constructed, cannot sustain his success longterm. He is still too inaccurate, lacks anticipation and touch consistency, and struggles reading defenses and going thru his progressions. You can’t go far beyond the regular season with these deficiencies. Can he improve? Sure, he has already. But he still has such a long way to go to become a quality passer that it will eventually catch up to him and hinder his ability to play QB.

    @ sterilezecromartie

    He already has lost a game this season!

  84. I am not big on Tebow, but if they let go of Tebow, the Broncos are asking to be cursed.

    They will probably get a guy that can throw the ball pretty, but won’t win games.

  85. This is getting so old… How many teams have definitively committed to keeping the same starting QB for next year? How many have even been asked that question? This is just a media put-up job that Elway can’t possibly win. If he leaves his options open, all the Tebow fans go nuts and call him names…but if he committed to the kid, all the pundits would start writing about what a risky move that was and how Elway’s head would be on the block if Tebow didn’t turn into a Hall of Famer.

  86. Does anyone remember how many times Louie Wright,Steve Foley,Mike Harden and that defense saved elways butt back in the day? Does anyone remember “The Fumble”.. Elway didn’t win until we had a great running back and even then we were “saved” countless times by a timely turnover by the defense…let Tebow play and honestly Elway is probably just as nervous as the rest of us who are sitting on our sofa’s…he just has a better point of view to watch the excitement.

  87. Look, Tebow is fun as hell to watch (no pun intended). I mean seriously the game against the Vikings; one of the most entertaining of the season. You have to admit that. And just when you think he maybe this guy can get this team to the big show, you’re reminded of reality:

    The last 8 years of Superbowl winners:
    2/1/2004 – Tom Brady
    2/6/2005 – Tom Brady
    2/5/2006 – Ben Roethlisberger
    v2/4/2007 – Payton Manning
    2/3/2008 – Eli Manning
    2/1/2009 – Ben Roethlisberger
    2/7/2010 – Drew Brees
    2/6/2011 – Aaron Rogers

    See anything similar? Especially this year! Whichever AFC team that ends up playing the Packers in the Super Bowl this year will need to be able to put up at least 40 points to outscore Aaron Rogers. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but again, I direct you to the list above. Even the losing QB’s (Warner, Manning, Mcnabb, Roethlisberger, Gannon, Bulger all go whom every one of you would take over Tebow).

  88. ppc50 says:

    Funny that Tebow’s “rookie” stats are superior to Elway’s rookie year in TDs, less INTS, an WINS – they are about the same in pass completion %,

    There are some good pro-Tebow arguments out there…but this is absolutely one of the weakest because you’re comparing TOTALLY different eras. When Elway was starting out completing half your passes was pretty darn good but that’s just not the case in today’s game. Of the top 30 qbs in all-time in completion % the only two who retired prior to 2000 are Montana and Young and they played in the original West Coast offense that brought on the modern passing era. Elway was laser accurate with one of the tightest spirals ever seen, Tebow’s passes frequently wobble and wind up all over the place.

    Funny thing is, Tebow is the first to acknowledge he needs to work on his accuracy. It’s only some of his fans who seem to believe he’s got everything down. Maybe if his fans actually listened to what Tebow was saying, they wouldn’t be so hostile towards every bit of constructive criticism that is sent his way.

  89. I have nothing against Tim Tebow but the love for Tebow and the hate for Mark Sanchez is mind-boggling. If Tebow was on the Jets, he would be the Anti-Christ.

  90. Don’t forget that Elway, Fox and Xanders are being watched by an owner who had no problem telling his coach and friend of 14 years to hit the bricks after the 2008 meltdown. Do you really think that Elway wants to throw the rest of the season in the crapper so that he can get Luck or whoever he is supposedly in love with at QB? Would John Fox risk his job just so Elway could jockey for better position in the first round?

    Players may not be rocket scientists but they would most assuredly pick up on any effort to “fix” games so as to lose on purpose. Elway has said that Tebow made great strides in the Viking game. If they wanted to bag the season they could have left Orton in for the remainder of the year. At the very least they needed to see what Tebow could do for more than a 3 game stretch at the end of a lost season. Each week he looks better and in the Viking game he played in the conventional offense.

    If they were to get rid of Tebow you would see a fan revolt in Denver like never before. Bowlen knows better than anyone that the Broncos season ticket waiting list has shrunk by quite a bit. This year was the first year since I have been following the team that I heard and saw ads by the Broncos selling game tickets. Bowlen likes to win and make money. As much as he loves Elway, I could see him parting ways if Elway screws this team up by messing with the chemistry.

    Tebow has not even started a full season worth of games. Let us see what he does in 2012 with a few more players to fill some holes on the team and then judge his and Elways job performance.

  91. Seems like an awful lot of excitement given the edged out a crippled team that is now 2-10.

    Granted, he did make a couple of good passes, but he really hasn’t done any better than Orton. If you give Orton full credit for the first San Diego loss (they both played) the teams he played against are now 37-22. The teams Tebow started against are 36-47. Big difference.

    Also I seem to recall that in one of the games Orton started the receiving corps was so depleted they had to put Tebow in as a wide-out.

    Let’s just say I think he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype yet.

  92. On one hand, I think Elway is being a dick. On the other, Elway has been in the middle of this exact scenario before- A public commitment to Tebow is also a non-commitment to John Fox (see: Dan Reeves). The Broncos are winning, but mostly using Urban Meyer’s offense and John Fox isn’t the guy teaching it. Foxball is 2-5, with Minnesota being its only victory with Tebow at QB. IMO, this is why the coaching staff and front-office are walking on egg shells.

  93. At least Tebow is no prima donna,you might not like him , but at least he’s willing to take his knocks and pay his dues!In spite of the hatred he endures from those who don’t like his philosophical views and the self evident pressure this adds to his job, he enthusiastically gives one hundred percent. Now consider Elway, the colts drafted him number one , hoping to revive their franchise, but he refused to sign regardless of the financial offer, said he vwould’nt play for the colts, they should have banned him from the NFL, instead the colts traded their rights for his services to denver, what a BUM !!!

  94. Elway is right in a way. You dont want to say yea he’s our guy, & get him too comfortable. I learned that from my drill sgt. in Basic Training. Give him a little praise, which Elway does, & then keep him guessing, just to keep that fire lit under his ass. On the last day of basic, my drill sgt told us that he had bee proud the whole time, but by not telling us, it kept us trying harder to win his approval, just as i suspect Elway is doing. How could he not be happy? I bet at the end of Denver’s season, whenever that may be, Elway will give him his approval.

  95. Elway trying to contain his disgust. That ain’t nuttin. Wait until next year with Peyton Manning when Andrew Luck throws a TD. After every TD the camera will pan to Peyton on the sideline and Archie from his couch.

  96. someone should tell John that the Broncos have won 6 of the last 7, not 5 of the last 6. Either is correct of course but anyone saying 5 of 6 is showing their bias against Tebow as it’s actually 6 of 7.

  97. why talk about something that isn’t going to happen….I could talk all day about the million $ i am going to win in the lottery but….guess what…..probably not going to happen so…..why talk about it. Well, same here, there is no future for Tebow….none!

  98. Tebow has done very well winning 6 out of 7 games. I think it’s been a team effort coming from behind in all these games. When your team mates believe in you everyone seems to step up & play just a little better. It makes a difference.

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