Romo deserves plenty of blame for field goal gaffe

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Regardless of whatever accomplishments he enjoys in the NFL, Jason Garrett will forever be known as the coach who iced his own kicker.  But the criticism of Garrett conceals a more troubling truth regarding the final moments of regulation in the Cowboys’ eventual overtime loss to the Cardinals.

Quarterback Tony Romo found yet another way to blow a game in the clutch.

Yes, Garrett inexplicably called for a time out while his team was in field-goal position.  Kicker Dan Bailey made the one that didn’t count, and he missed the one that did.

Before it ever got to that point, however, Tony Romo failed to realize that the Cowboys had two time outs remaining, after a completion on third and 11 gave Dallas a first down at the Arizona 32, with 26 seconds to play.

Instead of immediately calling for a time out, Romo rushed the offense to the line of scrimmage for a spike play.  A full 19 seconds later, the clock had been stopped by the intentional incompletion.

After the game, Romo clumsily explained that he didn’t call the time out because he didn’t know whether the Cowboys had gotten a first down.  But the tape shows no hesitation on Romo’s part; he immediately urged his teammates to get in position to spike the ball, which means that he simply didn’t realize he had two time outs in his pocket.  (Besides, if the Cowboys hadn’t gotten a first down, spiking the ball would have given possession to the Cardinals.  Thus, if Romo had any doubt at all about whether it was first down or fourth down, his first move should have been to take the time out.)

In fairness to Romo, Garrett could have called for a time out from the sideline while Romo was rushing the offense into position for the spike play.  But Romo, if he truly intends to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback and to overcome a reputation for finding new and exciting ways to screw up with the game on the line, needs to know how many time outs he has left and when to use him.  Otherwise, he’ll again per perceived as finding new and exciting ways to screw up with the game on the line.

The only thing saving Romo from more widespread criticism is that most NFL fans were watching the Packers-Giants game at the time.

The Romo situation was a topic during Tuesday’s episode of PFT Live.  Though I said pretty much the same things that I’ve just typed, you can assess Romo’s explanation for yourselves, while also trying to figure out why he’s wearing a dress shirt with a neck hole roughly eight sizes too big.

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94 responses to “Romo deserves plenty of blame for field goal gaffe

  1. This could be one of PFT’s best posts. He SHOULD have known and he SHOULD have called a time out. It’s just like Mccnab not knowing the overtime rules or his flub last year(for the skins) trying to call back to back time outs when they had none left! There is a certain football IQ that’s needed to be a “great” quarterback. I didn’t say “passer” or “thrower” or “runner”, but quarterback. At this point in his career Romo should know what to do and he shouldn’t have to rely on the sideline for that either(not that they got it right either). Romo is just not a franchise QB and he’s peaked. If I were them I’d trade him and try and leverage that trade and their pick and get a true franchise QB.

  2. Romo did the same exact thing A. Rodgers did. He led his team down the field and got them in field goal range at the end, when it mattered. The only difference is McCarthy is an experienced coach who knows better than to ice his own kicker.

  3. Belichick would have had his team practicing these situations.

    Great QB’s manage to move the ball with very little time on the clock.

    Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees.

    Romo is NOT in that league.

  4. Perhaps the writer of this post doesn’t realize that the coaches have 25 seconds of direct communication with the QB’s headset to remind the QB to call a TO if one was planned. Obviously Romo can’t throw the coaches under the bus postgame if they didn’t call a TO or tell him to do so. Clock management is usually not the QBs responsibility.

  5. Are we seriously still talking about this missed kick? He missed a kick. Big deal! It’s not like the division is lost.

    I think it’s time to start thinking about the Giants instead.

  6. That’s a stretch. For all we know Garrett was in Romo’s ear telling him to clock the ball. 19 seconds is an awful lot of time to “rush” the offense to the line of scrimmage 15 yards downfield.

