Falcons will face dangerous Panthers team without Grimes


This week’s game in Carolina could be the key game in Atlanta’s final push for the playoffs.

At 7-5, the Falcons should be in the playoffs with three more wins. They have a road date in New Orleans, but it looks like they may not even have a chance to win the division.

They have home games against the Jaguars and Bucs. The Falcons have shown they are going to beat bad teams at home.

This week’s game in Carolina is trickier.

It’s Atlanta’s first time playing outdoors since Week Four. The Panthers are a dangerous 4-8 team because Cam Newton presents so many problems, and the Falcons will have to play without their best cornerback.

Coach Mike Smith has already ruled out Brent Grimes, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Panthers are the perfect “spoiler” team and will get their chances to pull of some upsets over the next month. They face the Falcons, Texans, and Saints down the stretch.

21 responses to “Falcons will face dangerous Panthers team without Grimes

  1. dionoil says:
    Dec 6, 2011 11:08 AM
    If we can stop turner, atlanta is in trouble. That, however, is a massive ‘if’
    Turner has been battling a groin injury and it made him miss several practices last week, even though he played Sunday. He hasn’t looked as effective the last two games. This could be beneficial as well for the Panthers.

  2. The fading falcons will continue to swoon… and there fan base will look for an excuse (ie, the refs, the schedule, that time of the month) as to why it happened, again, while their daddies GO MARCHING INto the playoffs for another ring.

  3. Panthers are going to win out the season with carry over momentum into the playoffs with Cam Newton next year.

    Julio Jones has played so dumb lately he doesn’t know where the out-of-bounds is, or how much time is left….Falcons changed their offensive gameplan to get him involved based on nothing more than salary and spent draft picks. Giving up this much obviously made Roddy White suck his thumb in jealousy for weeks….and suck on purpose. Another stupid player.

    Ryan obviously hasn’t adjusted to the idea very well to the idea of throwing the ball downfield….Falcons would do better to draft no-name receivers with talent and trade White and/or Jones for the Andrew Luck or Griffin draft pick. Too many underperforming misfits.

    And Michael Turner has been gameplanned out of his job….and can’t get a yard on 4th down to save his life. Snellings has been running harder for months.

    Let’s face it Mike Smith isn’t an offensive coach….and he looks helpless at times as he whines about the calls, horrible cry baby. And his personel preferences of late have been rather dumb. The record shows it.

  4. Panthers are a sexy pick for next year, and the entire decade after that with CAM. Just have to get Beason and Davis back, and draft a DT and Corner! Panthers are going to dominate the division for a long time, while the Saints will be reduced to wildcard status

  5. Panthers who? Cmon they beat a Tampa bay team who played without their qb. Atlantas offense & defense are much better than carolina & superwoman newton…

  6. Panthers who??? They beat a Tampa bay team who played without their qb atlantas offense & defense are much better than cam newton & panthers

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