Jeff Garcia claims Kellen Clemens’ job

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Earlier this afternoon, the Texans announced that quarterback Kellen Clemens has been waived.  The move left the Texans, who have carried three quarterbacks all year, with only two.

They won’t have two for long.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans will sign veteran Jeff Garcia.

Garcia, a well-traveled signal-caller who played for quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp in San Francisco, had worked out twice for the Texans in recent weeks.  Last year, Garcia played in the UFL.  He was completely out of football in 2011.

Garcia likely joins the team as No. 3 on the depth chart.  He possibly has an opportunity to supplant Jake Delhomme, whom the Texans chose over Garcia last week, as the primary backup to T.J. Yates.

The move likely takes the Texans completely out of the running for receiver Terrell Owens, if Andre Johnson were to go down with a season-ending injury.

Then again, the Knapp connection to San Fran wouldn’t have helped T.O.’s cause in Houston.  But at least Owens never said that Knapp “looks like a rat and smells like a rat.”

46 responses to “Jeff Garcia claims Kellen Clemens’ job

  1. favre or nothing…

    favre elevates ur locker room into thinking WE CAN WIN THIS THING

    good luck with the rest…

  2. ugh…. it makes so much sense, so I’m just gonna throw it out there….

    Discount Double Check vs the Wrangler Strangler….

    Like the end of Rocky 3… apollo and rocky gotta see who’s Thee BEST, once and for all.
    Superbowl 46, both are tied in head to head battles (2-2), now it’s time to see who’s The Man.

  3. All the luck in the world to Garcia I used to love the guy here in San Fran but I have my doubts as to how effective he can still be. There is a reason he hasn’t been in the NFL in nearly two seasons.

  4. Pretty sure Garcia had some time with Knapp in Oakland as well. Not sure that helps anything though.

  5. I can’t believe Garcia wasn’t on a team before this.. He is a solid QB and a good teammate… it seems like he has got the short end of the stick his entire career. I think the Niners could have been competitive for a long period of time, before this year, if they had just stuck w/ him.

  6. Garcia was not brought in to start. The Texans are 100% commited to Yates for the rest of the season. He’s only here because he knows the offense and can step in incase of an injury without having to get a ton of reps at practice. And the Texans do not have faith that Favre will bring them to the promised land. Rick Smith already said that he does not want to “bring the circus to town.” That’s pretty much all Favre would bring…

  7. I can understand getting Jeff Garcia, myself he is the best underrated/unknown QB in probably NFL history. But what I don’t get is why they didn’t attempt to contact Favre? My only guess is money and since they will also have Schuab back next season that is a big lot of money to carrier for both Favre and Schuab.

  8. Without Terrell Owens, Jeff Garcia’s career has been irrelevant. Let’s be honest people, Jeff Garcia and Jake Delhomme can only help the Texans if they do not play. Once either of them step on the field, it goes from 11 on 11 to 10 on 12.
    Regardless of your personal feeling or opinions about Terrell Owens, he has been productively playing in the NFL the last three years which is more than you can say about Jeff Garcia or Jake Delhomme.
    The Texans would be better served signing Terrell Owens and releasing Derrick Mason or Bryant Johnson because unlike Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones, Terrell can catch the ball and break tackles, stretch the field as a vertical threat and make multiple big plays in the passing game. Andre Johnson is out for rest of the regular season and will be back for the playoffs, that is what day to day with a mild sprain means in NFL terms where teams do not like releasing injury info due to gamesmanship for the upcoming opponents. The right hamstring was suppose to keep him out for 3 weeks which ended up being 7 weeks. I hope the Texans do not have to lose a game before people understand what I am talking about.

  9. The average age of a Texans player just went to 42. Why sign the Crypt Keeper when Joe Kapp is showing signs of still being in shape?

  10. By the way. T.O. is the diva gay guy. Mark my words. If he doesn’t kill himself first, T.O. will come out of the closet at some point. With no doubt. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….(never gets old)

  11. It’s a good move. Given the injuries that have hit the QB position, they need depth. The team can win so long as they have a QB in who can manage not to lose it. If injuries call for Garcia to come in, he can manage the game. He may not heroically lead them to victory, but he can manage the game to let the great defense and solid run game lead the way to victory.

  12. Jeff Garcia will stink if needed to play!!!

    10 TD vs. 11 INT and a 51% completion rate in the UFL last year!!!!!

    He’s only given love by the media because it hates T.O. and thinks that Garcia is greater than a victim with a terminal illness!!!!!

  13. I’m with : Fantasy Football Legend

    Garcia never got any respect when he was “in” the league and don’t expect he’ll get any now but he will do well !

  14. Houston fans dont get excited, the last time I seen this guy play football was when he was with the Raiders in pre season and he looked awful..
    How can someone be a texan fan? Its werid what did you do for all those years when Houston did not have a team? I always wonder about that, Do you just wake up one day and say ‘Im going to be a texan fan”

  15. Hey huejackson, we’ve always been around, but after 10 years of mediocrity we finally have something to cheer about. Garcia won’t see the field, so morons like you who read this site and instantly think he’s being brought in to start or contribute really need to put the keyboard away and do something else with your time.

  16. You guys saying the Texans should sign Favre, TO, Moss, etc., and pretend to know anything about that team crack me up. That is an old school, selfless team, with no room for that type of locker room cancer. Please get a clue about the Houston Texans befor you even start to talk about what they should do.

  17. Two former Browns quarterbacks. What, no Kelly Holcomb love?
    HAHAHA, what about a more known former Brown called Tim Couch????

    Anyways, i would’ve liked this move MUCH better if it were last week and Delhomme was this week. Delhomme as the backup is NOT a good move because he’s a proven turnoever machine. Garcia is more safe and has mobility.

  18. I can’t believe anyone thinks Favre would be a viable option. Did you not see him last year??

    The only thing he would bring to a locker room these days is division and mayhem. Do you really think he’s in it for anything other than himself? Once upon a time he probably played for his teammates, but that was before he started to believe all the hype and love that was heaped on him by the media. Hope Rogers doesn’t fall into the same trap. As much as I hate the Pack, I think Rogers is a good guy. Hope he stays humble and real, unlike his predecessor.

  19. Garcia brings experience and mobility, even at his age.

    The problem is that A) He’ll want to be the starter or else and B) His arm wasn’t strong when he was in his 20’s, he’s now in his 40’s.

  20. joetoronto,

    He knows he’s not starting.


    You obviously didn’t see Yates play.

    Favre has already stated he’s not interested in coming back. And even if Johnson missed the entire rest of the season, they did just fine with the rest of the guys they have including Mason and D Johnson.

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