  7. Garrett could have called time out from the sideline while Romo was running up to spike it. This is making a headline where one shouldn’t exist. Can’t fault anyone for writing and posting it though, because it will draw in viewers, as the Dallas and Romo haters are a large flock. Just take notice by how many will hit the thumbs down on this comment.

  8. How do you not know how many timeouts you have? Yeah the adrenaline’s pumping, but seriously, this is stuff you learn playing in high school. And, yes, I played high school football, so I know what I’m talking about.

  9. I called my shot with Peter King earlier this year through MMQB on Twitter:

    The Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl as long as Tony Romo is under center.

    He’s proven to be a horrible game manager and simply makes too many mistakes to even hold Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady’s jock strap.

    Granted, he’s not the ONLY problem in Dallas (what a shocker: Dallas “D” giving up on taking Stephens-Howling when they realized even if they tackle him at the 20, ARI would kick the winning FG, so let’s just let him score!), but he IS the franchise QB.

    And like it or not, you HAVE to be the undisputed leader on the field and in the locker room.

    Unless your name is Ray Lewis.

  10. Ginger should have had his back and called a timeout. Harbaugh is all over it for Smith…that is what a good coach does. Harbaugh tells Smith to not worry about and let him handle it as he calls their timeouts often.

    Ginger deserves all of the blame; he is awful. Jones will stick with him for too long though…

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! The Cowboys won’t win one again until Jerrah passes. The new Al…rest his soul.

  11. wow… this is suprising. a known notorious cowboys hating website created by a known notorious cowboys hater posting another uninformed article hating on the cowboys. seriously man, do your homework before you write this crap. you can’t get away from this forever. sure, romo’s and garrett’s postgame speeches were garbage. hell, this site even did a post post game piece on garrett and how it was unacceptable that he still doesn’t have an excuse for this flub. however, i noticed that CONVENIANTLY (which is normal for this website and its “writers”) you forgot to mention garrett taking all credit for this mess up and said romo did what a PROFESSIONAL qb is supposed to do in that circumstance, which is rush his players up to the line. obviously 19 seconds is too long, but hey. thats what happened. should romo have called a timeout. probably. but again, shoulda coulda woulda. its too late for anything other than speculation.

    youre a lawyer, dude. probably never played a down of REAL organized football in your life. backyard games of football don’t count. you sir are not qualified to be a head coach either. i am more qualified than you are. you should probably read the stories on the team websites and more thuroughly. you guys are always half a day to a day late on most your crap stories anyways. its amazing that anyone still comes to this website for anything other than what they probably do come here for. crappy opinions hating on the teams they hate. and they enjoy that.

  12. trying to figure out why he’s wearing a dress shirt with a neck hole roughly eight sizes too big


    Probably bought off the rack. I would imagine that that shirt looks like a potato sack around his waist. I have the same problem because I’m 6’4″, my shoulders are extra-wide and my waist is 32 inches. The only thing you can do to get a perfect fit in an athletic cut is have them custom tailored. I doubt he wears dress shirts that much, I’m pretty sure Garrett requires shirt and tie when the team travels.

  13. ehhhh I dunno, this still comes down to Garrett. Its the coaches job to notice that the QB may be entrenched in the game and does not see the big picture. Garrett has to know to use a timeout if Romo gets the completion. Romo is worrying about enough as it is in that situation…Garrett has to step in there.

  14. Glad to know the Cowboys will never win an SB with the most overrated QB in the league…. Good work Tony, you Romoed another game!….

  15. Nothing like a Cowboys/Romo post to up traffic on a slow news day. Get the haters out and seeing who can come up with the wittiest name for Romo or Rex or Jerry.

  16. You guys are exactly right! Because when a quarterback puts his team in the position to hit a 49-yard field goal to win the game, he obviously blew it! The + 5 yards they COULD of POSSIBLY got means that Garrett wouldn’t of called the time out and Bailey wouldn’t of missed a field goal.

  17. Piggybacking on “thereis” the definition of quarterback is one who directs the offense. A great quarterback has to if/then in that situation. If we get stopped in the middle of the field, then I call timeout. Then I run over to my clueless coach and figure out what we do next. You just don’t see the forward thinking out of Romo. When it comes down to crucial gamebreaking decisions, he often makes the wrong one.

