Jared Allen wants to make the Lions miserable too

At 2-10, the Vikings don’t have a lot to play for in the coming month.

At the very least, they can spoil the potential playoff party for some rivals. Minnesota faces the Lions this week, and the Bears in the season finale. (They also get the Saints and Redskins in between.)

Some players shy away from enjoying the spoiler role, but not Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.

“Oh it’d be great,” Allen said on PFT Live Tuesday. “They say misery loves company, and we are miserable. We want as much company as we can take.”

The whole interview was more fun than a punch in the wiener and can be seen right here. You can also download the show on iTunes.

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21 responses to “Jared Allen wants to make the Lions miserable too

  1. Jared Allen is having a good year, but he’s cooled down in the past few weeks. If the Lions keep their wits about them and stop the STUPID penalties, this should be a W for them, particularly playing at home. But, we’ll see what happens…..

  2. @M2karateman, um sir, did you see his numbers from last game? Allen had a sack a forced fumble, a fumble recovery & a safety. I don’t think that would qualify as ” cooled down”

  3. Jared Allen is having a good year, but he’s cooled down in the past few weeks.


    Well, last week he had a sack, a strip fumble, and a fumble recovery. Oh, and a safety.

  4. Jared is great BUT the team just sucks. I couldn’t believe the bad throws I saw ponder make with those 2 INT’s and the horrible pass defense. They sucked when they were healthy back there too. 51 years of this bs? OMG. I am gonna watch good football like the packers/steelers,etc and I do not care if I am a vikes fan. The packers are a really good team and I will watch them too. I am 45 and this rivalry crap is stupid. What rivalry when the pack have numerous championships and the vikes have squat except for endless frustration. Do you think the vikes are gonna be better NEXT year? ha. With leslie making bad decisions like McNabb and the absense of a herchel walker like trade for my bug adrian they are doomed for the future. It’s like hoping for the twins to be better. AINT’t gonna happen. Go wolves? Get a hint and build like the world champion Lynx. But NO, that is a girly sport. We wanna watch 28 year old boogard(rip bud) or MMA/Boxing/Football where young guys get eatin up and end up with brain damage/permanent injuries. I gonna go now and ask a therapist why america is so thirtsy for violence. Go to a wild game and people stand up and cheer a fight? that’s NOT right. Gretzky had it right. Shame on us.

  5. Dear Jeff Backus,
    please block this man, trip him, take out his knee, punch him in the wiener, anything as long as it isn’t your typical pop Warner performance.
    Sincerely. Matthew Stafford

  6. I love the fact that he is actually willing to say something in interviews, not the same pre-packaged drivel other players spew.

    If you ever want to know what every player in the league REALLY thinks, ask Jared Allen.

  7. A true professional that unfortunately will play his entire career without getting a ring.

    Allen being upset with the vikes secondary is understandable even though he didn’t openly express it.

    Isn’t it curious that he didn’t give Ponder the proverbial “ringing endorsement.” Then again what players are better to assess the talent of a QB then those who are the best at recognizing and reacting to the them?

    Could it be that Allen knows that Ponder isn’t the Messianic figure the lavender Larry toads hope he is.

  8. what a shame that a great guy and player like Allen is stuck in Miserysota. May be next year the Vikes will do the right thing and release him so he can sign with a contender. I bet he’s wishing he stayed with the Cheifs or took Tampas offer.

  9. I don’t like this guy. All he does is sack, scramble, and scare my qb.

    This dude is a stud. wish the lions made a move for him as every other team does. Leave Stafford alone this week JA.

  10. Still my favorite player on my favorite team. @Gdeli, we know we suck. You’re not saying anything original. This is about how funny and honest Jared is. People that don’t like him would love to have him on their team. If they move to LA, I’ll still support them because of guys like Jared and Greenway.

  11. How can anyone not like this guy? Just being soo honest with everything, and not shying away from it.

    Just for the record i am a Pack fan.

  12. Allen domiated Backus in Minnesota but that was at home. OK, to be honest he dominates Backus a lot and almost anywhere but I have a feeling that the Lions are getting to desperate mode now and their game plan will include something to the effect that Backus needs help with Allen. I doubt they leave the poor guy alone out there like in that first game. That was ugly.

  13. Sorry Jared, you’re not winning. And for the record, if the Packers & Lions were tied for the NFC North lead going into this week I still wouldn’t root for the Vikings.

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