Archie does an about-face


On Tuesday, Archie Manning said that he doubts his son, Peyton, and Andrew Luck would want to be on the same team.  On Wednesday, Archie tried to clarify his remarks in an interview with Dan Patrick.

Now, Archie is abandoning his words.

I’m sure they could [coexist],” Archie Manning said in a Wednesday phone interview, via  “Andrew is a great young man and we’ve enjoyed getting to know him.  He and Peyton have a friendship, and I’m one of the few people out there that’s not really concerned about this deal.  All good people respect each other and I’m sure this will all shake out.”

Why do we have a feeling that Archie got treated like the kids in that SNL United Way skit?

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  1. I won’t work, it’ll work, it won’t work, it’ll work.

    Is this what it’s going to be like until the end of April, 2012?

  2. Shut up Archie. Haven’t you messed with enough number 1 pick destinations? How annoying.

  3. “I’m one of the few people out there that’s not really concerned about this deal.”

    If he’s one of the few, he’s implying most people are concerned about this deal. Perhaps, like say, someone who shares your surname Archie? Say someone who many thought was named after Walter Payton?

    His first comment was intentional and the point was clearly made no matter how or how often he tries to down play it.

  4. He needs to keep his mouth shut, because the media hears him say he thinks it won’t work and they think that’s what the colts need to do. It’s ridiculous to think Bill is sitting in his office going, “Well, Archie says they can’t play together and Peter King agrees, I better make the media friendly move and trade Peyton. The number 2 player in the NFL, for some rookie. Good plan.”

  5. Archie should shut up and let his boys become men. This guy has ruined the integrity of the game by what he did with his spoiled little brats when they came into the league.

  6. Archie Manning and Tony Dungy should get a show together. Preferably on a station that I don’t have.

  7. What Archie should concern himself with is his son taking a weird hit to the head and never walking again. Colts should draft Luck and Manning should help him get ready to play. I think Manning is an idiot for wanting to play and risk being paraplegic for the rest of his life. If he retired today, he has accomplished everything one guy can do in pro football. So why hang on after three neck surgeries? Just retire and go to the Hall of Fame like a good little Manning.

  8. Archie is reason that Peyton will go down in history as one of the greatest QBs to ever play in the NFL.
    He is the reason you can’t spell elite without Eli.
    If he had had an O-Line back in the day, he’d be in the Hall of Fame now.
    His contributions to pro football are unquestioned.
    Give the guy a break.
    Great character, great athelete, great person.
    You’d have to be pretty lame not to love Archie Manning.

    That’s all!

  9. Yall are getting crazy. Did you listen to the interview? He wasn’t being inflammatory. He didn’t say they cant ‘coexist’ like they can’t stand each other, he said it because he thinks the Colts, or anyone, wouldnt want to have either luck or manning on the bench because they can both play.

    Can’t believe that these are the headlines that come out of it.

  10. Not a Colts fan here, but this setting up to make the Favre/Packers saga look like nothing. If the Colts pay Manning $28 million in March without being 100% sure he can play to his level again, they are crazy. On the other hand, can’t blame the business side of Manning if he’s not too fired up about altering the $28 million payment.

  11. The colts are a pathetic organization, the fact that they didnt sign a QB to try and win this year is tragic. I would be embarassed to be associated or a fan of them.

  12. Archie, Archie, Archie….Favre and McNabb despair of your lack of passive aggressive skill. Just listen to them for awhile and learn.

  13. When will Archie let his grown boys “grow a pair” and speak for themselves? Peyton and Eli have to realize they look like little boys letting their Daddy fight their fights.

    Quite pathetic actually.

  14. dang, what’s up with all the archie hate…
    dude just answering some questions, trying to keep that “fritzy” guy from The DP show away from his jersey.

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