  18. Is there really nothing else to talk about in the nfl that you have to continue to put posts about this game. Who cares whose fault it is. Yeah romo messed up, but so did Jason and the kicker and so did the defense for allowing that touchdown in overtime. The games over lets move on to NYG and dal now

  19. I agree with everything you’ve said–well, except the fashion critique. Maybe he has a bizarre fear of nooses. But it’s not the worst fashion faux pas I’ve seen among NFL players. However, as goofy as his explanation sounded, nothing Romo did in the game or said afterward will upstage Garrett calling the timeout. That was mind-boggling.

  20. This seems odd to take the heat off the head coach for this. One of the few game day decisions for a head coach is calling a time out. Not only could Garrett call the time out from the sideline the helmet phones were probably on for a coach to tell Romo to call timeout. This wasn’t Romo’s game to lose. This falls squarely on the head coach especially with the communications available to refs and QB from the sideline.

  21. Last time I checked, the coach can call timeout from the sideline, so this, too, goes right back to Garrett

  22. I actually wear my shirt the same way – Nothing worse than a tie squeezing your neck, stopping the blood flow to your brain. Its a fact that some people wear their shirt and tie so tight that it decreases the flow of blood to your brain

  23. Im not a fan of Romo or anything, but its getting kinda annoying people trying to find a way to make every loss his fault. Bailey missed the FG, simple as that.

  24. I do believe I remember him looking to the sideline to see if Garret wanted to take a time out. I guess you just didn’t notice that.

    I think you salivate at any chance you have to bash Romo. He must have slept with your girlfriend in college or something.

  25. Wow of course it is Romo’s fault now that they lost the game. It is mind boggling that the media continues to find ways to say that Romo is to blame. But the media wants to give credit to Eli almost beating the Packers as he continues to throw another pick 6. Truly amazing!

  26. One time, playing softball, with a runner on second base, I picked up a short line drive to center field, and for some reason, I got totally confused about what to do with it.

    So I ran to the shortstop and handed him the ball.

    The runner on second looked really baffled, but ended up scoring.

    The point of this (sadly, true) story?

    I would be a better clutch QB for the Cowboys than Tony Romo.

  27. I cannot believe this article! Jason Garrett is as weak a puppet HC as they come! Really? You’re going to give him a pass? He coaches scared and over thinks.

    Any coach with cojones would know how to control his players and control the game. Jason Garrett, nice guy but definitely not HC material.

    This isn’t the only game he has mismanaged. Coaching 101 says you call a time out with 25 seconds. That is time management and is the HC’s call. Sheesh!

  28. Do we know for sure that Tony did not get instructions from the sideline via his helmet radio to spike the ball?

    On the shirt question…it looks like he has been trading shirts with his linemen!!!

  29. Boy there must be a lot of cowboy fans on this site. Or man crushes on Romo. How anyone could vote thumbs down on anyone’s comments about his bone headed play says all that needs to be said. Either blind cowboys fans or folks that don’t understand football. Period.

  30. For all we know, the coach was yelling “spike the ball, spike the ball” into Romo’s helmet. PFT sometimes makes a living speculating on the facts and then trying to hang a guy with the invented facts. Yes, Romo should have known what to do, but you don’t really know what happened.

  31. Romo bashing is always a good way to drive traffic to your site. Give me a break. This one is on Garrett. Romo has communication in his helmet directly from the head coach. If the coach wanted a time out he could have told Romo to call it. Or better yet, Garrett could have called it himself.

