Police won’t take second look at Suh car crash


A strange development came Monday regarding the recent automobile accident involving Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  One of the passengers in his car claimed that Suh was less than truthful regarding his claim to police that he wasn’t driving faster than the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour, and that no one in his car was injured.

Regardless, the Associated Press reports that police won’t be taking a second look at the situation.

Of course, that may not be the end of any legal woes arising from the situation.  The two women who claim they were injured in the accident surely will be suing Suh.

It would be fitting if it turns out that one of them is actually named Sue.

Regardless of whether Suh did or didn’t do anything wrong, the case illustrates the power possessed by local authorities when it comes to matters of this nature.  If the police in Suh’s hometown of Portland, Oregon had opted to make a big deal out of the discrepancy between Suh’s claim that there were no injuries and the claims from the passengers that there were injuries, Suh could be facing a fresh set of problems with the league office, under the personal-conduct policy.  By exercising their broad discretion in a manner that entails taking no further action, Suh most likely won’t be facing any further scrutiny from his employers.

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  1. Not surprising when it comes to the Portland P.D., they tend to wash their hands of cases that get media attention pretty quickly. Honestly, with more important crimes to worry about, I give them a pass.

  2. Something is wierd here. The cops show up at the scene, they look at the occupants of the car and they can’t tell the people are injured? The injured people don’t decide they are injured until the next day? Sounds like a few folks are thinking they just hit the jack pot.

  3. It’s one thing to look like Suge Knight, it’s another thing to start acting like him. This guy’s gotta pick a new role model.

  4. Kind of reminds you of the W. Virginia police and DA who didn’t want to look into a dude named Vick. I submit that Suh-sies private visit with Goodell in NY earned him a phone call from Goodell to the Portland police. I couldn’t care less about whether or not the women are trying to shake him down for money. I said from the first report that anyone driving downtown in a major metro city that runs up a curb, runs over a sign, runs over a statute and then hits a tree is either drunk or on something, so when these women came forward claiming that Suh didn’t tell the truth to the police, it makes me more suspicious. With that much damage to property, it would’ve been standard police procedure to reconstruct the accident to determine if Suh was at a minimum, careless driving…….or under the influence of something. Either way, Suh got a get out of jail pass from the police.

  5. Here is the problem these women have. They left before Police arrived!! It’s doesn’t make a difference what Suh told the police, if the women remained at the scene of the accident, they themselves could have told the police they were injured!! Another thing, they only way Suh is going to pay for anything is if he doesn’t have Insurance. Once insurance is involved its a whole new ball game. Just because you have an injury froma car accident doesn’t mean you automatically have a pay day coming to you!!

  6. Please don’t tell me anyone actually believes this.
    This is money grab 101 right here. I don’t like Suh as much as I used to but to see him not get the benefit of the doubt in this makes me like him that much more now.

  7. Have you ever had a minor incident in a major city? How much police attention did your plight get? You are lucky if they file a report.

    No special treatment here.

  8. Oh and another thing. I can promise you that if this were New Jersey, the police are not going to amend the police report for people who did not stay at the scene of the accident.

  9. In a car crash its not unusual for symptoms to become apparent the next day, just like an NFL player when he wakes up Monday morning. If Suh was negligent-which he probably was-he should be sued for injuries. The insurance limits will be well above the monetary damages so his “deep pockets” are irrelevant. They’ll get a few thousand bucks and that’ll be that. No big deal either way.

  10. Money grab. Move on, nothing to see here, and same with the Blount incident (although that dude did catch quite a beat down)

    Dont hit people’s mirrors and try and run (unless you got tha heat fully loaded in the glovebox)

  11. I can’t wait to see Suh’s updated commercial. Instead of “G Code” by Gheto Boys, perhaps they could change the song to “Crash” by Dave Matthews Band. Instead of giving dirty looks to kids on the side of the street, he could go sideways into an old lady’s shrubbery.

  12. Suh is a Putz, however if every police department had to investigate traffic accidents twice, it would be some serious gridlock.

    On a personal note, I hope he gets the crap suhed out of him.

  13. Sorry to be such a cynic, but if there were significant injuries, the cops responding to the scene would have noticed and called paramedics, ambulances, and all that good stuff. This sounds like someone putting on a neck brace after the fact and looking for a payday.

  14. Everyone else rubbernecks and gawks at the scene of a car crash. Only the cops can’t be bothered to give it a second look.

  15. They got out the car and went home talk to someone that said you can get paid call the TV station and all at once they are hurt.

    Suh will have to pay for it to go away look what happen to Kobe pay and a rape went away money can solve a lots of problems.

