Jay Cutler thinks Favre would have returned for right price


On Tuesday, Brett Favre issued a statement denying a report that he would be interested if the Bears gave him a call to step in at quarterback for them this season.

Despite that, Jay Cutler, the man whose injury created the Favre buzz in the first place, said that he thinks there was a chance Favre could have returned. During an interview on ESPN 100’s Waddle and Silvy Show, Cutler shared some insights he gleaned from a conversation with Bus Cook, the agent he shares with Favre.

“[Cook] didn’t really expect Brett to come back,” Cutler said. “Brett probably would have came back, but I’m sure it would have to be a very, very high number money-wise, and it would have been interesting.”

Interesting though it would have been, Cutler doesn’t think it would have worked out. Cutler said that he thought it would have been difficult for Favre to step into the Bears offense at this point in the season and that it would be “pointless” to ask someone to try to pick up Mike Martz’s offense at the last minute. That fits with what Devin Hester said earlier this week and the constant denials of Favre interest from G.M. Jerry Angelo.

That should mean we’re done discussing Favre for the rest of the season, although time has taught us to never say never on that front.

50 responses to “Jay Cutler thinks Favre would have returned for right price

  1. “That should mean we’re done discussing Favre for the rest of the season, although [interactive keyboard response] has taught us to never say never on that front.”.

  2. Please stop with the Farve talk. Yeah I know I spelled it wrong, that’s how it should be spelled.

  3. Learning the offense would have been no problem, because Favre would just draw up his own plays out on the field. Sandlot ball.

  4. they are blackballing favre bc of the sterger drama (even tho 90 percent of males would have tried to hook up with her…)

    & the retirement drama…

    but seriously

    are we to believe you think your ball club has a better chance to win the WHOLE thing with hanie, orton, palko, mcnabb, mccown, garcia, or delhomme

    those QBs abilities combined would maybe make up HALF of what favre can do

    wake up NFL , your losing marketing $$$ legit chances to win, and alotta other stuff by not giving the old gun slinger a shot!

  5. I figured if Favre wanted the Bears gig it wasn’t for money, but the chance to play the Packers again and hopefully be on a playoff bound team. Without Forte, they’re just not that anymore, regardless which Favre would have shown up.

  6. Maybe Favre would come back to replace an injured starting QB to play for the Steelers or Ravens or Patriots who have a very real chance to make it to the Super Bowl but there is no point (other than money) in signing with the Bears just to get clubbed by the Packers a few more times and at the very best be a road wild card team.

  7. It would truly make this NFL season my favorite ever to see a Brett Favre TD pass.

  8. C’mon Brett- still 4 days for you to give us the ultimate game ever:



  9. The Bears won’t even sign their best player. They should just sign J. T. O’Sullivan. He knows the Martz offense.

  10. All this not enough time to learn the complicated offense so ditch it and run some west coast or anything. Martz offense hasn’t worked for 12 years now. Then if cutler comes back for the playoffs go back to it. Even for hanie obvious he doesn’t get it either. Why hasn’t he used hester what he is good at wr screens. Have Davis, Spaeth, and williams block for him and let hester do the rest.

  11. “On Tuesday, Brett Favre issued a statement”

    Is it fair to assume that standard text messaging rates apply?

  12. Ok we can just forget about the Martz offense. Clearly Hanie can’t run it either. So scrap it, put in a favre friendly WCO and let’s score couple TDs so our defense has a chance! Otherwise, season is over!!

  13. The Bears might have been more prudent if they asked Kurt Warner if he’d like to play a few games with the experience to run a Mike Martz offense.

    Not sure he’d do it, but if I were the Bears, I’d ask just to be sure.

  14. Cutler is wrong. The key to getting Grandpa Brett on your roster is to pony up for all the happy endings the old gunslinger wants.

  15. you people who come on here trashing the bears for not signing any of the washed up has been qb’s out there are clueless. true Hanie has not lookd good but could and should have won both of his starts. they lost the raiders game because of martz’s play calling and the chiefs because everybody including hanie sucked that game. even so they still had a shot but a stupid penalty on barber and williams dropping td pass and game over. is it hanie’s fault the only game he has played in since he has been with the bears was the chanpionship game last year. no playing time plus the fact martz never wanted him,remember he is the one who wanted collins last year as backup does not equal success but does not mean he is as awful as he looks.

  16. The Right price Jay? A lifetime supply of no fly jeans, unlimited R&R time with Jenn Sterger, new John Deere tractors, gallons of ‘shine and cases of psycho meds.

  17. New report that Jerry S. tweeted Jay that he won’t be able to scout talent for the Bears at the combine. Thinks that Favre will do it for the right price.

  18. Favre ain’t coming back but he likes to wait several days to tell everyone that so he has more limelight in his life.

  19. If Brett was to throw his hat in the ring, it would be intercepted and returned for a touchdown!

  20. gb4mn0 says:
    Dec 7, 2011 5:59 PM
    Cutler is wrong. The key to getting Grandpa Brett on your roster is to pony up for all the happy endings the old gunslinger wants.

    And the key to making any male Packer fan happy is to line up happy sheep endings for them.

  21. Favre is a world class d-bag with one of the biggest egos. He absolutely tarnished his legacy with his constant retirement/unretirements, needing a personal escort and private plane, sexting, his irrational treatment of Rodgers, creating a circus atmossphere at training camps etc. However, it seems that most of this Favre talk is simply media-driven since they know that just mentioning this guy’s name will elicit a strong response. Favre hasn’t been quoted, just “statements” (read lawyer), or sources “close to”.

  22. I think Martz handcuffs this team from a coaching aspect. All you ever hear is that he runs this insane and difficult gameplan.

    Hanie gets the short end the stick when it comes to this. Whether or not he’s been in the system for a while,his lack of playing time on the professional level coupled with Martz’s scheme sets him back when called upon on short notice. I don’t think it’s neccessarily a lack of talent on his part. Martz’s offense needs better wide recievers to succeed and we all know the Bears don’t have the goods in that department. Martz needzs to go.

    That said Lovie should have toned down Martz’s gameplan to give Hanie a better chance to succeed.

  23. textexington says: Dec 7, 2011 4:59 PM

    12-0>7-5. Go Pack Go!!!

    It will not take the Packers best two offense players being out for them to start stinking it up.
    Just one.
    Just concussion boy getting his bell rung again is all it would take.

    You are one hard sack away from the wheels coming off so laugh it up.

  24. That was supposed to read like this:

    nagaswan says: Dec 7, 2011 5:15 PM

    Kurt Warner


    Bears would be serious contenders….

  25. Hey why is everyone saying Brett can’t learn Martz’s playbook? Most opposing defenses know it. Can’t be that difficult!

  26. I know this, Favre wouldn’t be out for the season, he would have already been playing.

  27. Call me crazy, but I think what the starting QB actually does have some insight in discussion of the offense his team runs and what fill-in QBs will deal with.

    Also, @mjbulls45, you need to look no further than your namesake to rebut your comment. Michael Jordan was transcendent as a Bull. But, everybody gets old.

    Given the QB-battering offense he’d have to learn, his 40-year-old body that didn’t hold up behind a line better than the Bears last year, and the fact he hasn’t taken a snap in almost a year, yes, the Bears are better with Caleb Hanie right now than with a sunseting Brett Favre.

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