  32. Oh my god if romo should do everything then why have Garrett wether or not romo should have called a timeout Garrett and the coaches should have noticed their qb wasn’t going to and they should of romo should block on punts and passing and running plays he should cover wide outs he should game plan make personel movers Garrett should just get paid three million to mess up keep hating romo cause when we win it’ll make it that much sweeter

  33. @thereisalwaysnextyear
    Please, blow us away with how exactly you would go about trading Romo. I’m sure us lesser informed would feel privileged in hearing it. You’re Jerry and you have the option right now to trade/waiver/drop Romo. How exactly are you going to not just tell the fans but your entire coaching staff and team members that you’ve decided to get rid of your QB that to this point in the season (with fractured ribs) has thrown for 3,300 plus yards and thrown 22 TDs to his 9 ints. Not to mention his #4 passer rating thus far. Right behind Rodgers, Brady, and Brees.( He does have #3 All-Time Career Passer Rating: 95.8). For the last 5 weeks he’s thrown a whopping 2 INTs to his 12 TDs and has led his team from behind only to leave the Cowboys in first place of our sad NFC East. But we should still get rid of the guy for this “true franchise” QB. Who is that, by the way?

  34. The head coach has the ability to call a timeout. It’s Garrett’s job to know the situation and make the call. Romo’s too busy putting up the 4th best passer rating in the NFL, Garrett blew this one!

  35. Yup Romo blew a clutch game cause he 1. froze his kicker with a timeout 2. Failed the field goal 3. Didnt call the right side of the coin 4. Missed the tackle on that cardinal that scored the game winning td. Yup Romo sure blew that game. Pft, dear god youre digging for a story

  36. The problems in BIg D start at the very top. As long as Jerrah owns and runs that team, they’ll never amount to a hill of beans. Unless he wises up and goes back to the future, and brings in a football guy and gets out of his way. But nowadays he doesn’t seem capable. Gotta be brutal to be a Cowboys fan nowadays, you dudes have my sympathy.

  37. Maybe a time out should have been called to ice the coach and his quarterback instead of the kicker!

  38. This is all the fault of Jerry Jones. He has stubbornly stood by Romo despite him being an average QB. If the guy hasn’t developed into a premier QB by now, it just isn’t going to happen. If he had hired a good GM, he wouldn’t have a chance to screw you in the fourth quarter anymore.

  39. You cant blame Romo for the loss because the coach had bad clock managment and the coach iced his own kicker.I mean you could blame Romo if he bobbled the snap on the field goal.But other then that you got to blame the coaching.

  40. I don’t think this is at all Romo’s fault. Why did Jason call at time out. If he would of did nothing their would of been 4 sec left on the clock maybe after Bailey made the 1st attempt. Game over unsure AZ gets a miracle kick return.

  41. theresalwaysnext year is dead on. Not sure how you can thumbs down that.

    But seriously its clearly a mental mistake on romo and garretts part. If that isn’t obvious then I don’t know what is.

  42. Dallas fan here. Sick of the mediocracy. Sick of one step forward, one (often two) steps back. Sick of indecision and stupidity in drafting and on the field. Sick of the lack of intensity. Sick of slow, bad, out-of-position defenders who couldn’t tackle my deceased grandma. I want this franchise to blow it up from top to bottom. Keep Ware & Lee-nuke the rest of ’em, especially GM Jerrah. Enough of this garbage.

  43. Let’s not forget two weeks earlier Rommo called a timeout they didn’t have only to be saved by Shanhan calling one a second earlier. Romo is a second rate QB. It’s that simple.

  44. The problems in BIg D start at the very top. As long as Jerrah owns and runs that team, they’ll never amount to a hill of beans. Unless he wises up and goes back to the future, and brings in a football guy and gets out of his way. But nowadays he doesn’t seem capable. Gotta be brutal to be a Cowboys fan nowadays, you dudes have my sympathy.


    Yeah, sucks to lead the division almost as much as it sucks to have won the division twice in the last four seasons. But what does a 49er fan know about that? They haven’t won their weak division since six coaches ago.

  45. But Mike, Colin Cowherd has repeatedly said on his show this week that Tony Romo played “BRILLIANTLY” in that game! So even though Romo screwed up and cost his team once again, just remember that he still played ‘brilliantly’ )according to Colin Cowherd, that is). Idiot.

