Week 15 flex decision expected Wednesday morning

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For the first time since the NFL began sliding late-season games from Sunday afternoon to Sunday night, the announcement regarding a flex-or-not-to-flex decision will be late.

“The NFL will decide (after consultation with CBS, FOX, NBC) and announce as early as possible the game being played at 8:15 p.m. ET,” the league’s flexible scheduling procedures state.  “The announcement will come no later than 12 days prior to the game.”

According to the Ravens’ official Twitter feed, an announcement on whether the Baltimore-San Diego game currently set for 8:20 p.m. ET will be moved won’t be made on Tuesday night.  Instead, a decision is expected Wednesday morning.

The league also has issued the following statement:  “Due to NFL Committee Meetings in New York today, the Week 15 flexible schedule announcement will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, December 7).  All of the clubs under consideration to have Week 15 games flexed have informed our office that they are interested in the strongest schedule for our fans and network partners.”

Based on the full slate of Sunday night games, NBC undoubtedly would prefer giving an early Christmas gift to all fans, via a Tim Tebow/Tom Brady showdown in prime time.  But CBS, which lost Sunday’s compelling Broncos-Vikings game to FOX after the NFL shifted from Colts-Patriots to Lions-Saints and left FOX with a sparse slate of Sunday afternoon games, surely wants to avoid losing another three-hour Tebowmania tour.

In the end, the networks can argue and reason all they want, but the league makes the final decision.  But it’s safe to say that folks with tickets to Ravens-Chargers and Patriots-Broncos should be prepared for the possibility that the kickoff time for both games will be moving.

We’re expressing no opinion on what should or shouldn’t happen, given our relationship with NBC.  But we encourage PFT Planet to engage in a full and comprehensive debate and discourse in the comments regarding whether Ravens-Chargers or Patriots-Broncos is the right call for the evening of December 18.

44 responses to “Week 15 flex decision expected Wednesday morning

  1. Thumbs up if you want to see Pats/Broncos on SNF, Thumbs down if you want Ravens/Chargers

  2. I definitely think the NBC game should be Ravens and Chargers.

    See I can take hint….take it and piss all over it.

  3. The Patriots have a following, as does Tom Brady.

    Tim Tebow brings disciples of his own to the table.

    Plus, there are playoff implications for both teams. And when you consider all of that, it’s a matchup made in… oh, this is too easy…

  4. While the media continues to hail the flex schedule it really screws fans who travel to games and must make hotel/plane reservations. Luckily I’m a Browns fan in NY and, given the state of the Browns right now their games are flexing nowhere but, I have a brother who is a Packers fan (since the Lombardi days) and he usually makes his travel/lodging reservations by the end of July, so he’d be screwed. My other two brothers and father are Giants fans and would have to skip work if the Giants game got switched from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening. With the cost of tickets already out of hand, the last thing the NFL should be doing is costing fans more money. MAKE A SCHEDULE AND STAY WITH IT.

  5. NBC didn’t mind putting the Pats on prime time almost every week they could in 2007, (as a Pats fan I did not mind of course) so with Tebowmania being what it is and Tom Brady and the Patriots being who they are moving this game to Sunday Night is best for the NFL universe. Make it so!

  6. Patriot wins vs. Bronco wins

    Jets (twice)——Jets
    Colts (lol)———Vikings

  7. Concerning that an announcement of the Pats-Broncos moving to prime time hasn’t already been made.

    Clearly it’s a no brainer that NE/Denver is a much more compelling game than Baltimore/SD. The two big issues are a.) the Jets/Eagles game scheduled for 4:15, which is presumably the game CBS protected earlier in the season, and the lack of any other good games on the schedule next week. NYJ/Phi probably can’t be moved to 1 since the Giants are home at 1pm, meaning Jets would be blacked out in NY (obviously not going to happen), and if the Patriots/Broncos game stays at 4:15, then much of the eastern seaboard, including New York, NJ, much of PA won’t be seeing this game and b.) CBS gave up last week’s game against Minnesota to FOX, which was unprecedented, and doesn’t want to lose another Tebow game. Tough luck for CBS though, Jets/Eagles was probably the game they protected early on in the season, bad move on their part, they have no right to block NBC from taking any other game.

    As a Pats fan in PA, I will be pretty upset with the league if Pats/Denver is not a primetime game and many other will be shafted as well. Come on NFL – get this done already.

  8. While it would be good drama, I think Ravens/Chargers needs to stay put.

    That’s realistically the last game I see BAL having a chance to lose, with the exception being Week 17 when CIN will likely be battling for a playoff spot and won’t just roll over.

