Tebow’s playing time triggers $472,500 bonus


The Broncos fired Josh McDaniels one year and one day ago.

It’s incredible how much the organization has changed since then, with McDaniels’ prized pupil and draft pick Tim Tebow leading the way.

Tebow’s ascension to the starting job has earned him quite a bit of money. Mike Klis of the Denver Post notes that Tebow triggered a one-time bonus in his rookie contract by reaching a playing time threshold this year. The Broncos will pay Tebow $472,500 for playing at least 45% of the team’s snaps this year.

It’s not a huge surprise that Tebow reached that incentive. The fact that Tebow now looks likely to take even more snaps behind center in 2012 for the Broncos has taken a lot of us by surprise.  Including some of his bosses.

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  1. Given the attention now on the franchise and the success in the win column, like him or hate him….I’d say it was money well earned.

  2. Does anyone remember if Elway made those faces back in his day? I mean did he make those same faces that he does when the team does great back in his day under different circumstances? And BTW, I think the faces he makes is not only against Tebow, I think he makes faces because this team is doing so good, all ten offensive players plus Tebow plus the defensive players plus special teams plus plus plus.

  3. “The fact that Tebow now looks likely to take even more snaps behind center in 2012 for the Broncos has taken a lot of us by surprise.” No way Elway is the angriest guy in Denver since the streak started. He’ll find a reason to get rid of him. And I hope he comes to the eagles we’ll take him.

  4. I love to watch the last Denver drive in the 4th Qtr (especially when they are trialing by 3 points) and when Tebow Plays. He is the best clutch player ever if you take the first few starts of any player.

    You can all say anything negative on this kid. He has the heart of the champion.

    I only wish he improves as a QB and wins a few super bowl rings.

  5. yea he was all of 10 for 15 in this last game against the Vikings….good god when will he play a REAL defense who will end this little experiment…not a hater but c’mon man enough is enough!!!

  6. It’s funny how so many in Denver were throwing McDaniels under the bus for drafting Tebow

    Now its fans in every other NFL town who are sick of Tebowmania grumbling about McDaniels.

  7. The Broncos win in spite of Tebow, generally speaking. And, it ought to continue, given that 3 of their last 4 are against the backsliding Bears, Chiefs, and Bills. The Bronco defense ought to keep the bar for winning at 13+ points against each of those beat up teams.

    The 4th on that list is New England. And Belichick is currently watching game film and giggling quietly into his hoodie and counting down the days until that one.

  8. Good for him, he’s earned every penny.

    More than I can say for that overpaid slob Mcnabb who pocketed over a million bucks for being fired by the Vikings. Not counting all the money he stole firing worm ball after worm ball this season.

  9. He’ll give it to some charity…

    Me, I’d buy a flat screen, waffles and hos to pour syrup on them.

    Tebow is a better person and football player than the rest of us on here.

  10. Good for you Tebow!! I wanna thank god for this opportunity to post a comment on PFT. Without him this site would not exist and I would not be blessed with this fortunate chance to comment.

  11. Orton passed for 300 + yards and the team was 1-4

    Tebow passes for 150+ yards and the team is 5-1

  12. I must admit. I’ve completely transformed from being a hater to really pulling for this kid. I really hope that Denver sticks by him when he goes through his inevitable growing pains. The biggest statement they can make is drafting a WR in the first round instead of another QB.

  13. And by the way, someone tell Elway to stay OFF the sideline, he ain’t Jerry Jones, and he should speak to the media as much as other GM’s do- rarely. Very rarely.

  14. I’m not a heavily religious person myself, but damn the Jesus and God jokes are getting old. And very few were funny to begin with.

  15. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Tebow, that whoever believes in him shall not fumble but have eternal victory.” Tebow 3:16

    Go Tebow!

  16. Truthfully I don’t think TT cares all that much about the money, he’s not driven by it. It’s nice to have, he can help a lot of people with it and I’m sure he will, but he cares about his teammates, his team, his peformance, not his pay directly. Just a good human being.

  17. I am less interested in how this season plays out (Broncos will go home at some point), but a lot more interested in the offseason and how Elway/Fox handle their QB situation.

  18. Finally someone mentions Josh McDaniels, who was ridiculed for drafting Tebow. Remember? McDaniels vision turns successful and now John Fox and John Elway, who didn’t even want him, are getting credit for playing him. Yeesh.

    Unfortunately for McDaniels, the Broncos organization hired him but didn’t hire anyone else with the necessary NFL experience to help him out as a young first-time head coach. McDaniels wasn’t given any time to either grow into his position or make any mistakes, and was unceremoniously run out of town by the publicity-sensitive owner.

  19. autumnwind999 says:
    Dec 6, 2011 2:12 PM
    Chicago, New England, @Buffalo

    Denver will lose three straight. Book it.


    Another pathetic Jokeland fan clinging to their
    delusions! lol

  20. @Dayumyou:

    In regards to playing against a real defense. Since Tebow the Broncs have faced the #7 Jets, #12 Chargers, #13 Detroit, #15 Miami, #16 KC, #19 Minnisota, and #26 Oakland.

    The Denver D is rated #24. (Source is NFL.COM)

    The Tebow oriented offense causes problems with pocket-passer oriented defenses. Which are ostensibly geared around quickly collapsing the pocket while a mix, depending on the package, of linebackers or DB’s interupt the dink pass. QB’s like Newton, Vick and Tebow directly challange that.

    I’m curious if more OC’s will see the true value in mobile QB’s. . .

  21. Jets, Chargers, Vikes….losses book it. Freaking LMAO…..remember reading that over 3 weeks ago…and what happened. Bears go down…Chiefs and Bills go down. Pats coach is behind closed doors saying to his staff….”we have never played against a guy like this, better get out the camcorders and head to some games”

  22. First I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Then I would like to send my love to my wife and children who make my life possible. Now I would like to express my love for the United States of America.

    Now that I have my three priorities in life in the correct order I am prepared to give an honest and insightful comment on Tim Tebow…

  23. He should give it to the coaching staff that had to implement an offense that an armless QB could excel in. Fox deserves coach of the year for this! For an encore maybe he can find a RB with no ability to run and see what he can do with that.

    Keep winning Donkeys, it may keep you from drafting a real QB. Wildcat part two obviously won’t last.

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