  46. Since Garret has been Romo’s Offensive Coordinater/Head Coach his entire career, dont you think it may be that Garrett has issues calling a game in the clutch, clearly he should be telling Romo to call a timeout in those situations.

  47. I can’t complain. I’m always happy when the Cowboys lose. I’m down right giddy when they lose in such a spectacular fashion.

  48. The cowgirls spiking the ball confused me more than Garrett icing the kicker. Up until I saw this I just thought Garrett told Romo to spike it because he didn’t want to risk Romo throwing an INT, but it made no sense since they didn’t spike it at 4 and instead 7 seconds. Not even Andy Reid and Donovan Mcnabb would forget about their two timeouts (although in all fairness Andy Reid would never have two timeouts at that stage of the game regardless).

    whysoserious says: Dec 6, 2011 9:06 PM

    Romo did the same exact thing A. Rodgers did. He led his team down the field and got them in field goal range at the end, when it mattered. The only difference is McCarthy is an experienced coach who knows better than to ice his own kicker.
    Awful comparison. Dallas got the ball with 2:54 to go and Romo drove them 39 yards for a 49 yard FG attempt. Rodgers got the ball with 58 seconds to go and drove 68 yards for a 31 yard FG. Romo could have made it an easy 31 yard FG had they called their 2nd TO and made an 18 yard pass.

  49. Can’t blame this one on Romo. He took too many sacks, but overall played pretty well with little help (no running game and dropped passes). Garrett said in his interview that they did not want to take a time out and he definitely could have been yelling that into Romo’s ear for all we know. Romo also got the team into position to attempt the field goal in the first place. Loss goes to Garrett, the offense as a whole for only putting up 13 points and the defense for its terrible tackling and letting up nearly 300 yards in the second half….

  50. Basically Garrett and romo screwed up. If Dallas misses playoffs they can look back at this one.

    When they completed on 3rd and 11 they should have taken a timeout right away instead of wasting 18 seconds. What was the point of conserving a timeout. Can’t take it home.

    Not taking a timeout and going for 10 or 20 yards more shows lack of preparation but more importantly it showed that Garrett trusted his rookie kicker to make a 49 yard field goal (hardly a given) more than he trusted romo and the offense.
    This is hardly surprising considering the game against the pats. Also its not surprising given Romo’s penchant for screwing it up.

    Dallas is basically screwed.

  51. Jerry is the problem. Gimme a break, the guy wants to win, will give his team anything. Has won 3 SB(herschel walker trade/jimmy johnson i know). Since Tuna left our drafts are better. He traded for Roy Williams who at the time was top 10 WR.

    Tony blew the game. Gimme a break. He got them to field goal range and Garrett was afraid of a negative play taking them out of FG range, so he told him via the headset
    to let the clock run and spike it.(id assume)

    We dont know who calls the TO for Dallas in the two min offense. My guess would be that since it wasnt a read, the responsibility lies with the coach.

    It was a bad sequence, Garrett didnt want it. DeCamillis begged for the TO, ultimately it looked like Bailey was waiting for AZ to ice him and didnt drill it.

  52. Let’s not forget two weeks earlier Rommo called a timeout they didn’t have only to be saved by Shanhan calling one a second earlier. Romo is a second rate QB. It’s that simple.


    Totally correct. So many cowboys fans are saying it was not romo’s responsibility to call a timeout. Not true. He can call TO too.
    They should have lost the skins game too when romo/Garrett screwed up. Saved by Shanahan

  53. I really don’t think this is the case. The coaches are telling him before they even run the play what they want to do. Personally I Think the coaches told him to spike the ball and after the game he didnt want to throw his coach under the bus.

  54. There is no story here. Room was rushing the offense to the line to spike it, as it was not clear whether it was a completed catch or not. If they had taken a time out, there would have been a booth review and they didn’t want to risk it.

    On icing the kicker, the clock was running down and the offense was not set at the line, if Garrett hadn’t taken the timeout, there was going to be a 5 yard penalty, which would have taken them out of range.