    The Patriots are going to kill Denver. The only drama will be by how much.

  9. I don’t see why this decision hasn’t been made already. If CBS protected the Pats-Broncos game, NBC can’t have it. If CBS didn’t protect that game, then it’s NBC’s decision. It’s black and white.

  10. .

    The NFL schedule if constructed by the US government :

    1% – New England @ Denver

    99% – Cleveland @ Arizona (with Tim McCarver announcing)


  11. Win column almost identical.

    Tebow – lucky/defense wins/plays crappy teams

    Brady – brilliant…..yeah, sure.

  12. I would much rather see NE@DEN. Having said that, I vote to keep it at 4. It may have something to do with an open-bar Christmas party that evening.

  13. Obviously, whoever calls the shots at NBC finally woke up and decided to take some action around these flex opportunities after that chiefs/steelers debacle. That game should have been flexed out by week 4. Is Ebersol back yet?

  14. how about this. although its prob too late, since a big factor can be that cbs does not want to lose out on tebowmania considering they already lost a game they were supposed to have to fox on sunday, lets do this.

    move this weeks bears at broncos game from fox to cbs to make up for the loss of the broncos at vikings game cbs was supposed to have that fox got instead.

    now they can get their 3 hours lost back, and although they would still be losing out on the pats game, they get something back at least.

    good thing for cbs is they will get tebow for the playoffs if they make it.

  15. Way, way, way too late to do that.

    Let CBS protect the best AFC game in Week 17. And move Broncos-Bills in Week 16 to the later window for wider distribution.

  16. Flex Panthers-Texans. Yeah, as a Carolina fan I want to see my guys in prime time but shouldn’t Houston get one prime time game this year? Jacksonville has had two going on three!

  17. Brady vs one of the top defenses and Tebowmania vs one of the worst defenses. Sign me up for that.

  18. Great, we all get to watch an “All World QB” (Tom Brady) VS an “All Hype RB” Tim Tebow in prime time.
    Remember the excitement of “Slash Stewart” in ’95, how did that all turn out again?

  19. Broncos-Pats?! Why would you want to show a blowout in that time slot…Tebow won’t get served up any gifts from the Pats to somehow pull it out in the last 5 mins!

  20. Patriot wins vs. Bronco wins

    Jets (twice)——Jets (in thin air on short rest)
    Chiefs———–Chiefs (cassell gets hurt)
    Raiders———-Raiders (No QB six ints)
    Dolphins———Dolphins (backup QB 2nd start)
    Chargers———Chargers (the lost to the chargers too)
    Colts (lol)———Vikings (without their best player)
    Eagles————-Bangles (kyle orton at QB)

  21. Funny people act like Tebow is playing D as well. Even before Denver’s D was playing at this high of a level we could beat the pats…. Do your research.. add the fact that our O’s ball control style will limit the number of times Brady will touch the ball, please dont assume this will be a walk in the park in Denver. It WONT!

  22. god damnit it better be the chargers and ravens. i bought those damn tickets at the beginning of the season and i expect it to be sunday night. who the hell cares about tebow when the chargers are gonna make a run and make the playoffs anyway…..

  23. As a Ravens fan, I’d rather watch us play during the day and see the other teams at night. Besides, Tebow vs Brady is just a much bigger deal than Ravens vs Chargers.

  24. As a Ravens fan, I would love for the Pats to be flexed into a road prime time game and the Ravens flexed out of one.

  25. Patriots 42
    Broncos 13

    Belichick would love to squash Tim Tebow in front of the nation’s viewing audience.

    Let’s see the Texans and Panthers. Bob Costas said last week the Texans are the only team not to get a Sunday Night Football game…ever. I think NFL fans around the country would be stunned to see in person how good the Texans’ front seven is.

    This is probably not a great ratings option, though, and I get that. But the Texans are a compelling story, Cam Newton is an exciting young QB, and there will be AFC playoff seeding implications.

    It’ll almost certainly be NE/DEN, and the Patriots will beat the hell out of the Broncos.

  26. Broncos Pats will be a great game… Anyone who thinks this will be a blowout is nuts… Denver has a great defense… and the Pats D is maddingly inconsistant.

    I vote for Prime Time… This will be a fun game to watch… Noone can predict how the Pats D will play… I imagine the Pats haters out there would love to see them loose on National TV…

  27. The ratings will be through the roof with Denver vs. New England.

    It’s not even up for discussion.

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