  16. I heard the one that was loud all after the fact ..wait for it…..was MARRIED………..i think hubby found out and she turned into an injured scared captive all after the fact LOL….better watch them girls Suh.

  17. I’ver never heard of a 1970 SS going 25 mph. Would love to see pictures of his car now, and the scene where it happened.

    The cops have a vested interest in at LEAST doing a follow up with witnesses. If Suh gets Suhd, testimony could possibly be incriminating for not just him, but the cops as well.

  18. Wouldn’t any rational person involved in the accident have talked with the police at the site and gone on record?
    Some ambulance chasing lawyer approached this skank and convinced her that she’s got a million bucks coming. That’s all there is to it.

  19. Police came to the scene. Had anyone said they were hurt, the police would have asked them if they wanted medical assistance, and if they said “no”, the police would document that to cover their own backside. Suh saying that no one was hurt wouldn’t have made a difference. So either they weren’t hurt, or they weren’t hurt enough to feel the need to tell the police.

    Now about Suh’s claim that he was goingt 25 mph…

  20. Yea , I got into a car crash recently and the woman got out and she was talking on the cell phone and was not injured then next thing you know the ambulance show up and take her away on the stretcher.Now she is trying to sue me for 270,000 dollars that I dont even have.

  21. Taxis aren’t a big deal. Busses and cyclists, on the other hand…I commute down Burnside daily from Beaverton… Speed limit is 25 so not sure if a new teen driver could pull off such flagrant bad driving.

    The guy grew up here–how could he do that sober? Got no issues with weed, but ya shouldn’t be driving. Driving is slow anywhere downtown. Even during a driving screwup, people tend to hit the brakes when jumping a curb…

  22. They were just treating him like one of their own. The Portland police have shot and killed quite a few unarmed people in the last few years and in every case they have been found to be justified.

  23. I don’t think a Chrysler 300 would have gone out of control on the young man. I hope impressing that stank in the back seat was worth it!

    I agree……but whats a “stank”?

  24. txxxchief says:
    Dec 6, 2011 10:31

    I hope impressing that stank in the back seat was worth it!



  25. When you’re an NFL junkie born & raised in a sports backwater like Portland you tend to give Suh the benefit through all his gaffes. Even though he left for Nebraska he’s still a local stud. He came home to blow off some steam & one of our bored stiff desperate for anything relevant local news hacks tracked down these ‘victims’. We have plenty of lawyers who will be happy to sink their teeth into the suhplexer. Embarrassing but typical. Grow up quick big fella. The bullseye is on you.

  26. in my opinion as i wait for my flight to arrive two things come too mind. this guy is a total idiot or this guy is a marketing genious. i believe its the later. this guy is hip on how to make cash i the usa. me myself?, i like him. smart young man.

  27. My name is Sue…how do you do!!! Now everything the still sorry assed Lions fans thought they had’s gonna die!

    Suh has played average at best this year. on “the stomp” he was getting WORKED by an undrafted, twice cut 2nd strimger…get used to that Lion Lovers.

    Until a coach or Veteran leader can teach the boy a lesson he will continue to be average…wanna see how a STUD D-Lineman plays? Watch film of Reggie White.

    Wanna see how a STUD D-Lineman acts? See Reggie White.

  28. Zbigern- if Suh is having an average year this year ill take it, being a person who actually watches football, he has been getting double team 90% of the time, and everybody around him is getting sacks. Last year he was getting a lot more one on ones because Corey Williams was getting doubled. Football is a team sport, not an individual stat sport.

  29. I’m shocked the comments aren’t just trolls taking blind pot shots at Suh for something clearly a money grab by this skank.

    She left the scene because she didn’t want to get caught by her husband. She got caught, and the husband probably said “Hey, we can probably get some money out of this…” and all of a sudden the story started changing.

    Now, Suh’s on the field antics were out of line, but as for off the field issues that most NFLers have, this is a 3 out of 10. Pacman Jones (back in the day) would have been high, drunk, and drove his car into an ATM, then get out of the car and make it rain with the bills that feel out of the cash machine. Then he would have has a security guard aimlessly shoot in the direction of a suburb.

    A car accident where the police determined he wasn’t drunk driving isn’t even a news story… just sayin’.

    He’s still on my sh*t list for his on the field actions though, and I am a Lions fan.

  30. Crashing, lying to police, injuries unreported. . . it all sounds like a recipe for disaster for Suh. During this suspension, all he had to do was stay off the radar and he showed he couldn’t do that. Dude needs to just go hide in Montana and wrestle moose or something.

    Did one passenger leave the scene or two? I’m still fuzzy on those details. Since they left, I don’t think they’d have a leg to stand on in a lawsuit. It’s possible they had something in their system and didn’t want that discovered. It all sounds too strange.

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