    They got beat by a better team – end of story!

  55. I guess this makes up for the game Romo and the Cowboys won against the Redskins, where Shanny saved Romo from another timeout blunder that would have taken the Cowboys out of Field Goal range with a penalty for calling a timeout when they didn’t have one. Romo is a better then average QB, but it’s blatantly obvious he needs to work on clock management.

    Garrett should have known better… so should have Romo.

  56. We can give Romo some blame here, if we want. But there is no question Jason Garrett definitely gets blamed.

    Garrett was on the sideline. Not engaged in trying to execute plays. IT’S HIS JOB to know the situation. It’s everyone’s job, but really, it’s his ONLY job.

  57. “But Romo, if he truly intends to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback and to overcome a reputation for finding new and exciting ways to screw up with the game on the line, needs to…..”

    Hey, that’s the only reason I watch a Cowboy game!!!

  58. a Brady, Manning, Montana, Elway, Marino, put your franchise qb in here…. 10 out of 10 times would have called a TO…. and all of their coaches would have allowed them to run the hurry up without interference which is evidently what Garret did…

    Romo obviously had no idea he had 2 left, it was his responsibility to run it, not Garret’s, and Romo’s obviously not staying on top of the game and it cost them….

    how can a franchise QB not know he has TWO TOs left when he’s running a hurry up?

  59. Dont get it twisted. If the cowboys would have won in OT this would be a non issue. They had their chance to stop AZ in OT and they didn’t, that’s why they lost.

  60. Love the comments about how a few here learned in high school how to call a timeout. You’re really going to compare your sh!tty high school league to the NFL???? If that’s the case we should be tearing up the golden boy Tebow for not learning how to properly throw a football in high school. The fact that Romo is a NFL QB and you’re at home posting on the internet leads me to believe he has a better grasp of being a NFL QB then you do.

  61. I’m a Texans fan and don’t care much for the Cowboys, but this loss is NOT on Romo. He got them into field goal range, he did fine. A good coach would have called a TO, knowing his QB has his head solely fixed on the field, and maybe even run an extra play to get a bit closer. Not on the QB there, sorry.

  62. Denver has been in the same situation 4 out of the last 5 games and won them all. Tebow would have won this game had he been the Dallas QB, and he’s a virtual rookie.

  63. briang123,

    You’re just jealous Tony Romo can sleep with whatever woman he so chooses, while you’re sitting on your mom’s couch and bitchin about how you have to drag the trash to the street every week. You haven’t left your bedroom in years…

    Think About It

  64. hollywoodeggers ….!

    Two Things dude:
    1) There is a difference between (deserved) critique and criticism and “hate.” Every idiot fan in the world likes to throw out the “HATE” term as soon as anyone questions their team.

    2) Learn the english language and punctuation. For someone criticizing the author on this site, and how much smarter you are.. you proved only that you cannot properly spell or punctuate a single sentence.

    Wow, can’t believe you can even turn the computer on…..

  65. With all the dough Jerry Jones has imvested into this team he deserves to do whatever the hell he wants with it. Romo is NO DOUBT only a 2nd tier QB. Passer rating blah blah…He aint even Sanchez-good. With that D line & those recievers the Cawboes should just be plain better…oh, and those RBs?

    Romo is the reason and Jason Garrett is terrible, but players win games…not coaches. Taking 19 seconds to spike the ball and just plain not knowing how to run a 2 minute drill is embarrassing to the ‘boys.

  66. He’s the fifth rated QB in the league right now, today!!!! That’s first and foremost. Secondly, the reason why you don’t call a timeout is because they was going to run the clock out anyway. There is no reason to risk running another play. Damn. You get your kicker into a game winning position, he suppose to make the kick. Like he did the last three weeks. You guys show that you all don’t have any brains at all. Whatever the media say, you guys believe it to be true. Watch the game before you comment or before you write a dumb article. And before I hear the next thing, “well Garett shouldnt have called that timeout”. The play clock was down to 5 and the players still wasn’t set. You don’t want to take a 5 yard loss for delay of game when the kick was already 49 yards. Duh!!!

  67. This is a bunch of crap!!! Romo was told not to call any timeouts in the final minute and to leave it up to the coaches… The media looks for any little thing to bash Romo with…

  68. Slicing up the blame pie here, I’d say Garrett gets about 70%, Romo about 25%, and the kicker gets 5%. Top echelon NFL QB’s don’t need someone in their helmet telling them when to call timeout. With 26 seconds left on the clock, two timeouts, and a first down, there is simply no reason to not call a timeout. Period. Situational awareness, fellas. Of course, the buck stops with the HC as he’s the one responsible for having his players prepared for these types of situations, but you can’t let Romo off the hook entirely. As for the kicker, a 49 yard attempt is no gimmee. I actually don’t have a problem with the timeout Garrett did call if he felt like they were running out of play clock, or didn’t like what he saw – clearly he wasn’t icing his own kicker.

  69. How is this romos fault? Garret iced his own kicker he didn’t have to call a time out.Romo is the most hated what in the NFL,at least he gave his team a chance to win.

  70. Yes, this piece is completely wrong. Romo did was he had been instructed to do. If Romo was doing something specifically wrong – which is the entire foundation of this piece – then Garrett could have called a timeout right away, or radioed Romo to do the same.

    The fact that he didn’t says, in pretty certain terms, that Romo did not do the wrong thing.

    And if he did do the wrong thing, then Garrett failed to interrupt it, which puts the blame right back on Garrett again. So even if the reasoning of this piece is right, its conclusion is still wrong.

    The fact is that Romo put the team in range for a field goal, and their kicker kicked a field goal. Garrett screwed that up with the time out, and Ryan’s defense whiffed unforgivably in OT.

    I keep saying this: if you want to criticize Romo, then say he didn’t score enough points earlier in the game. That’s valid. Hunting for things like this is unseemly, and ignores the much greater likelihood of a problem with team leadership. Anyone who’s been on a team knows that things like this either flow from leadership, or they don’t.

  71. redbullenergydrink says:
    Dec 6, 2011 9:15 PM
    Are we seriously still talking about this missed kick? He missed a kick. Big deal! It’s not like the division is lost.

    I think it’s time to start thinking about the Giants instead.

    Unless you are Jason Garrett and Tony Romo – WRONG.

    THEIR job is to move on.

    OUR job is to obsess, ridicule, complain.

  72. How long are people going to write about what Romo can be, ” a Super Bowl winning QB”, “someone who can consistently lead the Cowboys to playoffs and championships”, etc. This guy’s been in the league 9 years, this is as good as he’s going to get. What are you people hoping for? He’s about to start on the downside of his career and you’re still writing about what he can develop into. Step into my office here, because you’re f_%#$^@&* fired! Time to move on.

  73. Not a Cowboy fan by any stretch of the imagination, but a few points:
    1. The special team coach asked for the timeout, so you can blame Garrett for listening to his coach, but that is about all.

    2. You can blame Garrett for not calling the timeout after the first down as much as you can blame Romo, if not more. It is very possible that they were telling Romo not to call it, in which case Romo is taking the high road in not mentioning it.

    3. Romo’s point about not being sure about whether it was first down or not and thus spiking it is so ridiculous (spike it on 4th down?!?) that it makes me think he is covering for the coaches.

    4. Bigger issue is- Garrett & Co. had more faith in their kicker to make a 49 yard field goal than they did in their offense to gain any more yards (or even not lose yards). They thought there was a better chance of Bailey making the kick than in Romo completing an intermediate pass.

  74. I am tired of the dopiness the Cowboys have become, as a fan it angers me that we have a dip$&@! Of a coach and even more one of at qb. JJ is more interested in revenue then he is in winning again, I wish he’d step back allow a gm to come in and bring in a coach who has a clue. I am tired of my fav team being a damn joke. If they fail Jerry needs to asses this team andimplode it and start from scratch and build around Ware, Bryant, and Murray.

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